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“Lex Familia India is not a company but an idea to revolutionize the entire legal-eco system of India.”

Narayan Kedia (Founder, Lex Familia India)

With the aim of equipping young law professionals with the imperative training, Lex Familia India is an EdTech company that educates lawyers to make practical changes in the legal fraternity. The thought behind Lex Familia India is to educate lawyers with a more practical approach that is applicable to their legal careers.

Lex Familia India offers ‘best-in-class’ services to its learners so that they can easily understand the concept. The focus of the company is on the practical approach to learning rather than the conventional approach which only provides theoretical knowledge.

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Lex Familia India is founded by Narayan Kedia and his colleague and friend Saswat Mohanty. The team of LFI consists of industry experts who have years of relevant experience in the law field. The team at LFI believes in “Learning Together And Growing Together”

“The foundation of LFI lies in the concept of ‘sharing’ knowledge and experience with young generation lawyers and enough ‘caring’ for them to perceive the field of law in an appropriate manner,” asserts Narayan Kedia.

The two visionary leaders of LFI are well experienced in their respective domains. Narayan Kedia is a lawyer having the experience of over 13 years, specialising in securities and corporate laws. He also holds the position of Vice President – Legal in NBFC in India and was also associated with prestigious Law Firms like J. Sagar Associates and Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas. The other talented leader of the company is Saswat Mohanty, who is also an in-house counsel at the National Stock Exchange. 


Founded in 2021, Lex Familia India stands for the idea that revolutionizes the eco-legal system of India. LFI has trained over 250 students who either got a placement or an internship with Law Firms or Corporate Organizations after attending the highly interactive workshops at LFI.

Today, LFI has an advisory board involving esteemed personalities, and senior professionals helping in the live workshops, to provide students with a better understanding of the subject and provide legal updates on a real-time basis. 


At Lex Familia India, the training and workshops are provided by the Founders of the company along with other Senior Practitioners. LFI offers its expertise in various legal fields including Securities Laws, Mergers and Acquisitions, Capital Markets, Private Equity Transactions, and many more to list. 

The theoretical and practical perspective of the training is provided in a step-by-step manner. During the process, the students are also guided with some other skills like preparation of the CVs, drafting skills and many other practices. 

Lex Familia India believes in the quality of education with its live interactive sessions and workshops. Students are given adequate time and knowledge sharing by the experts, holding an approximate experience of a decade. The workshops offered by the LFI are:

  • Company Law Workshops
  • Capital Market Workshops
  • Master Workshops on Securities and Corporate Laws

“LFI takes pride in its quality education. Our practitioners and mentors are approachable and ready to guide students with the idea of contributing to the growth and development of such students,” says Narayan Kedia with pride. 


Each industry has its pros and cons, and so does the Edtech industry. The biggest challenge of the Edtech industry is that some students find the existing online learning model very monotonous. To overcome this challenge, Lex Familia India has designed highly interactive workshops which give students a space to participate, ask queries and learn comprehensively. 

Apart from this, the field of law requires a more practical based approach. The need for this change in the education system is very pertinent. The law students do not get the opportunity to have practical training that is required in the nuances of the law and the nature of work. The maximum a student can get is an internship where he/she can learn the practicality of the subject. But Lex Familia India bridges the gap between the traditional way of teaching in law colleges and the requirement of law firm/ In-house organisation by providing such students practical training in diverse practice areas.


LFI is still at a nascent stage to be able to contribute in building India but is constantly taking its small steps and guiding budding lawyers with mentorship, training and workshops and helping them in securing high paying and skilled jobs at prestigious law firms. 

With the aim of working with people who have a similar mindset of providing young individuals with quality and practical education, LFI wants to help students in securing jobs in Tier I firms. Apart from this, it helps students in finding out the other career options as well. 

In the words of Narayan Kedia, “Our idea is simply to provide exposure which would bring clarity in terms of what true potential a student has and what should be done so that students approach things in the right manner.

Lex Familia India believes that in order to take out the best from students, it is essential to provide them with quality education and proper practical training. LFI is ensuring that considerate steps are taken in the field of law that eventually help India in becoming a Global Talent Hub.


Lex Familia, as the name suggests, is an endeavour to create a Family of Lawyers. It envisions creating an alliance of senior practitioners and young legal minds. It strongly believes in “Learning Together and Growing Together”.

It also wants students from remote parts of the country to have access to the best practitioners in the Legal Fraternity and gain in-depth knowledge in their preferred area of practice.

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