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Budgetary Interiors: Creating Beautiful And Functional Designs Within The Budget

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“At Budgetary Interiors, we strive to be great budgetary designers with no compromises on design and quality.”

Sujay Kamalakar Hindalekar
(Creator & Managing Director, Budgetary Interiors)


It is every person’s dream to build a dream house in which they can cherish the beautiful moments of their life. To fulfil this dream of every individual, Budgetary Interiors is making luxury interiors accessible for everyone with its affordable and best-in-class services. 

With the strong belief that luxury doesn’t mean expensive, rather it means style, Budgetary Interiors creates beautiful and functional designs within the budget. “We encourage our team members to think out of the box and come out with Simple lines, colours and shapes the extravagant looks within the budget,” asserts Sujay Kamalakar Hindalekar proudly. 


Unlocking creativity, Sujay Kamalakar Hindalekar is the driving force of Budgetary Interiors. Sujay is an experienced & innovative Interior Designer focusing on space optimization & lifestyle enhancement. During his career journey, he worked with various renowned design & architecture firms as a creative lead and designer. But their creative constraints restrict him to unleash his true creative potential. 

To unlock his creative capabilities and to make interior designing services affordable, Sujay incepted Budgetary Interiors in 2006. Budgetary Interiors is the true reflection of Sujay’s Passion and Dream

Sujay says, “As an Interior Designer, my main focus is enhancing the lifestyle of the home dwellers who entrust us with the prized possession of their homes no matter how small their space of living is.”


The highly professional and creative team of Budgetary Interiors ensure that every person lives in his/her dream home. Keeping in mind the Vastu, Colours and Lightning Preference of the client, the designing team of the company suggests a comprehensive interior design or renovation plan.

Paramount the functionality and financial constraints, Budgetary Interiors carefully crafted the best designs for its clients. Whether a modest 1BHK Flat or a premium 3BHK, a small business office or a grand resort, Budgetary Interiors takes on any project regardless of its size and magnitude and implements a beautiful design transformation.

“We are experts in residential architecture & Interiors and can offer a creative flair and fresh ideas to help you make the most of your space,” iterates Sujay.


With the novel idea of budgetary homes, the company creates the best designs and turns any space into a beautiful, functional and comfortable space. Ensuring the quality and aesthetics of the space, the various exceptional services of Budgetary Interiors include:

  • Designing & Drafting

Keeping in mind every aspect of the design, Budgetary Interiors is a one-stop shop right from the layout plans to the execution of the projects. The company adhered to the American Standards Manual to ensure the perfect layout and execution of the project.

  • 3D Presentations

To give the client an overall idea of the project to be executed with material & light knowledge, Budgetary Interiors offers its service of 3D Presentations to provide visualisation before the execution of the project.

  • False Ceiling

Design by Budgetary Interiors

The company provides services for affordable False Ceilings including Living Room Ceiling, Bed Room Ceilings and Kitchen. Budgetary Interiors ensure the quality of the false ceiling by using good quality metal frames and gypsum ceilings. 

  • Painting & Texture Paint

Budgetary Interiors transform the interior of houses, offices, and shops with wall painting and give it a whole new dimension. By giving a flexible way of choosing interior paint of choice, the company provides its services in interior house wall painting and texture paint. 

  • Electrical Work

Following all the building safety norms, the company offers its best-in-class service related to electrical work including the wiring of different mm as per the electricity load.  

  • Turnkey Work

Design by Budgetary Interiors

Right from architectural engineering through construction, Budgetary Interiors offers Turnkey interior solutions that are cost-effective and functional for homes, offices and retail units. The turnkey projects of the firm include Children’s Spaces, Healthy Home Designs, Office Makeovers and many more. 

The forte of Budgetary Interiors is small spaces wherein, they execute small spaces into masterpieces of simple lines, extravagant looks combined with colour combinations and aesthetics in a budget. 


Budgetary Interiors offers its clients phenomenal services in the interior designing domain for stylish and comfortable living. Catering to a wide array of clientele including residential as well as commercial with varied desires and budgets, Budgetary Interiors understands the requirements and needs of the clients and offers comprehensive and customized architectural CAD drafting services.

The company helps the client with cost-effective and quality-driven interior designing services that are aesthetic and within the budget of the customer. Maintaining a good rapport with the clients, the company is not only involved with the clients during the project completion but also takes care of the client’s needs with its post-completion services. Adhering to its work ethics, Budgetary Interiors ensures to keep the look, ambience and space in pristine condition as it was on the handover day.


The motto of Budgetary Interiors is to enhance the lifestyle of every individual by bringing aesthetics coupled with comfort, joy and happiness into their lives on a budget. 

The goal is to be among the top 5 Interior Designer firms in India by 2030 and to become a professionally managed organization working as per its disciplinary standards in interior and architectural services.

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