Slice of Magic How to Cut a Dragon Fruit

Slice of Magic: How to Cut a Dragon Fruit


Have you ever heard of dragon fruit? Well, this fruit is a total showstopper in the world of fruits. Let’s dive into the juicy details about Dragon Fruit – where it comes from, its taste and varieties, how to cut a dragon fruit and more. 

Origin of Dragon Fruit 

Dragon fruit (scientific name: Hylocereus undatus) is a tropical fruit that belongs to the climbing Cacti (Cactaceae) family. It is known as ‘Pitahaya’ in Mexico and ‘Pitya Roja’ in Central and North America. The plant is a climbing cactus vine that grows well in dry areas. Its flowers bloom only for a night and are white and large. They are bell-shaped and are fragrant when in bloom. 

The dragon fruit has a dramatic appearance with bright red, purple, or yellow-skinned varieties. The fruit is oval, elliptical or pear-shaped. The ‘Dragon’ nickname comes from the ‘pointy scales’ present on its skin.

Taste and Varieties of Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit may look exotic but its flavour is similar to other fruits. One can describe the taste of dragon fruit as a sweet cross between a kiwi and a pear. You can eat it after it is chilled and can be used in fruit sorbets, smoothies, and flavour drinks. The most common type of dragon fruit found is the one with a bright pink exterior with white flesh. Less common are the ones with the yellow exterior and the ones with bright magenta flesh.

Now you know what the fruit tastes like, let’s look into the ways to cut the Dragon fruit.

The Delicious Fruit How to cut a dragon fruit

How To Cut A Dragon Fruit

Before you start cutting the dragon fruit, make sure that the fruit is still ripe. Following are the steps to cut a ripe dragon fruit:

  • Slice In Half

First and foremost, wash your dragon fruit. Place it on a stable cutting surface. Take a sharp knife and slice it in half. The exterior may look hard. However, in reality, it is not. You can effortlessly cut through the exterior, slicing the fruit in half and exposing the flesh. 

  • Remove The Peel

There are two ways to remove the flesh from the peel. The first one is to scoop out the flesh using a spoon. But be sure to use a large spoon to scoop out all the flesh. The second is that you cut the fruit in a wedge shape after you have sliced it in half. Then, you grab the tip of the peel and slowly pull it back from the flesh.

  • Cut Into Smaller Pieces

After separating the flesh from the peel, you can cut it any way you like. One method is to slice the flesh which you have scooped or peeled into half-moon shapes. The second method is to take the half-moon slices, cut them lengthwise, then turn them and cut them again to create cubes. The third method is to use the melon scooper and scoop the flesh without removing the peel to have round spheres.

You did it! Your dragon fruit is ready to be eaten. 

A quick tip: The fruit may stain, so be a bit careful while handling and cutting it. Even if it stains, its juicy goodness can’t stop you from eating it

Ways To Use Dragon Fruit

There are many different ways of using dragon fruit. Here are some of them:

  • Add frozen dragon fruit to a smoothie
  • Add sliced or cubes on top of an acai bowl
  • Use a melon baller to create spheres and use them in a salad
  • Cut into cubes and grill on a skewer
  • Add small pieces on top of your oats or yoghurt
  • Use it in a mango or pineapple salsa

The Bottom Line

Dragon fruit is an exotic fruit which has become popular, especially in Southeast Asia. Its taste is a mix of Kiwi and Pear. Even though it may look hard from the outside, you can easily cut it, peel it into slices or scoop out the flesh and enjoy it. So, whether you’re a fruit fanatic or a newbie looking to add some pizzazz to your plate, dragon fruit is the perfect ticket to a new world of culinary delight!

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