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The Managing Director of Krsnaa Diagnostics Pvt ltd, Pallavi Jain shared her journey of landing in the healthcare industry with The Global Hues. Drake once said, “Sometimes, it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination,” similarly Ms. Pallavi Jain’s journey took a pleasant turn of events when opportunity knocked on her door and she began working with Krsnaa Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd., Pune.

Earlier, she used all her talent to step out of her comfort zone and start a boutique at MG Road in Pune.

While the venture was extremely successful, it was not long before things went downhill. “I was excellent at marketing with strong presentation skills and business development. I, therefore, did not look into the maintenance of finances. Besides, I had a business to run and could not put my fingers in too many pies hence needed to rely on others,” she adds.

Pallavi JainPallavi JainkrsnaaPallavi Jain Pallavi Jain

Ms. Jain, at 42 years, is the Managing Director of Krsnaa Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd., Asia’s fastest-growing healthcare company. She’s a woman who has an unbeatable zest for life and believes in living it to the fullest. Life is but a roller-coaster ride; but for some, this ride transforms and reinvents a personality to showcase a person one has never seen before. “I was not associated with healthcare and this was a new chapter for me. However, my strong presentation skills, excellent command over the language, and the flexibility offered to me gave flight to my wings,” she stated. Pallavi Jain

When she joined the company, Krsnaa was not even born, the idea was only in the minds. She along with the Chairman Mr. Rajendra Mutha co-founded Krsnaa Diagnostics in December 2010 and began the journey with 2 centers in rural Maharashtra. She has been a part of the success story and shaped up the organization from 2 to 2000+ centers under the guidance of Mr. Rajendra Mutha. and has been working hand-in-hand with the Chairman. Krsnaa Diagnostics is one of the biggest PPP (Public-Private Partnership) providers having its presence in the 15 states in India and it all happened due to the  sleepless efforts by her and her team 

Ms. Jain works closely with the organization’s top Key Managerial Personnel to bottom line personals in introducing contemporary protocols to continuously enhance the planned outcomes. She leads the thrust on continuous quality improvement processes to achieve the highest standards of patient comfort. She has played an important role in the procurement of various PPP projects and confidently represents the company at various Government meetings and conferences. Walking hand-in-hand with the company values, her aim and vision is to see Krsnaa spread its wings on the Global Map.

Because of her huge network and social relations, she has organized several Health Camps under the banner of Krsnaa and believes in giving the best services at affordable prices. She often represents the Krsnaa Group at the National and International levels. She plays an important role in the expansion and development of the above-mentioned companies. Her empathy towards society is seen through her work as she has always focused on giving back to society. By organizing various health camps, health check-ups for police departments, orphanages, and many more.

“She dons the hat of multiple roles like a mother, a daughter, a mentor, a guide, a friend, and much more with equal ease”

A glimpse of Krsnaa Diagnostics Pvt.Ltd

krsnaa diagnostics | Ms. Pallavi Jain- Ensuring Quality Diagnosis at Affordable Cost

The actual journey of Krsnaa Diagnostics started in  Mid 2011, intending to improve medical diagnostics to world-class levels and introduce a whole spectrum of services at affordable rates. Along with this, grew the philosophy of Let’s do good as a promise to ensure that every associated person contributes to the well-being and good health of society.

“From starting our journey in a tier two city in Maharashtra, today we have evolved as one of the best and fastest-growing medical diagnostics chains in India,” says the team of Krsnaa Diagnostics.  The chain of diagnostics services enables pathology and radiology services spread across 15 states of India and at 2000 plus locations along with having 24×7 availability throughout the year with zero compromises on delivery of quality healthcare services.

Annually, the company delivers approximately:

  • 7 lakhs scans of CT & MRI,
  • 60 Lakh scans of X-Ray,
  • 30 lakh Pathology Tests

With the help of a team of 200 plus highly skilled and talented Radiologists, Pathologists, and other Clinicians along with best-in-class equipment procured from world leaders, Krsnaa Diagnostics is enabling the best evidence-based treatment for millions of patients across the country. It is revered amongst the topmost diagnostic service provider in India. Krsnaa Diagnostics also provides tele-radiology services and is the largest tele-radiology service provider in India today, connecting every corner of this nation from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

The company has set up multiple NABL Accredited and ICMR Approved Pathology Laboratories at various locations across India with all the required equipment set up in Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology including RT-PCR Machines for current COVID Testing. It uses AI-developed work cycles to do timely reporting and connect the best doctors spread across the nation to the masses.

