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Trident Interiors & Designers: Exemplifying Brilliance With Top-Notch Architectural And Interior Designs

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“With an in-depth knowledge of the global trends and futuristic architectural needs, we create a design with the perfect symphony.” 

(Neeta Sarda, Principal Architect
Trident Interiors & Designers Pvt Ltd)

An incredible interior design is one that leaves a long-lasting impression on everyone. It takes a great artist to create a design that has aesthetic sensibility, spectacular quality and an innovative approach. Trident Interiors & Designers is one such interior design and architecture firm that creates art when it comes to interior designs and architecture. Incorporated in 2007, Trident is a renowned name in the interior design industry and has a reputation for completing projects encompassing master planning and innovative approach and artistic brilliance

With the aim to enhance the way people interact with the spaces, Trident specialises in curating custom architecture and designs that imbibe beauty, flexibility and purpose. Working round the clock, the expert team of Trident creates brilliant architectural and interior designs that speak for themselves. Exemplifying aesthetic eclecticism, the firm believes in creating designs that are ever-evolving. With the perfect balance of trends, innovation and purpose, Trident delivers projects exceeding the expectations of the clients. 

Trident aspires to an unconventional approach while creating and fabricating a design discovering each client’s personal style. Every design created by the firm is unique and has a different story to tell reflecting the client’s persona and identity. 


Neeta Sarda, the Principal Architect and face behind the company, brings with her the requisite expertise in the architectural domain to the company and guides Trident on the correct path. Focusing on each and every client’s needs and expectations, Neeta along with her team drives Trident to efficiently provide state-of-the-art design services. 

She confirms her passion for designing when she says, “I truly believe designing is ever evolving! Trends are completely driven by many aspects around us, but space planning to suit the purpose, was always and will be the heart of designing!”

While creating any design, Neeta ensures that the architecture and interior of the place match the vibe of the client. Bringing life to designs successfully is the forte of Trident.

Guiding a diverse team of professionals is not an easy task but Neeta surely mentors them victoriously. Being the motivating factor of the firm, Neeta drives the young and creative Tridents and ensures that these energetic minds keep learning and growing in their respective domains. 


Considering how swiftly the interior design industry transforms itself, coming up with innovative ideas every day is not a hard row to hoe but not for companies like Trident which has established itself and its design arena in the interior design industry. With almost 15 years of experience and expertise, Trident guides its clients throughout the interior design and architecture implementation process to ensure an indefectible delivery of the project. 

Neeta asserts, “Architecture to me is frozen art, an art which serves a purpose and enhances the way of living.” Striving to make this statement true since day one, Trident creates an eternal impression with the approach of: 

  • New Way Of Living

The stunning designs by Trident ensure the aesthetics, functionality and comfort of the space. Catering to the client’s requirements, the firm builds a perfect place for the mind and the heart. 

  • Never Stop Innovating 

The innovative designs by Trident combine creativity and quality and provide excellent services in architecture and interior design. 

  • Painting Canvas With Dreams 

Trident paints any blank canvas beautifully with its creative architectural interior designs. The firm masters the art of designing a space that enhances the look with colour and texture. 


Trident has successfully delivered many projects with top-notch quality, unique style and budget. Providing exceptional services, Trident is associated with one of the projects in the industry that includes:

  • BMW

Trident takes pride in associating with the most prominent luxury car manufacturer, BMW  since 2015. 

“We have furnished top line, state-of-the-art showrooms and workshops for the dealers in India, and are actively involved in discussions with the German company for expanding their reach further in the country,” iterates Neeta.

  • Bhanushali’s Residence

Design by Trident Interiors & Designers

Creating an interactive living space with hues of warm colours and bringing out the living area alive with a hanging projector wall which from behind forms the focus for the entrance with a metallic artwork depicting the values of life.

  • Meraki in Karjat With Mr Suniel Shetty

Design by Trident Interiors & Designers

Meraki is one of the most successful projects delivered by the company. Trident launched project Meraki in Karjat with Mr Suniel Shetty as a brand ambassador. “The proposition of creating spaces, adding values, and modifying lifestyle positively paved a way for our passion and showed us our way ahead,” says the Principal Architect.

Working with Suniel Shetty was a lifetime of experience as it helped Trident to explore more and knock the doors of creativity, soul and love. 

“Nothing is art if it does not come from nature.” Sprawling over 10-acre lush green landscapes, encased between the massive Sahyadri ranges, lies the enchanting community of Meraki with 114 plots. Meraki; what does this mean? The passion, love and soul put into creating something meaningful. This concept came into play from the first line that was scribbled by the architects of Trident. 

Last, but definitely, the highlight of this delightful project, was Suniel Shetty’s Log house bungalow, surrounded by beautiful, towering trees. The idea of keeping the greenery intact and building the bungalow around this was derived from visiting the site which was already home to multiple, fully grown trees. Thoughtfully designed and curated, this home has multiple levels, in harmony with the contour underneath. This unique weekend home is constructed with extremely high-quality pinewood imported from Finland by Sara Abode; and will remain flawless for at least a century! The wooden bungalow plays perfectly with its surroundings and hosts a magnificent view of forests and mountains from the peripheral decks, a view that urges you to leave a piece of your soul behind, so you always will want to drive back. “It is not so much for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon men’s hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air that emanation from old trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit.” —Robert Louis Stevenson

  • Giri Residence

Design by Trident Interiors & Designers

Offering the benefits of activity-based spaces in the habitat, the built form having decks and open terraces, lives in harmony with its surrounding. However big a project may be, small spaces with nature have their relevance in structuring the emotions of the residents.

  • Abhishek’s Residence

Design by Trident Interiors & Designers

Understated luxury injected with intermingling textures and forms was the core thought before the architects set to design the space. The master plan at The Trees encourages holistic living with elements of nature and unique urban spaces. The project aspires to be a continuation of these very same aspects. Spaces that are multifunctional and break the traditional norms of design, but remain comfortably familiar for all generations. The windows express naturally onto the central courtyard, communicative of us being on a lower floor.

Matte, infused in different materials, makes the play of light amazing without reflecting on unintended surfaces. The mood is created through a mix of tuneable lights and automation. Be it viewing TV with family or throwing a dinner party, it’s all covered! Last but definitely not the least, the Matte floor has worked wonders for a pet who’s enjoying his time here as much as its owner.


Trident has successfully built trust among its clients by showcasing its calibre via different projects. Creating rigorous and comprehensive designs, Trident maintains a healthy client relationship with renowned brands in the country. The reputed clientele of the company includes Jaguar, BMW, Hyundai, M&M, Volkswagen, and many more. 

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