KOHELI PURI-  Creating Landmark in Corporate Realestate Industry  

KOHELI PURI-  Creating Landmark in Corporate Realestate Industry  

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Managing Director of STUDIOXP MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS PVT. LTD.- Koheli Puri shared her journey with The Global Hues.

Koheli Puri established a premium service providing company, StudioXP Management Consultants Pvt Ltd in 2011 which is a right mix of people & processes. She always wanted to own an empire in corporate real estate and dreamt of having her own company. With the same zeal and dedication, she started working towards her aim from an early age.

After completing M. Tech in Construction Management from IIT Delhi, Koheli started her Professional Career at JLL India (one of the prime IPC) in 2001 and gained 7 years of working experience in leadership roles. “I understood the Industry as well as the processes. In 2007 I formed my Construction management team to deliver Large Campuses/ Development projects Pan India,” said Koheli.

In the last Decade, StudioXP is established as one of the premium service providers in the Corporate Real Estate Industry. They continuously enhance business strategies to meet the market needs, keeping the company’s basic ethics & principles intact.

Customizing Innovative Designs

StudioXP Management Consultants consists of Architects and Construction Managers. They follow the A-la-carte model with Clients while providing services – i.e. customized services as per client’s need are available including – 

  • Development Management
  • Design & Build Model
  • Funded Fitted out Project
  • Managed Office Project
  • Pure Design & Construction Management Consultancy

With different types of Commercial & Corporate projects, the company has become the client’s preferred choice. Additionally, the company’s post-construction services retain clients for repeated projects. StudioXP has a range of services and customizations that differentiates them from similarly sized players in the market. Koheli believes that her prior experience in leadership roles provides an edge over competitors. The desire to see a growth diagram always going up keeps her motivated at all times.

Challenges faced by women entrepreneurs 

management consultancy

Challenges are part of our lives. We all face challenges and sharpen our skills through the process. In the current scenario, one challenge troubling women entrepreneurs is a traditional mindset, not being taken seriously, and being doubted about their capabilities & commitments. In Koheli’s opinion, there are very few female leaders in our current socio-economic scenario and the primary cause is the support system. Working female entrepreneurs needs to strike a perfect balance between our professional and family responsibilities.

Koheli says, “My two cents here would be to work as a perfect manager at both the places – manage your home as efficiently as you manage your office team, apply your tactful management techniques at home and groom a stronger support system as you work towards building a strong office team.” Indeed, the stronger your teams, the more efficient you are. Koheli has never been evaluated as any less than any of her competitors of any gender. She believes every challenge builds a person strong.

The Clientele 

StudioXP deals with National & multinational Corporate companies especially IT/ITES, reputed developers, and private equity funds. They do projects pan India as an end-to-end solution provider for client’s corporate and commercial projects. StudioXP’s delivery commitment, innovative design, accountability, transparency & honesty in dealing with clients makes them an ethical & unbiased service provider.  Integrity above all encourages clients to have unbreakable faith in the company. Currently, StudioXP’s 60% of Business expansion model is based on repeat clients. 

Daily Routine and Hobbies

routine and hobbies

Koheli starts her day at 6.30 with an hour of exercise. After managing her home, she reaches the office around 10 am. In the evening, she likes spending quality time with her kids. This is the best hour of her day which acts as a stress buster. After dinner, she takes out some time to read books or catch up with some OTT revolutions or a little stroll with the family.

“My Hobby is Travelling – I love to visit new places, reading thriller novels, watching good movies, and listening to good music. Sometimes when I am traveling for work I do miss the family time,” said Koheli.

Company and Team Ethos

 StudioXP firmly believes in – 

  • Commitments. & Accountability
  • Honesty & Transparency
  • User Satisfaction

Koheli believes any company is as good as its people. “For me, it’s my Team who manage our clients & Reputations. I am very passionate about my team. They are more than family to me,” said Koheli. The company’s achievements are because of its unstoppable team. Koheli is very proud of them and wishes the team to grow along with the company.

Word of advice for upcoming female entrepreneurs

Women are no different from men when it comes to Business Acumen & entrepreneurial capabilities, whereas she feels women are more strong mentally as well as we are much better when it comes to keeping aside ego and working as a team for a bigger cause. Koheli advises upcoming entrepreneurs to

  • Dream Big and you will be able to Achieve bigger, sky is no limit, with an infinite mindset you can achieve the unachievable. 
  • Take the step, plan carefully, and work hard towards your goal, any hindrances on your path, solve it as a part of the risk mitigation strategy. We are actually unstoppable.

Awards and Achievements  


  • Women Empowerment Leadership Award by URS Media and Asia one at 12TH ASIAN BUSINESS AND SOCIAL SUMMIT 2019.
  • Times Business Award Reality 2019 for Commercial Architecture and Interiors for a second successive year.
  • Times Business Award Reality 2018 for Commercial Architecture and Interiors
  • Featured in A+D (Architecture + Design) on Design with Edge – for creativity excellence
  • Rated amongst the top 25 Architects for Corporate Office Project Pan India by Consultants Review Magazine
  • Got Featured in The CEO Magazine on 25 most Influential Women in India in the corporate Sector.
  • Featured in ASIA ONE Magazine,– THE ONLY PAN ASIA BUSINESS AND NEWS MAGAZINE – for Brand Image and Brand Leaders under the Category of Interior Infrastructure Projects.
  • Featured in Silicon India Magazine on Women Entrepreneurs Building India Globally

Vision and Future Projects

Koheli wants to own several Corporate IT Parks having prominent IT/ITES clients. Her IT Parks will be landmark creations with a combination of Technology/Automation & Aesthetics/Ambiance to entice the Corporates. Currently, she is working on two big Development projects for eminent corporates. 

Favorite book  

Power of subconscious mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy – She truly believes in – what you think, you can achieve.

Favorite quote

What you think you can achieve – Dream Big to Achieve Bigger…..you just need to have an Infinite Mindset.

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