How To Be A Likeable Person Some Tips To Follow

How To Be A Likeable Person: Some Tips To Follow

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How to be a Likeable person?

When a person treats others in a heartwarming way they are admired. In recent days with the increasing number of responsibilities, rude and unwelcoming way of greeting others is spotted commonly. May it be intentional or not, but this sort of behavior hurts people and creates a negative self-image.

This sort of behavior creates a shady and intimidating personality. Later, it’s hard to rectify that image which can be a problematic situation, especially in the workplace. This is why well-behaved people are always admired and welcomed everywhere.

Well-behaved people act inappropriate manners creating a positive aura around them whereas people with bad-temper easily get disliked by their fellow workmates. So, to keep oneself in a good book of people it is a must to learn certain skills.

But how to be more likeable as a person? This is indeed one frequently asked query. So let’s try to answer that in detail.

how to be a more likable person

How to be more likeable?

Everyone works to improve their personality into a more welcoming and understandable one. The whole purpose is to be admired by others. It is easy to learn, develop, and inculcate certain skills that can change a personality into an admired one. There are no limitations on learning a new thing.

Now let us go through some tips that will help you out with your issues regarding how to be more likeable? Let’s discuss the matter through some points written below:

1.Behave in a friendly way

qualities of a likeable person

People are more likely to fall for a well-mannered person. A friendly nature would always attract people with its charm.

So, to become a more likeable person one must build a friendly personality. When you are talking to people makes sure that your words should touch their hearts.

Talk with all your heart and try to develop an honest personality. Always nod when somebody is talking with you, this will assure them that you are listening to them with all your attention. Build a genuine personality. This is the first step to become more likeable.

2. Be a good listener

The second step in this process to be more likeable is to become a good listener. We always rush to catch the words when someone is just about to end their part. This is considered to be bad manners.

Listening is not a strong part for many people, however, it holds importance.

Never rush to insert yourself into an interaction neither be quick to respond. First, listen to them and try to analyze the entire situation and then make your statement. This will be helpful in easily connecting yourself with the other person.

3. Do not crave the spotlight

Do not crave the spotlight - qualities of a likeable person

A likeable person does never highlight their existence because there is no need for it. This is an important quality if you want to learn how to be more likeable.

If someone priorities their own opinion and themselves in front of others it might offend others. Let the attention flow to you, don’t crave it instead develop some creative abilities that will make you shine at your workplace.

4. Focus on the person sitting in front of you

Ditch your mobile phone and fix your attention on the person in front of you. Playing games in the mobile or surfing through your news feeds in the middle of a conversation is an insult to others.

If you don’t focus on the person sitting and talking with you then it gives a bad impression in the minds of others and they feel ignored. So, if you are fond of learning how to be a more likeable person, then you should be more focused as a conversationalist.

5. Keep an unreserved mindset

People with a narrow or reserved mindset often lack in a conversation skill. Hence, try to keep an open mind when you are initiating a conversation with others. This is a crucial element of being a super likeable person.

The person you talk with immediately starts liking you if you present yourself with an unreserved mindset. A person also loves to talk with you if your opinions and thoughts are welcoming.

6. Share your thoughts but balance your words

traits of a likeable person

When interacting with a person try to find whether you share any similar interests. If you do then try to keep your conversation on the same track because that will help in making a good character statement.

Do not use a loose word that would make you repent afterward. This can be a major challenge for you but balancing the words in front of others can help you become a likeable person.

7. Make them feel important

Make them feel important - how to be a likable person

When you prioritize someone, you make a statement very carefully. You make sure that your words do not hurt them. You try to praise their abilities and overlook their faults. This pleases the person.

Making them feel important will help you win over them. If you try to overpower your words over them then that would not be a good thing to do. Always try to make them feel important and put forth your ideas in a way that they don’t get offended.

8. Use positive body language

positive body langauage qualities of a likable person

Your gestures, expressions, and tone of voice say a lot about your behavior. Maintaining eye contact, enthusiastic tone, confident voice are all forms of positive body language. Positive body language makes you a likeable person.

Your body language should reflect enthusiasm and confidence. Research says that 60% to 90% of the conversation is non-verbal. So, it should always reflect the true feelings about you.

9. Always Smile

It is one of the most important gestures that make you a likeable person. Always smile during a conversation and they will smile back at you. The smile should be natural and not fake because a forced grin is easily recognized. This will give a very bad impression of you.

Faking a smile is even worse than not smiling at all. Make sure you smile naturally so that the other person enjoys and loves talking to you.

10. Don’t Judge

If you want to become a likeable person then you need to leave all your judgments and opinions at the door and enter the work environment. Even if you judge people then keep those judgments with yourself and never show it on your face.

Try to find the things you all agree on. It is not an easy thing to do but doing this makes you a real leader and a likeable person.

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