Trizone Healthcare Consultants: Here to Ensure Health of Your Healthcare Business!

Trizone Healthcare Consultants: Here to Ensure Health of Your Healthcare Business!

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“Knowing is Knowing, Doing is Doing” is something we strongly believe in, which means ‘Knowledge without application is the same as having no knowledge at all’. 

Founder, Trizone Healthcare Consultants)

How do you ensure good health in an industry entrenched on the pillars of care and compassion? Times are changing and so are the requirements of the healthcare industry, which is growing by leaps and bounds following a pattern that is difficult to map and obscure to predict. 

Unlike other industries, healthcare is a segment where marketing is perceived as something to be done on a hush-hush basis and let word-of-mouth do the talking, quite literally. This often results in recruiting a marketing team that often misses the mark. 


Two decades ago, if you happened to come across a hospital ad, chances were that you might have labelled the hospital based on ‘commercial’ rather than ‘compassionate care’. Cut to our times, if one hasn’t heard of a hospital’s name in the leading newspapers, hoardings, radio or social media, the hospital is sure to be seen with wary eyes. 

Having said that, hospitals still don’t thrive merely on advertising and marketing and the good old word-of-mouth still stands relevant as it would decades ago. But word-of-mouth stems from either a higher recall factor or personal experience, wherein the former depends upon 360-degree promotions while the latter on the overall experience with a hospital. It is therefore still a two-way street, where ‘commercial’ goes hand-in-hand with ‘compassion’. 


Before asking ‘why a healthcare consultancy’, one should ask, ‘why not a healthcare consultancy’. To begin with, there’s a considerable difference between marketing and sales. While marketing is a process, sales is an outcome. Most of the healthcare units seldom understand the difference between the two, which is understandably so, owing to their expertise in healthcare and not marketing. 

This poses serious challenges to the healthcare units, especially when it comes to hiring marketing professionals. An addition to the same would be to the woes of training and education to the team. What if we tell you that we can have an ‘extended marketing team’ at your disposal? Now we are talking business.  

Team Trizone Healthcare Consultants | Trizone Healthcare Consultants: Here to Ensure Health of Your Healthcare Business!
Team Trizone Healthcare Consultants


“Knowing is knowing, doing is doing” is something Trizone Healthcare strongly believes in, which means ‘Knowledge without application is the same as having no knowledge at all’. You might come across multiple advertising, branding, and digital marketing companies with a vast knowledge pool but when it comes to implementing the same at the grassroot level, the grounds begin to shake, rather than breaking new grounds. 

Having worked with leading hospitals in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and West Bengal for the last 2 decades, Trizone understands the actual pain points of a hospital. Most importantly, Trizone is the doer, rather than just the talker. It is a data-driven 360-degree marketing approach that helps define brand goals that create a niche for its client partners.

A lot rides on the reputation in the healthcare industry and with its refined knowledge and experience, Trizone assists healthcare organisations with a bespoke strategy that fills the gap between perception and reality; resulting in increased patient footfall, reputation enhancement and an increase in revenue thus profitability.


With the primary focus on increasing its client partner’s footfalls, Trizone Healthcare creates tailored solutions to ensure the clients’ brand names are in focus when their patients need them. Together, Trizone creates a structured and well-defined road map that leads its partners’ business to higher profitability, thanks to the trust they will build with their patients.

“Advertising connects customers and paves way for imagination and while sales is the ultimate focus, we guide hospitals to go beyond it, by using our strategic approach and business acumen to deliver unique and engaging experiences, which is something that your competitors can rarely replicate.” mentions Akhil. 

Trizone Healthcare’s expert consultants assist in achieving the growth targets of a hospital by applying their vast knowledge and experience. With its data-driven Hospital Marketing Strategy, Trizone aims to provide a positive return on investment and turn patients into brand ambassadors. Its ambitious approach enables the company to deliver universal roadmaps for healthcare providers that create disruption, deliver solutions and results along with defining the future of the healthcare ecosystem.


The idea is to offer bespoke solutions to its clients, as there cannot be a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to the healthcare industry. 

As Akhil and Niraj put it, “At Trizone Healthcare, we ensure that the communication is built such that it resonates with the hospital’s legacy, culture, beliefs, knowledge, and practices, apart from focusing on the target audience.”

