Dr. Jaisheela Padmanabhan- Revamping the outlook of Healthcare solutions

Dr. Jaisheela Padmanabhan- Revamping the outlook of Healthcare solutions

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The Founder and CEO of Ascribe Healthcare Solutions Dr. Jaisheela Padmanabhan shared her story with The Global Hues.

Dr. Jaisheela Padmanabhan is a solo founder of Ascribe group of companies and first-generation entrepreneurs. She belongs to a humble background and learned to deal with life in a hard and practical manner. Her journey of becoming an entrepreneur began 6 years back, when she lost a job of her desire, and couldn’t see herself working for any other organization.

“Backed with learning from my prior experiences and achievements in education, which were like a fire in my heart, telling me that I have a strong purpose to surpass the reality of being an employee, I began a tough entrepreneurial voyage and laid the foundation for my brand Ascribe Healthcare Solutions,” explained Jaisheela. She crafted a work culture based on her values, providing the best environment for success and excellence. Jaisheela’s biggest strength is her faith in values and her ability to see and anticipate a problem before it arises and take preemptive steps to avoid them.  

A glimpse of Ascribe Healthcare

Ascribe is a core value-based company and its success is built on solid foundational and organizational values. Ascribe Healthcare Solutions provides business process outsourcing services to healthcare providers, medical billing companies, and revenue cycle companies in the United States, Middle-East Asia, and Australia. Intending to improve and enhance the revenue collection for the healthcare company, Ascribe offers end-to-end revenue cycle management services.

The business operations involve front-end functions like patient appointment schedules, verifications, and registrations to middle-end functions like medical coding, charge entry & claim transmission, and providing back-end functions like payment posting, AR follows- up and denial management. Team Ascribe assists the clients to cultivate growth through the knowledge and sheer commitment of their revenue cycle workforce, global delivery model, technology, and operational excellence.

Alongside delivering the IT-enabled services to healthcare providers, they also offer Medico-legal services like medical record review and summarization to attorneys. Ascribe training wing provides medical coding training courses and certification programs that teach the fundamentals of medical coding, prepare for certification, and help coders establish them in the industry. 

Challenges faced by emerging women entrepreneurs 

Jaisheela Padmanabhan | Dr. Jaisheela Padmanabhan- Revamping the outlook of Healthcare solutions

Jaisheela believes that women are still struggling to find their footing in a man’s world and entrepreneurship is no different. They have a fear of failure and judgment lurking in their minds.

“There is a lot of competition between existing and upcoming businesses, adding to that women are trying to make it big without proper financial aid and organizational machinery to help her with advertising & marketing, promotions, and canvassing. Money is vital for any business, big or small. Sadly, women lack access to extra funds, familial property, sometimes they lack support from their own families,” said  Jaisheela.

Women are perceived as low risk-takers and wrongly assumed of not being able to attain the desired success for their venture. Another challenge women face is limited mobility as the safety of women is a huge global issue. A single woman cannot travel anytime and anywhere to procure materials, be part of crucial meetings or take a flight to another country or city without seeking approval from parents or spouse.

Dr. Padmanabhan advises women to simply realize that risk-bearing is just a fundamental requisite of being an entrepreneur. Women can combat the same, taking the aid of government schemes like SMEs. The only way to race ahead in a competition as an entrepreneur is to stay lean, position strengths to weaknesses, aggressively chase their dreams, and know their numbers. This approach paired with the right amount of dedication work wonders. 

Motivating force

In grade 5, a song lyric “ask not what the country has done for you, but ask what you have given back for the country” made an impact on Jaisheela. Since then she wanted to contribute to society and the country. “My ability to create employment through business and building the lives and future of many families fascinates me every day in my entrepreneurial journey,” stated Jaisheela.

Daily Routine and Hobbies

ascribe healthcare | Dr. Jaisheela Padmanabhan- Revamping the outlook of Healthcare solutions

Jaisheela’s day begins with prayers and a grateful heart. She is thankful for the strength to face challenges and opportunities every day. She starts her day with gardening as it fills her with joy. Later, she looks into the operations of a school that she runs. Spending time with toddlers gives sheer joy and energy. By noon she goes to the Ascribe Office and prioritizes the tasks for the day. Returning home, she spends time with family, ending her day with prayers. 

Advice for females entrepreneurs

  • Cultivate confidence. Be assertive so people can hear you. Stay positive to attract good people. 
  • Remain an aggressive lifelong learner to stay on top of your game. 
  • It is completely fine to want a role model but replicating someone’s personality and the idea of success is quite unnecessary. 
  • One should learn how to be comfortable in their skin, realize their uniqueness, and let go of how they are being perceived. 

Jewels in the crown

Dr. Jaisheela Padmanabhan has been honored with

  • ‘40 influential Asians under 40’ Award from AsiaOne magazine 
  • ‘India’s Top 30 Businesswomen 2020’ by The CEO Magazine.

She has also been ‘Mentee at start-up entrepreneur GES (Global Entrepreneur Summit) in 2017’ by the US Consulate and the Indian government- an event addressed by Prime Minister of India and Ivanka Trump.

The company bagged several prestigious awards including: 

  • ‘10 Most Promising Medical Coding and Billing Service Providers’ awards by Silicon India Magazine.
  • ‘Core Value Driven Company’ by Silicon India Magazine
  • ‘Fastest Growing Indian Company 2019 excellence’ award by International Achievers Summit and Awards, Dubai.

Vision and Future Projects

ascribe | Dr. Jaisheela Padmanabhan- Revamping the outlook of Healthcare solutions

“Our vision is to Go Global,” said Jaisheela. The company is nurturing success with integrity and winning global client partners by providing high-quality, cost-effective transformational results in healthcare. Ascribe has delivered transformational results to clients in the USA, Dubai, Qatar, Oman, Australia, and Hong Kong. Long term vision of Ascribe Healthcare is to build a successful business and provide free education to 10000 children across the globe.

Favorite inspirational book

The only book that inspires Dr. Jaisheela, her life, and her values is BIBLE.

Favorite Quote

Our faith can move mountains. Be strong, and let your heart take courage.

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