Dr. Harbeen Arora- A Global Visionary

Dr. Harbeen Arora- A Global Visionary

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Nationally and Internationally recognized women entrepreneur Dr. Harbeen talked about her journey and challenges with The Global Hues.

Marie Forleo once said, “Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently”. Dr. Harbeen fits this quote perfectly. She is an exemplary force working continuously to achieve new goals. The Founder and National President of Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI), the Founder and Global Chairperson of ALL Ladies League (ALL) & Women Economic Forum (WEF), and Founder of SHEconomy, and BIOAYURVEDA, Dr. Harbeen is an achiever and strong supporter of women growth and development.

Manifesting a simple multifaceted leadership, Dr. Harbeen is a Global Icon & Visionary for Women, Thought Leader, Businesswoman, Philanthropist, Author, Humanitarian, Spiritual Seeker, and Compelling Speaker. Dr. Arora completed her Ph.D. from the University of Paris III. 

Spreading a million smiles

She is part of the platforms that promote a global network of  250,000 women across 120 countries, aiming towards a ‘Mission Million’ to create one of the largest ecosystems of women entrepreneurs and leaders across all walks of life. Dr. Arora is an active investor in various verticals such as health and wellness, agriculture, skill development, real estate, and renewable energy. Dr. Harbeen is also the Chancellor of Rai University in Ahmedabad, Rai Technology University in Bangalore and Jharkhand, and Rai University in Ranchi, India.

The main focus of these universities is to educate the underprivileged children specifically in fields of agriculture and farming, which can support their local livelihood. One of the priorities of Dr. Harbeen is to spread culture and peace. She is actively participating in philanthropic activities, promoting traditional handlooms and crafts, ancient heritage, tourism, business collaborations, and partnerships. 

Harbeen Arora | Dr. Harbeen Arora- A Global Visionary

Dr. Harbeen has overcome many challenges. When asked about her mantra of dealing with a male-dominated atmosphere as a woman entrepreneur, She said, “In Indian culture, Shakti is the divine feminine form. It is both the trinity and infinity. She is the source and force of Nature, the Universe, and Creation. We are a culture where feminine divinity is supreme. Despite the pervasive domination of patriarchy (a global phenomenon), deep down, we are a culture that acknowledges the primacy of the divine mother as the source and strength of all creation.

I think this is a strong aspect and a great opportunity for everybody to honor female divinity. It is a reminder and awakening of the power we hold as women. With greater self-belief and strength we can make others see and honor it as well. When we remember our power, and when we resonate with this inner power then we reflect and radiate it, enabling others to feel it and honor it.”

Dr. Arora wrote three books namely: 

  • Creative Living: Discovering your Beautiful Path and Lifestyle toward Happiness and Well-being
  • The Seven Sacred Sai Values Innate in Every Human Being: How to Apply Them in Our Daily Lives for Happiness, Peace, and Well-being
  • Dawn of a New Vibrant India.

Her books spread education, creative living, and human values to the readers. 

Achievements and Awards

  • Honored as a Global Impact Leader by the Evolutionary Business Council, USA.
  • Honored by the President of Egypt at the World Youth Forum 2018. 
  • Felicitated for Excellence in Women Empowerment by the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce.
  • Received the National Award for Social Entrepreneurship and Education by the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry in India.
  • Among “The Top 100 Most Reputable People on Earth’ as per Reputation Poll 2019 list which also featured Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, Queen Elizabeth, and Oprah Winfrey.

Businesses bridging gaps

Women leader | Dr. Harbeen Arora- A Global Visionary

Under the leadership of Dr. Arora, many businesses are thriving towards a progressive change. All Ladies League is a global network of women movements promoting self-help, support, and sisterhood. Their motto is to connect “Sisters Beyond Borders”. Another network called “Business Beyond Borders” works under the umbrella of conference and forum arm, Women Economic Forum (WEF) that curates conversations, connections, community, and collaborations towards a greater influence and impact through our global editions and events.

Dr. Harbeen is also leading the World’s First E-Commerce Platform for Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners delivering goods & services worldwide. It is driven by the vision of “Everywoman a Businesswoman”. A goal to empower and enable women entrepreneurs worldwide to “Sell, Scale, Succeed, Serve, Sustain.” Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI) is an advocate of fundamental changes in governmental policies, laws, and incentives with a view to robustly encourage and empower women in business, industry, and commerce across all sectors.

It empowers women globally. The idea of WICCI is not Gender Divisiveness but Gender Equality. They promote a strong #SheforShe spirit, #SheforHe, and #HeforShe spirit. No political or religious barrier stands amidst their code of conduct. Everyone is treated like ‘Soul Sisters’.

In the opinion of Dr.Arora, the world is “One Divine Family,” as said in the Vedic phrase “Vasudeva Kutumbakam.” One spiritual mantra guiding them is “Love ALL, Serve ALL”. Women Economic Forum (WEF) under the guidance of Dr. Harbeen, was held globally in more than 14 locations. They have been addressed by thought leaders from around the world including Heads of States, Nobel Laureates, Royalty, Ministers, Mayors, Businesswomen, University Presidents and Professors, Judges, Industrialists, Ambassadors & Diplomats, Film, Sports personalities, and inspiring businesswomen, entrepreneurs and community leaders from all walks of life.

India is a land of spiritual strength and all-encompassing love. Tapping onto its traditional and ayurvedic value, Dr.Arora founded BioAyurveda: A full spectrum of organic options, supplements, skin+soin, and superfoods, to improve an individual’s well-being naturally. A successful entrepreneur also faces dilemmas in life.

“My personal greatest challenge has been to understand myself and my purpose in life, and how to implement my highest vibration in my day-to-day work.” Shared Dr. Arora. She further added, “Normally, we think that the highest spiritual goals are incompatible with the pursuit of business and real-life challenges. But as per my learning, it is possible to match both and lead a happy, fulfilling balanced and successful life.”

Advice for the budding female entrepreneurs

Advice for budding entrepreneurs | Dr. Harbeen Arora- A Global Visionary

  • We all have our challenges, and everyone is fighting their own battles. My humble learning over the years while facing challenges, big and small, is this – our Self-Belief and “Atma-Vishwas,” viz. our faith in the eternity and infinity of our own Soul and Self is the source of tremendous inner strength. By tapping onto this inner spiritual strength, one can face all kinds of challenges with courage and resilience. This is the education of the heart and spirit.
  • Success is about awakenings and openings, about finding doors so to say, and we indeed hold the key to it. We succeed every moment by simply holding up the attitude of never say die, not quitting, and always doing whatever we can to the best of our abilities, even in the worst of our circumstances.

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