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Working with new clients, solving new business problems, and working on new technologies is something that keeps me up on my toes, every day.

Amit Khanduja (Founder & Chief Enablement Officer, Markivis)

Today, the scope of a business reaches beyond walls with the help of right B2B marketing strategies. With a holistic B2B approach, Markivis is here to provide businesses with cutting-edge digital marketing services. It is a marketing consulting agency that walks the extra mile to solve the challenges at hand and deliver outstanding results. It not only creates exceptional presentations but also has the ability and expertise to take them to execution. Markivis is a name inspired by JARVIS from the Marvel universe and created with an intent to become a Marketing JARVIS for the clients. 

The founder of Markivis is Amit Khanduja. He has more than 18 years of experience in B2B Marketing and has served at several senior-level positions in IT and ITeS organizations including EXL, Innodata, Genpact, and HCL Technologies. Experienced in defining marketing strategies, building and executing campaigns and a MarTech expert, Amit started Markivis in 2018.



As a marketing consulting and execution firm, Markivis functions as an extension of its clients’ core marketing team. Working as a partner, the firm provides marketing consulting &

execution services and strives to constantly keep adding value to its clients, with minimal guidance. It doesn’t just design fancy presentations, rather walks the journey with its clients to help them achieve their goals. It goes beyond its contractual relationships to achieve what’s needed for the clients.


With a focus to deliver the results that matter for businesses, it offers:

  • Marketing Shared Services

Small and medium enterprises often get confused about whether to set up a complete marketing team or work with an agency. Markivis gives the best of both worlds. It helps organizations by taking complete ownership of their entire marketing strategy. It brings together all the aspects related to marketing strategy and execution. For larger organizations Markivis acts as an extended team, providing support in areas needed.

  • Marketing Technology Services

Choosing the right marketing technology is always a tough decision to make. Fortunately, Markivis builds a marketing technology roadmap that clearly outlines the ROI on the proposed solutions with a focus on the combination of internal resources, external support, and technology costs. 

  • Account Based Marketing 

Account-Based Marketing is a complex marketing program. It is an approach of customizing the message for a specific account and approaching the account with the relevant messaging. Markivis helps organizations build Account-Based Experience where it works with clients to deliver an effective ABM program. 

  • Employer Branding

Markivis’s employer branding framework takes a complete 360-degree approach to manage the entire digital spectrum of all branding initiatives, helping businesses to build a brand that helps to retain and attract the right talent.

It provides other services like Social Media Marketing, Brand Storytelling, and Recruitment Campaigning, Marketing Communication, Website Analytics, Marketing Automation, Motion graphics, and Product & Solution Videos.


When asked about the clientele of the company, Amit said, “We take great pride in saying that within just three years of our formal existence as an agency, we are working with five of the top ten IT companies in India. Our international client list now includes products, solutions, and service companies, majorly from the US and Canada and it gives me immense pleasure to say that we have retained most of our clients, by delivering value and quality services.”


The pandemic has made Markivis more agile and has taught it to be adaptive to changes and be ready for any challenges that might fall in the way. The company looks forward to expanding its team size and client base exponentially, but the larger goal is to do more impact-worthy work and make a mark in the B2B marketing industry.


While explaining the team ethos of the company, Amit said, “Learn something new” is the kind of support system and culture we are building within our company. We are nurturing leaders and marketers of tomorrow while doing some great work together. We ensure that our team members are given exposure to various facets of marketing while they specialize in one specific area. So this gives them opportunities to explore other areas of marketing, and work on multiple clients.” 


As a services start-up, there are two challenges that you face, acquiring talent and acquiring clients. In our case, we have been lucky to work with some of the best customers.  For us, talent acquisition is a huge challenge, given we have stringent parameters on hiring.  However, we are doing our best to build a great work culture that inspires employees and engages them personally and professionally. Markivis employee-friendly policies like hybrid work culture and meals on the house are some of the initial steps that it is taking to become a workplace of choice.


According to the founder of Markivis, it is no harm in staying rooted in old-school marketing values when you strive to be innovative in your approach. He says, “It’s time you stop thinking inside out and start thinking outside in. What may sound like a solution to you, may not be something your client is looking forward to. As a marketer, you should be open to feedback, adaptive to changes, and receptive to criticism.”


“Success reads differently for everyone. It’s hard to tell if I am successful yet, as I am still learning. But as an entrepreneur, I believe success is when your clients want to stick with you despite having low-cost alternatives”, said Amit while defining success. It has been recognized as Employer branding Company of the year by Silicon India in 2019.

In an increasingly competitive world, Markivis is combining strategic planning and data analysis to fully enable clients with the perfect digital marketing strategies and tools. Markivis is indeed becoming the ideal B2B digital marketing firm, helping businesses to reach new heights.



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