Trizone’s business tracking and data tracking system offers the clients a real-time evaluation of its strategic endeavours. Trizone has seasoned leaders from healthcare marketing and advertising, therefore chances are that clients just might find a doctor writing their next healthcare blog! 

Furthermore, Trizone Healthcare follows a well-designed methodology, which includes: Changing Perceptions, Influencing Decisions, Sharpening Recollection, Strengthening Brand Agility and Creating Unique Mindspace. 


Akhil Dave 

  • Founder – Trizone Healthcare Consultants LLP
  • Director – Trizone Communications Pvt. Ltd
  • Co-Founder – A to Z Hospital Consultancy LLP

Akhil is a passionate marketing professional and a dynamic business leader. He is an IIM Lucknow alumni with over 22 years of experience in Branding, Marketing & Strategy, especially in the Healthcare Industry.

Akhil has had the opportunity to develop and execute marketing strategies and business processes that have revolutionised many healthcare businesses and fueled their exponential growth. After working with various healthcare organisations in March 2020, he joined Trizone India as Partner & Director, he also founded the consultancy firm “Trizone Healthcare Consultants LLP” in the same year to address the greatest challenges of marketing in the healthcare industry.

His pursuit is to be an expert on the principles and techniques of practical Healthcare Marketing & Business Strategy building.

Niraj Upadhyay

Niraj Upadhyay | Trizone Healthcare Consultants: Here to Ensure Health of Your Healthcare Business!
Niraj Upadhyay | Trizone Healthcare Consultants
  • Co-Founder – Trizone Healthcare Consultants LLP
  • Founder & Director – Trizone Communications Pvt. Ltd
  • Co-Founder – A to Z Hospital Consultancy LLP

Niraj Upadhyay is an accomplished entrepreneur, creative director, and marketing professional. Post his illustrious career in films, television and events and the activation industry, he ventured out with Trizone India in 2009 in his hometown, in Gujarat.

Ever since, he has strived hard and helped more than 250 brands to achieve their business goals across all major industries, nationally and internationally. He strongly believes in  It’s all about
Let’s Change it!


AESURG’22 GOA_ Trizone's Team exuberantly celebrating the success of one of Asia's largest Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Conference
AESURG’22 GOA_ Trizone’s Team exuberantly celebrating the success of one of Asia’s largest Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Conference

When the entire humankind was in chaos, especially with the hit of the novel CoronaVirus, like every other industry even the healthcare industry was experiencing tremors, with many businesses almost on the verge of collapse. Here is when a month-old consultancy made a heroic entry, becoming the saviour for including stand-alone specialists, clinics and even established hospitals not only to communicate and reach out to their patients but also to assist them in doing e-consultation during the peak of the pandemic. Many looked at it as a charity, but the minds behind it knew that it was a long-term investment. 

In February 2020, two friends finally came together and shaped their 9-year-old vision into reality to provide 360-degree branding and marketing solutions to help the Healthcare and wellness businesses to not just survive but thrive in these cutthroat times. 

Trizone Healthcare Consultants, a sister concern company of Trizone India is a 14-year-old Strategy, Branding & Advertising agency from Gujarat, known for its incredible strategy and execution, especially in the tourism and retail sector. This dedicated leap to Healthcare did not happen overnight as Trizone India was already working with some of the very known names in the Healthcare and Wellness industry.

Experiences while working and building healthcare brands helped them realise that there is a huge gap between the actual needs and the knowledge required for healthcare marketing communications. This was a well-researched, calculated and planned move made by two stalwart friends having exceptional knowledge in Branding and Marketing who came together to make Healthcare marketing a serious business

By applying their vast knowledge, experience, research and ethical marketing practices, Trizone Healthcare Consultants aims to help their healthcare clients win patients’ trust, make the client’s business the first choice of patients and their families, enhance the reputation and overall help grow the revenues.

