Brand of the Year 2023

Brand Of The Year 2023


It takes years of hard work, dedication and passion for any business to make its brand name in the industry. A Brand makes your company what it is. Brand recognition is a must for every business for growth and to create a positive image. Those companies that successfully build the trust of their customers and provide seamless customer experience will rise as a brand. Here is a list of some of the most distinctive and premier brands from different industries that shine as rising stars in the business landscape, some even achieving the title of Brand of the Year.

Brand of the Year 2023

  • Comp-Point

Category: Robotics

Comp-Point, Brand of The Year

Comp-Point specialises in crafting cutting-edge robots for various sectors like hospitality, education, healthcare, corporate, etc. Comp-point has developed specialised office robots for corporate spaces. The firm is working on two distinct types- ‘Serving Robos’ and ‘Greeting Robos’ to cater to the unique demands of the workplace.

The Serving Robos overcomes challenges faced by hotels and restaurants. The robots help bring in excellent services, hygiene and time management and reduce the pressure on the servers. It has highly integrated sensors that understand obstacles and is very soft-spoken. The Greeting Robos create a welcoming and positive experience for visitors and employees. These robos also provide a standardised greeting experience regardless of human factors like mood or fatigue.

  • eParivartan

Category: Web Designing

eParivartan, Brand of The Year

eParivartan is the brainchild of Anand Pohankar. The firm excels at delivering web designing, digital marketing, online application development, workflow automation, video production, eCommerce development and branding solutions. The company collaborates with government organisations, such as ARCI, APADCL, and INCAP, to deliver top-notch digital solutions.

In the IT and Corporate sectors, eParivartan integrates the latest technologies to enhance its digital presence. Team eParivartan also excels at developing educational websites and applications that are informative. The team also supports SMEs and startups with scalable and cost-effective digital solutions that drive brand recognition.

  • iEnergizer

Category: Business Process Outsourcing

iEnergizer BPO, Brand of The Year

iEnergizer emerged in the 2000s and revolutionised business process outsourcing by offering innovative and customer-centric solutions. The BPO provides a comprehensive solution that includes customer support services, technical services, back-office operations, sales and lead generation, e-commerce support, social media management and healthcare support services.

iEnergizer offers its services to businesses from different sectors like technology, media & entertainment, healthcare, e-commerce, travel, telecommunications and more. Team iEnergizer always stays on its toes for the clients with a constant thirst for improvement. iEnergizer is not merely a service provider. It also empowers the client’s success and growth.

  • IMPRINT by Asti InfoTech

Category- Workforce Automation

IMPRINT by Asti Infotech, Brand of The Year

IMPRINT by Asti Infotech, under the leadership of Mahendra Pratap, is revolutionising workforce management. It is a beacon of innovation, automating 90% of processes, boosting efficiency by 15-30% and redefining businesses’ engagement with the workforce. The tool has smart features like attendance & expense management, a knowledge base and lead handling.

The tool covers every aspect of monitoring, reporting analysis and cross-platform communication related to the field workforce and customers. The interface is easy to use and fits easily into the current system, enabling quick adoption. From insurance firms, banking sales teams and fuel supply companies to telecom, healthcare, publishing and others, IMPRINT is trusted by many.

  • Linc 

Category- Stationary

Linc Ltd is one of India’s most trusted writing instrument manufacturers with national and international presence in over 50 countries. The company boasts an extensive network in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the U.S.A., the UK, Europe, South America, Russia, and other countries. Linc pens are a testament to how the organisation constantly endeavours to bring out new and innovative products.

Linc Ltd is the exclusive importer and distributor of Asia’s biggest stationary giant, Deli and the World famous pen brand Uni-ball, Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Japan in India. Mr Surajmal Jalan founded Linc and created one of the biggest Indian companies dealing in stationery products. Currently, Deepak Jalan is responsible for Linc’s operations and growth.

  • Mining 360 Services

Category-Mining Consultancy

Mining 360 Services, Brand of The Year

Mining 360 services help clients leverage their mining business by delivering top-level consulting services and training. Deepak Gaur founded Mining 360 Services, envisioning the need to solve clients’ problems and provide sustainable solutions. Mining 360 Services is shining in the mining industry with 350 customers, 150 mining plans/schemes approved, 20 FMCP approved, and 120 E.C. obtained for mining projects.

The firm offers some exclusive services- environmental services, mining and survey services, Geological and hydrological services, laboratory services, and risk assessment consultancy. Mining 360 Services also focuses on creating sustainable mine designs.

  • OffiNeeds

Category- Corporate Gifting

Srikanth Acharya incepted OffiNeeds in 2005. For over 17 years, OffiNeeds has helped corporates and startups in brand building and maintaining delightful relationships with customers and employees. The creative team of OffiNeeds understands the purpose of gifting and thus offers the best-customised services.

The wide range of gifting solutions includes corporate gifts, new-hire joinee kits and gift voucher solutions. Srikanth Acharya handles the marketing and expansion of the company and motivates every team member of OffiNeeds to improve their efficiency and make life easier for the customers by delivering fast, easy and customised gifting solutions. The company takes care of everything from branding to customising corporate gifts.

  • Ramanandi Interiors

Category: Interior Designing

Ramanandi Interiors, Brand of The Year

Ramanandi Interiors was established in 2004. The firm provides the best interior designing solutions, with specialisation in residential, commercial and hospitality projects across India. From conceptualising the idea to receiving the final product, the firm assists clients in every aspect of their home and commercial decor. Ranjit Kadam, the founder of Ramanandi Interiors, has a deeper understanding of the practical aspects of interior contracting and commercial decor.

The firm offers help with conceptualising and designing, providing detailed drawings and helping with space optimisation. Furthermore, the firm creates a proper budget, monitors the project and hands over the final project after ensuring everything is in order and according to the client’s wishes.

  • Smart Investment

Category: Financial Insights

Smart Investment, Brand of The Year

Three successive generations from the same family are at the helm of Smart Investment. Each of them plays an integral role in steering the company forward. Smart Investment is a Financial Weekly Newspaper released from Ahmedabad, reaching global audiences through digital and print editions.

The company offers a range of newspapers- Smart Investment Financial Weekly (Available in English and Gujarati), Smart Bonanza Mid-weekly (Available in English and Gujarati) and Smart Plus Newsletter. Its services include BOSS – Best of Smart Services, DOW – Den of Wealth and SIR – Smart Investment Reports. The newspapers by Smart Investment deliver comprehensive insights into the stock market.

  • Urban Ladder

Category: Furniture And Home Decor

Urban Ladder came into being in 2012 with the vision to make homes beautiful. The creative team at Urban Ladder works industriously to build creative, energising, and harmonious spaces for clients. One can find Bedroom Furniture, Floor Lamps, Table Decor, Recliners and many more things in Urban Ladder.

Ashish Goel and Rajiv Srivatsa co-founded Urban Ladder. The firm helps customers build well-furnished and beautiful homes. It focuses on solving customers’ problems sustainably and aims to do business with zero waste.

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