Surprise Birthday Menu Ideas To Make It Special


Birthday surprises are always an endeavor more exciting for the one arranging it than that birthday girl/boy. If you are someone planning a birthday surprise for your loved one, and food seems to be posing some trouble, then you have reached the right place.

In this excerpt below, we will be giving you some of the food ideas to add to your surprise birthday menu. We have collected suggestions from foodies and food critics and provided a rundown of cuisines and varieties that are likely to make every guest and the birthday boy/girl happy.

So, keep reading, and get your party planning hat on to throw the best surprise birthday party!

Surprise Birthday Shenanigans – Menu To Make It Special

Surprise birthdays can already make someone feel on top of the world. Now, top that with good company and great food, then you have the perfect party.

1. Versatile Food Options

If you are looking for a food menu that can delight everyone and leave them with a full stomach and a fuller soul, then provide them with varieties. When we say versatile food, we do not just mean cuisines from different continents but also inclusivity for everyone’s dietary choice.

– Along with Chinese, Mexican, and Indian finger foods, you can also opt for more vegan, gluten-free, and plant-based options. This will help guests to feel included as they have delicious delights to enjoy rather than picking through ‘what they can eat.’

– Being respectful towards every religion and their food choices. Therefore, if you are getting guests with different religious food specifications, it is a common courtesy to offer them something to fill their stomachs. Therefore, go through some of the kosher and halal food options.

2. Variety Of Finger Foods

Finger foods are great companions for birthday parties. Any activity becomes enjoyable with good food and drinks. However, it could be a nuisance if one has to take their plate every time and get seated to enjoy their meal.

You can always deal with this issue with delicious, delicious, literally finger-licking finger food. Some horderves, tacos, and sweet delights are perfect for enjoying the company while satisfying their appetite.

3. Better Cake Selection

Cake selection has to be borderline perfect, especially to ensure that the birthday girl/boy is able to freely have a bite of their birthday cake. Birthday cakes that could make your loved one or friend sigh in relief are:

  • Vegan cake.
  • Lactose-free cake.
  • Halal cake (these cakes will avoid using any animal-based product, even gelatin which can be deemed unlawful). Get the best Halal cakes in Singapore to get the best halal cake.
  • Gluten-free cakes.

4. Both Non-Alcoholic & Alcoholic Beverage

Every party has a bunch of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinking guests. Therefore, just having alcoholic beverages to accompany the food while others simply sip on the water is not fair.

The non-alcoholic arrangement doesn’t always have to be soda and water. You can get a plethora of non-alcoholic tonics and mocktails to add to your guest’s taste buds.

5. Set Up A Barbeque

Every party becomes special with activities in which people can participate, and if the consolation prize includes food, the excitement doubles.

Don’t just serve food; you can have a barbeque or hotpot where people can mingle and arrange their own food.

Plus, there could be nothing better than a fun barbeque for a surprise birthday party, especially if it was a summer birthday.

Respect Everyone’s Food Choices

Food is appetizing for everyone when you stray from the generic and dwell in exclusivity. Different people find different food items appetizing, and if one has to enjoy a party, one should have something for the taste buds. Try to get an RSVP from the people who will be at the party and arrange the menu accordingly.

You will find a store and catering services that serve exclusive food items which cater to everyone’s requirements.

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