10 Amazing Hacks That Will Make You Productive | Productivity Hacks

10 Amazing Hacks That Will Make You Productive | Productivity Hacks

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Have you heard of these productivity hacks?

Do you wonder how the time passed by while you barely completed any of your tasks? It happens mostly due to procrastination or an unmanaged work schedule. Productivity needs mood, motivation, time, and balance to flow. Every work environment needs its employees to work efficiently. Every day comes with new challenges and hurdles. What matters the most is how we tackle them. The goal of everyday life should be to become better than the previous day. It applies to every job and profession. To maximize the results there should be maximum efforts by individuals.

10 Amazing Hacks That Will Make You Productive | Productivity Hacks

Why is it important to stay productive?

In a time where the importance of mental health is reaching more voices, we might have heard a lot of times that it’s okay to do nothing on some days. While in a more realistic and overall view the Globalization is happening heavily in the world. The development and qualifications are hiking. In that scenario, there’s always a competition, a better-suited Candidate for your post.

Scores have become just a number, the more skilled, managed and efficient person is chosen over everything else. In the case of productivity, it comes hard on certain days but as an employee knowing some hacks won’t do any damage. Numerous ways are there to boost your productivity, breaking you out of the procrastination cycle, making your work stand out.

Learn about these amazing productivity hacks :

As you must wonder how some people manage to do so much in a little time, here we are decoding some sensible answers to you. Productivity hacks that every successful professional and entrepreneur should use to succeed.

1. Sorting email:

Most of us don’t even realize when we spend most of our day going through unimportant emails. Sorting email can be time and energy-consuming. In a study by McKinsey Global Institute, it was found that an average interaction worker spends 28% of the workweek sorting e-mail.

One hack for this problem was shared by Tim Soulo, CMO & Product advisor at Ahrefs.
“Learned an awesome productivity hack today on how to declutter your inbox. Just create a filter for the word “unsubscribe” and make sure all emails that contain it will skip your Inbox and go to some special folder.”

As simple as that! Just in a few clicks, the problem was solved.

2. To-do lists:

10 Amazing Hacks That Will Make You Productive | Productivity Hacks

If you are a fan of to-do lists, indeed you are progressing in the right direction. To-do lists are a great way of planning your work and increasing your productivity in the long run. One such app that helps in maintaining productivity is Slack. The slack channel makes channels and threads to maintain workflow. It can also be done using other software such as Drive or Trello.

3. A good sleep:

It might sound opposite to productivity, after all, what productivity comes from sleeping. However, the research by Harvard University tells us that sleep is as important as anything else. 7,400 individuals were part of a Research which showed better productivity in employees who sleep better. Sleep deprivation costs companies $2,280 per employee. This accounts for 11.3 days of a year.

10 Amazing Hacks That Will Make You Productive | Productivity Hacks

The author of NYT bestseller, Atomic Habits- James says: “The best productivity hack is getting 8-9 hours of sleep every night. Second, the best is exercising 30-60 minutes each day. Both are obvious and overlooked, and yet make a more meaningful and immediate impact on the quality of your thinking than 99 percent of productivity tips.”

4. Stop Multitasking:

No one is working efficiently when they are Multitasking. Hear us out! When you multitask your mind is constantly thinking about different works. This confuses the brain and leads to frequent mistakes. Except that, Multitasking leads to extreme exhaustion at the end of the day. A study has shown that it takes more time to complete tasks while Multitasking than it takes when doing one thing at a time.

5. Decide a theme:

For an employee working on multiple projects at a single time, it is the best hack to add to the schedule. A theme must be decided for a particular day, to sort work inefficient work sections. The CEO of Twitter follows this hack as mentioned once like management work on Mondays, products reviewing on Tuesdays, and so on. It increases the speed and accuracy of work.

6. Commutes can be productive:

10 Amazing Hacks That Will Make You Productive | Productivity Hacks

How many hours does an average person spend during the commute? Most people nowadays travel long distances to reach their workplace. It is only valid to use this time to create something productive out of it. A person can make significant progress in their work by managing these little free windows. The better use of commute time will lead to significant results. Making calls, checking emails, listening to podcasts is the work you can do during commute hours.

7. Productive procrastination:

It sounds opposite to its actual implication. Productive procrastination can lead to increased efficiency and productivity. Any person who feels tired working on the same project will start procrastinating and delaying work. On the other hand, when a person works on 2-3 projects together, they can divert to another project when bored from one. This way procrastination can lead to productivity when directed in the right way.

8. Don’t look for perfection:

Although perfection might seem the right way to work on things it is not always. Perfection is a way of wasting a lot of time and it opens up a window for procrastination. A single task takes almost double it’s time to complete when one keeps running behind perfection. There’s a huge chance of redoing things in such a case. Some people believe that there is nothing as inefficient as perfectionism.

9. Focus on the goal:

10 Amazing Hacks That Will Make You Productive | Productivity Hacks

Sometimes while working on the same thing for a long time gets tiring, monotonous, and boring. It is hard to stay productive in such a case. However, there’s a way out. Focus on the result. The goal keeps you motivated. It’s like a light at the end of the tunnel. When we focus on the goal, the work resolves in a better manner, as we feel boosted.

Founder of The Emotion Machine ‘Steven Handel’ said “Thinking about the positive consequences of getting to the end – This is one of the most popular and successful strategies used by individuals to help them overcome a difficult task. By thinking about the rewards they will get by the end of it, they were more likely to stick with the task until it was completed.”

10. Let’s talk about (10+2)*5 technique:

Author of 43folders.com Merilyn Mann created this classic but extremely efficient technique of (10+2)*5. Splitting this simple technique means 10 minutes of work with 2 minutes break into 5 rounds to complete one hour. This technique is effective as the human mind can’t focus on one thing for a long duration. Therefore, breaking time in this manner will increase work efficiency and develop more work productivity.


As we move forward into the future, this fast-paced world is running ahead. To match the speed with the world we need to put on our productivity shoes at all times. These tricks will help each employee stay on the right track.


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