Chandni Agarwal-Showcasing Premium Fashion Escapade for Kids 

Chandni Agarwal-Showcasing Premium Fashion Escapade for Kids 

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The Global Hues connected with Ms. Chandni Agarwal, Founder of Little Tags, to talk about her journey. 

Chandni Agarwal the young and emerging entrepreneur and founder of Little Tags – a multi-label e-commerce website for children is an alumna of a premier business school in Delhi. She pursued her passion in the fashion industry by focusing on children, walking into the dense digital market space. She was aiming to launch an e-boutique, exclusively for children earlier.

However, after failing to find fine clothes for her toddler. She decided to venture into a space where a parent can find all good quality, designer clothes for kids. Little Tags today stands as an e-shopping platform catering to kids. All big brands selling high-quality and designer kids clothing are brought under one roof by Chandni.

Authenticity within Reach

Little Tags is a collective space holding premium products and a wide range of collections for kids With almost 200+ designer brands under its umbrella. They are bridging a gap between parents and kids fashion availability. Purchase for kids can be made for any specific event along with suitable accessories that deliver a multi-purpose solution for parents.

Assuring authenticity and World-class quality of products to all the consumers, the brand is becoming a one-stop-shop for parent’s needs. Consistent efforts to rise ahead with easier, better and designer clothes accessibility have put Little Tags on the priority list of many customers. “Little Tags is making parents’ wishes come true to stay on top of the style game with the best kid’s clothing solutions,” said Chandni.

In the 3 years incubation period of Little Tags- a fashion escapade for Indian kids, constant interaction with parents who wish to find the right choices of apparel for their kids came across Chandni. “Over the years, kids fashion has achieved an unbreakable spotlight and affection in the Indian market which is helping Little Tags to keep bringing improved, better, and unique designs,” explained Chandni. The brand extends an extra effort to provide full exposure of kids’ wear on a single platform, including footwear, accessories, beddings, and baths, making everything easy to access and findable for parents. 

Motivating force

Little Tags | Chandni Agarwal-Showcasing Premium Fashion Escapade for Kids 

“The little tiny tots that look adorable and admirable in the designer wear provided at Little Things, always sparks up numerous joyous moments in our workplace,” said Chandni.

Waking up each morning with a zeal to make the best shopping experience available for kids inspires Chandni. Running your own business is not a walk in the park. It involves a certain level of risk-taking, difficult decisions, and continuous motivation to strive to achieve something new every day. Catering happiness among parents is a positive push that keeps her going. “We are connecting an audience with refined taste and high-quality product demand,” explained Chandni.

An intricate collection of designer apparel for little boys and girls inspired the brand name. In Chandni’s opinion, providing a touch of personalization to parents is very exciting. For Little Tags the best thing about running a self-made business is the fact that they love children and dressing them up in the most desirable designer brands. 

It’s All about Team Efforts

Little Tags is the brainchild of Ms. Chandni Agarwal’s affirmation as a mother to choose the best clothing styles and materials for her kids. She says, “The team of Little Tags spends a considerable amount of time to handpick the best brands and to get them on board so as to reach the right consumer. We leave no stone unturned in offering the absolute best to our customers.”

The company’s team is of young passionate people, bringing the most desirable designs to the doorsteps of parents. They work tirelessly to stay ahead of the curve. Little Tags is also progressing to develop a sister company named Little Tags luxury which will bring forth international brands like Diesel, N21, Dsquared, Balmain, and many more.

Advice for upcoming women entrepreneurs 

Chandni Agarwal |Chandni Agarwal-Showcasing Premium Fashion Escapade for Kids 

  • A business/ startup is run by a creative, inspired by a goal-oriented mind, irrespective of gender. 
  • Women are no less than men in terms of business models, making business strategies, and successfully executing them for profitable results. 
  • Aspiring women entrepreneurs should focus their energy and time in the right direction since women are always multitasking. 
  • Women should never fear to ask for help, they should not be afraid to fail and most importantly, always believe in themselves before anyone else does. 

Biggest Challenge faced as a woman entrepreneur

Initially, Chandni struggled to balance the launch of Little Tags and manage her newborn baby simultaneously. It has now been 4 years since the launch of Little Tags and she has two children and two websites to manage every day.

The biggest challenge for me, as a working mother has been having a well-balanced personal and professional life,” stated Chandni. “For most women overcoming our internal securities is another challenge. Once that is achieved we emerge the strongest and the world is ours,” she further added.

Favorite Book

‘The Bell Jar’ by Sylvia Plath.

It’s the story of a girl called Esther Greenwood who dreams of becoming a poet and is selected for a month-long internship as a guest editor of a Women’s Magazine. The story shows the struggles of a young girl transforming into a woman, which Chandni relates to on some level.

Favorite Quote 

“To all the little girls who are reading this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful, and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your dreams.” By Hillary Clinton

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