Strength and Business USP

Krsnaa diagnostics USP is to reach millions of people in areas where no other company even dreamed of going. “We have a presence in the regions of northeast. We are able to set up our systems and services in the most rural parts of the country,” says Pallavi. Another important thing is the price point. The company has ensured that prices of tests are almost 50% lower than our competitors.

They reduce the cost but without compromising on Quality. They have all our certifications and quality controls in place. 

CT Scan | Ms. Pallavi Jain- Ensuring Quality Diagnosis at Affordable Cost

Challenges faced by emerging women entrepreneurs 

Pallavi believes that women go through many challenges in their life. Women are expected to spend more time with their family members and aren’t encouraged to travel extensively for exploiting business opportunities. The biggest challenge for women is financial support. Family members hesitate to invest money in business ventures initiated by women entrepreneurs. Banks and other financial institutions do not consider middle-class women entrepreneurs as proper applicants for setting up their projects and they are hesitant to provide financial assistance to unmarried women or girls.

This humiliates unmarried women and they generally leave the idea of setting up their ventures. In rural areas, women are denied higher education. Additionally, there’s a lot of Marriage and family life pressure as it is given more importance than career and social life in Indian society. Be it Business or society, it is dominated by males. Many businessmen are not interested in having business relationships with women entrepreneurs. 

“Women generally have sympathy for others. They are very emotional, which might lead them to get easily cheated in business,” says Pallavi. “Business involves risk. Women entrepreneurs get upset very easily when the loss arises in business,” she further added. Women entrepreneurs are not generally aware of the subsidies and incentives available for them. Lack of knowledge may prevent them from availing the special schemes. Moving in and around the market is a tough job for Middle-Class Women Entrepreneurs in the Indian Social system.

Remedial measures

In Pallavi’s opinion, some of the remedial measures that can be undertaken to promote women entrepreneurship in India, are as follows.

  1. Promotional Help

Government and NGOs must assist entrepreneurs, both in financial and non-financial areas.

  1. Training

Women entrepreneurs must be given the training to operate and run a business successfully. 

  1. Selection of Machinery and Technology

Women require assistance in the selection of machinery and technology so that the business unit becomes successful.

  1. Finance

Both family and government organizations should be liberal in providing financial assistance to them.

  1. Marketing Assistance

Assistance must be provided to help them to market their goods successfully in the economic environment.

  1. Family support

Families should support women entrepreneurs and encourage them to establish and run businesses successfully.

Views on Gender Inequality

Leading lady | Ms. Pallavi Jain- Ensuring Quality Diagnosis at Affordable Cost

“I am a human being and unique, and my gender is just my physical body. So it’s not in my mind,” stated Pallavi.

The gender gap is defined as the difference between men and women in terms of entrepreneurial activity and motives to run a business. Women entrepreneurs have been designated as the new engines for growth and the rising stars of the economies. A variety of stakeholders have pointed at them as an important untapped source of economic growth and development. Some even argue that women entrepreneurs’ contribution tends to be higher resulting from the entrepreneurial activity of men.

In recent years, the general attention to women and entrepreneurship in developing countries has increased to a great extent and the focus on this ‘untapped source’ of growth seems to be indispensable. However, despite this growing number of initiatives women still own and manage fewer businesses than men, they earn less money with their businesses that grow slower and are more likely to fail. “Majority of women are engaged in entrepreneurial activity driven by pure survival – out of necessity rather than an opportunity because there are no jobs or any other options for income generation,” explained Pallavi.

Motivating Force

Being a woman entrepreneur, Pallavi believes in the power of Empathy, which makes her feel happy. Being able to contribute to the society and country motivates her to keep going. “When we started my Chairman gave me equal opportunities to explore and execute my ideas. Whenever women get the support their vision becomes wider. And that respect is definitely exciting,” explained Pallavi.

The Clientele                               

Building relationships is key to learning customers’ needs and may gain more returning customers, referrals, and net income in the process. Krsnaa diagnostics has always kept strong engagements with their customers by maintaining good communication, building customer relationships. “Make sure your staff returns voicemail messages and emails promptly,” says Pallavi.

Rather than telling customers about the business, it is essential to have conversations, finding out their needs, and resolving their problems. Krsnaa believes in raising the bar on what the company offers. “To put it simply, under-promise, and over-deliver. When you impress customers, they keep coming back,” explained Ms. Jain. Krsnaa believes feedback is very essential. 