In a short span of time, Trizone has shown its prowess in assisting brands like ApolloCBCC Cancer Care (Ahmedabad & Gandhinagar), CBCC India having its presence in Ahmedabad, Agartala, Chennai, Indore, Navsari, Raipur, Trichy & Ujjain, Geetanjali Medical College & Hospital (Rajasthan) Tricolour Hospitals (Gujarat), M.M. Chokshi Eye Hospital (Gujarat), Gastrocare Hospital (Gujarat), Sangam General Hospital (Bodeli & MP), Accuteeth invisible aligner company, HOCC Haemato Oncology Care Centre (Gujarat), Aadicura Superspeciality Hospital – a 100 bedded Superspeciality Hospital in Gujarat, Zeel Multispeciality Hospital (Rajasthan), Shree Siddhi Vinayak Multi Speciality Hospital (Mandsaur), SPMIMSRF (Kharagpur) an upcoming 750 bedded hospital and Medical College by IIT Kharagpur, Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (IAAPS), and Vascular Society of India and many more through Branding, Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Event & Conference Management and Communication Strategies.

Dr. Sandeep Sharma - President IAAPS (2021-22), Organising Chairman AESURG’22 GOA presenting the Certificate of Appreciation to Trizone
Dr. Sandeep Sharma – President IAAPS (2021-22), Organising Chairman AESURG’22 GOA presenting the Certificate of Appreciation to Trizone


  • Listen and Understand
  • Analyse and Research
  • Design and Develop
  • Aim and Shoot
  • Review Results
  • Discover and Reinvent


  • Strategy Consulting
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Advertising & Communication Design
  • Content Writing
  • Website Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Audio-Video Films
  • Training & Development 
  • Event & Conference Management


In the current scenario, patients have more options of healthcare providers/hospitals than ever before. With so much awareness and information available at the fingertips and availability and accessibility of healthcare coverage from various Government & Insurance policies, the decision-making process over healthcare providers’ selection has changed quite a lot.

Patients thoroughly review, research and consider many factors before taking final decisions over the selection of a Hospital/Healthcare provider.

That’s why it is quite important for healthcare providers to plan their marketing strategy at an advanced level where they can retain existing patients and grab new patient footfalls to achieve their brand & financial goals. 


  • A Dedicated Manpower

In an institution where saving lives and catering to the healthcare needs of the patient is of utmost priority, it is tough to focus on marketing needs. Here is when consultants come in to play with a dedicated team of professionals.

  • To Direct Patient Traffic Towards A Brand

A team of marketing professionals assist a brand with guidance and communication to help the brand attract patient traffic.

  • Put The Right Marketing Strategy In Place

Apart from knowing what to do, it is also very important to know when and how to do it. A consultancy brings with it, all the answers with strong research as its base.

  • To Build Or Rebuild A Perfect Image Of A Brand

Brand image is the first thought that flashes in the mind when we talk about a brand. That thought or visual should be incorporated rightly to create a positive impact. And a consultancy would exactly know how to do it!

  • To Assist In Becoming Stronger Than The Competitor

A consultancy doesn’t just have theoretical knowledge but also knows what works on the ground and what doesn’t. It very well understands that one thing a company needs to do is to stand out. 

  • To Help You Get Better Understanding Of Patients’ Behaviour 

It is important to know the average patients’/their families’ behaviour and pattern from the moment of consultation to recovery to retention. The knowledge helps to improve and grow. Here is when a business needs a healthcare consultancy.

  • To Increase Patient Engagement

A key factor that leads to patient retention is patient engagement. A healthcare consultancy can assist a business in achieving the same. 

  • Do Healthcare Communication In A Right Way

Communication is essential in marketing, however, it is important to do it right with sensitivity and in a way that strikes a chord with the audience. 

  • To Benefit From Their Experience And Expertise

A consultancy doesn’t just come with skilled professionals but also experienced experts who’ve worked with corporates and doctors and know exactly what they are doing. A business can surely add value to its brand through this knowledge. 

  • An Economic Alternative To Marketing

A consultancy offers a complete package of skills, experience, expertise and dedicated manpower at a fixed price, that too with a commitment to growth while building a brand’s own marketing team can take a lot more effort and money with an uncertainty of results.

“Trizone Healthcare Consultants is India’s first ever 360-degree branding and marketing consultancy firm dedicatedly working for the healthcare and wellness industry,” mentions Akhil and Niraj who envision the bright future of Trizone and Healthcare Consultancy at large.

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