Simple Tips to Make the Most of Your Office Space

Simple Tips to Make the Most of Your Office Space


Large companies employ a lot of people, and they all need space to work. For smaller companies, such as those running from a home office, it isn’t always practical to work with the distractions of children and pets demanding attention. Despite a rise in hybrid working and working from home, most companies are keen to have staff come together for regular briefings, but navigating a large enough workspace isn’t always easy, especially during peak working hours. Meetings clash, hotdesking becomes a hot mess and what seems like an ideal office might not be the most practical choice.

Here are some simple ways to make the most of your office space so your company can be more productive.

Desk Booking

If hotdesking is causing problems, using a desk booking system to find alternative spaces could be the ideal solution. Rotas may work in certain situations, but if your staff work irregular hours, an online system is the best way to ensure they have a space to work. For companies that don’t have a set base, using a desk booking system can be the answer, and with downloadable apps available, you can book a work hub when you’re on the move.

Office Layout

If you want to make the most of your existing office space, moving the furniture is a good place to start. Draw a floorplan before you start to ensure this is the right option. If you find you don’t have enough work bays to meet your needs, consider whether alternative furniture would be a good investment. This could include smaller desks, movable furniture or work pods. You might also find there’s redundant furniture taking up valuable space, so offload any bogus bookcases or cumbersome cabinets that offer little to your company.


It’s all too easy to allow a workspace to become messy, especially if you have a set workstation, but a tidy space is more productive as well as being better for mental health. Setting clear guidelines to staff about filing loose papers and putting reference materials back in the correct place can make a big difference to the overall feel of your office. An untidy desk can lead to important information being misplaced or lost, so encouraging a methodical, practical system can improve productivity.

Meeting Rooms

Not all companies have access to a meeting room and even those who do may find their space isn’t always large enough. If you need a meeting room but don’t have the budget to move to a bigger premises, there are room booking system apps out there that can help. Hiring a meeting room that is the right size for your needs and in a convenient location for those attending can work in your favour. This can bring new clients your way and allow you to upscale your business compared to working out of one base.

Recognising that your office space isn’t working is a crucial step. Once you realise things need to change, you can look for solutions. Although every company has their own individual needs, these methods are tried and trusted and have breathed new life into businesses that were failing to reach their potential.

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