Whether customers have a good or bad opinion it will be beneficial for Businesses. “The worst thing you can do is ask for feedback than not address concerns. Even negative feedback is valuable and can give you an honest gauge of customer satisfaction,” says Pallavi. Many online tools and social media outlets can be used to reach customers. Website of the company is always top-notch and engages the customers and prospects.  It is extremely important for the company to show appreciation to the customers in every way possible.

Daily Routine and Hobbies

Pallavi starts her day with gratitude, exercise, and prayers. Her routine completely depends on the travel plans, events, and scheduled meetings. She has extremely uncertain sleeping time due to the extensive travel. 

Hobbies: Music, Reading, traveling, writing, and doing one good deed every day.

The Company and Team Ethos

“We don’t call them employees of the company. We’ve always treated them as family members. And they are a part of Krsnaa,” says Pallavi. Krsnaa diagnostics ensured a healthy work environment even in the times of COVID-19.  The organization ensures to create employment, benefitting people from the opportunities. The overall growth of the Company is a delight for the whole team.

Words of Wisdom

Pallavi Jain | Ms. Pallavi Jain- Ensuring Quality Diagnosis at Affordable Cost

  • If you give your 100% as an individual, if you know what you want to do in your life, and know what your goal is, then nothing can stop you whether you’re a Woman or a  Man. 
  • Prioritize things. Give equal time to yourself, your family, and your work.
  • Women are full of compassion and love and empathy, which is lacking in men. They should take it as a strength and not as a weakness.   
  • Love yourself. Be full of gratitude that you are being able to do something which millions of women would wish to do. 

Favorite Inspirational Book

  • The Bhagavad Gita 
  • ‘You can heal your life’ by Louise Hay.
  • ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Bryan 
  • ‘The laws of spiritual World  by Khorshed Bhavnagri 

Awards and Milestones 

Ms. Pallavi has been awarded as one of the 30 Most Influential Women from India as the ‘Pride of India’ (December 21, 2016) and was one amongst other powerful ladies and celebrities spanning different industries. Chief guests Lord Raj Loomba and Shri Anupam Kher graced this event. 

She has graciously accepted various awards on behalf of Krsnaa Diagnostics:

  • “Asia’s Best and Fastest Growing Healthcare & Wellness Brand” by [WCRC] 2014-2015 
  • Star of Asia Award for Health Excellence in 2016 
  • “Emerging Company of India in Health Excellence – 2017” by Indian Achievers Forum   
  • Entrepreneurship with Social Relevance – 2019 
  • India’s Greatest Brands & Leaders Award -2019 
  • Times of India Icons of Health – 2019 
  • Best Diagnostic & Imaging Center of the Year -2020 By Asia Today 
  • Best Diagnostics Service Company 2020 – India Excellence award by ADSYNC Dubai & ET Now 
  • Outstanding Achievement Award in Healthcare Social Sector 2020 – India Excellence award by ADSYNC Dubai & ET Now
  • Covid Warrior Award – 2020 by Yugal Dharma Sangh

Company being featured in various magazines such as – 

  • Cover Story – 50 Emerging Startups to watch in India 2017 -The CEO Magazine  
  • EHealth Magazine by elets- Krsnaa Providing Unmatched Diagnostic Services Special issue –June 2018 
  • Coffee Table book by Asia One as India’s Greatest Leaders 2018-2019 – 4th edition 
  • Krsnaa Diagnostics making medical Diagnosis accessible and affordable in Asia One December 19-20 issue 3
  • 50 Torchbearers of Health care – Medgate Today e-Coffee table book December 2020 
  • Cover page story of Insight Success Magazine Issue 04 as Most Reliable Diagnostic and Pathology Center to Watch

Ms.Pallavi was recently conferred with the award of Doctor of Business Administration – (Honoris Causa ) by The National American University 

Vision and Future Projects

Started 10 years back in December 2010, the vision has always been to provide quality health care services at affordable prices. Krsnaa diagnostics focus on rural healthcare because of fewer healthcare facilities.   Second is reaching out to masses and  to places with untouched locations and lack of quality healthcare services at affordable prices 

Favorite Quote

  1. “Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that you can make anything happen”.
  2. A quote by Hannah Gadsby – “There is nothing stronger than a broken woman who has rebuilt herself”.

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