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“We, at RESOLVED, constantly strive to empower and acquaint the buyer to make sound decisions while investing in property.”

(Rahul Prabhakar, Owner
RESOLVED – Real Estate Solved)

Thriving at a rapid pace, the real estate industry contributes to the economy by delivering long-term investment and returns. Pushing the contribution of the real estate industry to the economy forward, RESOLVED, an acronym for Real Estate Solved, has what it takes to become an industry leader.

As its name suggests, RESOLVED – Real Estate Solved works diligently to solve all the queries related to Real Estate by providing actual ground information. With an aim to provide trustworthy and reliable information, RESOLVED educates buyers in every possible aspect of real estate so that they can make informed decisions.

Headquartered in Pune, RESOLVED provides an exceptional real estate platform for home buyers that helps them to take appropriate decisions and go ahead with hassle-free transactions. While emphasising the significance of educating the buyers, Rahul mentions that “We constantly strive to empower and acquaint the buyer to make a sound decision while investing in property by understanding their individual needs, purpose, emotions, feelings and risks behind getting a safe and secure investment.”


Among many real estate agents who work for builders, RESOLVED is the only company in Pune that works for Buyers/Endusers. The firm, instead of engaging in the rat race of trying to sell a property guides the buyers so they can choose the right one for themselves. 

Their digital platform is built with the sole objective of guiding the clients with a complete 360-degree analysis and unbiased review of the property, location, timely work completion, budget and legalities at your doorstep, virtually. 

RESOLVED establishes itself as the right platform because of the below-mentioned reasons:

  • Video Guide

Buyers get regular videos on the properties, and locations, as well as work-in-progress videos also that buyers would want to see to compare the land and rate of the property.

  • Exclusive Deal

RESOLVED offers buyers an exclusive deal on the project where they get the best price as per their affordability.

  • True Partner

All those planning to buy a property can experience the property virtually or can review the sample set. The company gives all the requisite details one would need to make the right decision.

  • The Right Price To The Right Person At The Right Time

RESOLVED suggests the best possible price for a particular property. The company understands ins and outs of the market and thus, gives an accurate price for the property.

  • Know Where To Find

With a commitment to helping buyers make well-informed decisions, RESOLVED guides the buyers through all the complexities of buying and/or selling a house or investment property.

  • Consultation

Buyers get the advantage of personal and one-on-one attention, along with the company’s dynamic web and email resources. For all those looking for detailed information about the property, RESOLVED is a perfect choice. 


Every employee working in the company is a Resolver as all of them share a common goal i.e. to serve clients with best-in-class services. 

“RESOLVED has an active and efficient ground support team that deals with preliminary and detailed surveys for every location and provides you with the ground reality. From pre-booking to post-possession, from pre-construction to post-occupancy, RESOLVED is here to help you,” asserts Rahul. 

Professional experience continues to emerge as a significant determiner of success in the modern business world. RESOLVED is led by a strong team of professionals from diverse backgrounds. The Core Team comprises: 

  • Ms Neha Gawande

Digital Marketing Enthusiast

  • Mr Chirag Malviya

Creative Content Producer

The Duo makes sure that RESOLVED stays 3 steps ahead of not just the competition but ahead of the market to facilitate the best of services for its clients.


Be it building relationships with customers, clients, or stakeholders, a business must always aim to connect with them on a deeper level. Team RESOLVED comprises hardcore professionals. 

In Rahul’s words, “We are a perfect blend of work and play. We holistically love what we do. That’s how we have built a satisfied clientele and rock-solid relationship with our customers.”


Since the company’s establishment, RESOLVED’s intention is to educate, guide, and consult buyers with their problems through its active video portal, other social media handles or via in-person consultation services. This gives the customers the power to choose RESOLVED, one of the best real estate companies and take informed decisions. 

“We envision expanding our presence in many other places of India and helping people find their dream space hassle-free,” affirms Rahul. 

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