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Visionary and Inspiring leaders are resilient and inspire creative and innovative change in the rapidly changing business landscape. They impact a country’s economy and help create industries. Their performance-driven mindset and ground-breaking accomplishments epitomise them as an example of what it means to be a leader.

The Global Hues magazine through its Special Edition “Inspiring Leaders” appreciates the inspirational leadership of result-driven and highly passionate leaders, by showcasing their journeys, challenges and professional achievements in the corporate world.

Here is the list of some of the best Inspiring Leaders. Their result-driven leadership philosophies, go-getter approach, and pathbreaking achievements are inspiring millions around the globe. Let’s take a look:

Dr Anubhav Gupta

Principal Consultant, SARK Engineers And Consultants 

Dr. Anubhav Gupta, Inspiring Leaders

Dr Anubhav Gupta is the Principal Consultant at SARK Engineers And Consultants. He stays at the forefront of revolutionising industries with his expertise in industrial automation, energy conservation, and water & energy audits. Dr Gupta has completed his B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from IIT-BHU, which helped him dig into various aspects of the industry, from research and development to project management.

SARK Engineers And Consultants is a prominent technical consulting firm that specialises in providing customised solutions to manufacturing units across industries. Its primary offerings include process consulting and design, energy and water audits, and environmental protection consulting. Additionally, it combines deep technical knowledge, extensive industry experience and strong partnerships with educational institutions. Presently, the firm caters to clients in the paper, sugar, textile, and chemical industries, with a global presence, particularly in Asia.

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Amanpreet Kaur Khamba

Founder, Jobzkart HR Services

Amanpreet Kaur Khamba, Inspiring Leaders

In April 2023, Amanpreet Kaur Khamba established Jobzkart HR Services. She had faced several challenges in her 16 years of journey as an employee, but she didn’t give up hope. Amanpreet used all the experiences garnered during those years to take a risky decision and start a new business after her previous business failed. She started Jobzkart in a shared space and built a robust foundation before she started to secure clients.

Jobzkart HR Services empowers organisations to streamline their HR processes. It provides services such as Talent Acquisition, HR implant and outsourcing, payroll outsourcing, contractual staffing, background verification, and training & development. The company hires in countries like Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Amanpreet Kaur Khamba passes on the legacy of mentoring young minds and the next generation within her team. She is forever grateful to have worked with managers who motivated and groomed her.

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Dr. Aroop Das

Co-Founder, Itvara Hospitality Private Limited

Dr. Aroop Das, Inspiring Leaders

Dr Aroop Das is the Co-founder of Itvara Hospitality Private Limited, which specialises in making travel stories unforgettable. As a leader, he believes in creating clear expectations, assessing team members’ skills, and empowering them to make the right decisions.

Itvara offers a bouquet of services such as meetings, incentives, conferences, customised leisure tours, rewards and recognition programs, and luxury experiences, among other things. Itvara aims to become a global brand in the Tourism and Hospitality industry by channelling the expertise of its partners and associates.

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Arun Antony

Founder, YE Stack

Arun Antony, Inspiring Leaders

Arun Antony is the Founder of YE Stack, a ‘Founder-focused’ Venture Studio. This venture studio has built ‘Capability Stacks.’ It supports aspiring entrepreneurs in their early-stage journey through the ‘Venture Studio Startup Building Model.’ His passion for mentoring entrepreneurs and an interest in the Cognitive Psychology of Entrepreneurs helped him establish YE Stack. Arun attended several leadership workshops, industry conferences, and mentorship programs. It helped him stay attuned to the latest practices and trends that helped him lead the team through challenges and utilise emerging opportunities.

YE Stack’s Venture Studio model discerns itself from conventional incubators or accelerators. Rather than merely being a supporter, it behaves like a cofounder of startups, helping entrepreneurs design, build, and scale their startups. Its ‘0-1 playbook’ allows founders to focus on solving customer problems and generating resources. On the other hand, YE Stack handles other aspects as a co-founder.

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Alefiya Singh

Founder & Director, IRIS Reps

Alefiya Singh, Inspiring Leaders

Alefiya Singh through her travel consultancy, IRIS Reps delves deeper into the travel industry, builds connections through networking and keeps herself updated on the latest market trends. She is a keen learner and always open to learning new things. This helps her and her team to create new ideas and work well together. During the pandemic, Alefiya attended webinars and immersed herself in social media to keep their associated brands visible. She believes in establishing a collaborative and innovative atmosphere.

Through her decade-old travel consultancy, she aims to redefine travel by providing sustainable and unique experiences. The travel consultancy has allied with renowned international travel brands. IRIS Reps’s clients include Beachcomber Hotels, Regal Hotels, and Coco Collection Maldives. It provides services like marketing, brand management, advertising support, marketing, PR, planning & execution of corporate and public events, trade shows & events, consumer marketing, celebrity-driven amplification, and travel & tourism representation.

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Akshay Chopra & Sourabh Arora

Co-Founders & Directors, Mango Herbs

Akshay Chopra & Sourabh Arora, Inspiring Leaders

Akshay Chopra and Sourabh Arora established Mango Herbs in 2019. Akshay Chopra is a graduate of the prestigious National Defence Academy and Air Force Academy. He is known as the ‘Encyclopedia of the Indian fitness Industry.’ Furthermore, he is a versatile speaker and conducted several lectures and talks in various institutions. Sourabh Arora’s expertise lies in  Data Management, Business Development & Analysis. He uses his expertise to make strategies for the expansion of Mango Herbs. Furthermore, he is passionate about outdoor sports and has a keen fascination for automobiles.

Mango Herbs is an Ayurvedic brand that provides products that blend nature’s wisdom and modern wellness for its customers. Its products contain organic ingredients sourced from a pristine environment. Mango Herbs specialises in products like skincare, stress & anxiety relief, sexual wellness, heart health and more. Its products stand out from the competition due to its unparalleled commitment to excellence, reliability, and efficacy. The duo plans to expand their product range to over 60+ products and diversify into new business verticals, including coffee, fragrances, skincare and hair care.

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Anil Hinge

Managing Director, RASS Projects

Anil Hinge, Inspiring Leaders

Anil Hinge is a pioneer in design and project management consultancy. He has 24 years of experience in residential, commercial, institutional and industrial construction. Without any guidance from seniors, Anil developed his own techniques in the field of site executions and checking systems. Furthermore, using his prior experience, he transformed the Project Management Consultancy Division into  ‘RASS Project Consultants Pvt Ltd’ in November 2013.

RASS Projects has a client base of over 800 customers and 99 per cent customer satisfaction. The consultancy has 125 members who deliver high-quality design solutions that help exceed clients’ expectations and make RASS the most trusted business for undertaking project management services.

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Dr. J.K. Taylia 

Chairman, ECHON Group

Dr. J.K. Taylia, Inspiring Leaders

Dr J.K. Taylia established ECHON in 1998 and became a champion in the sustainable building materials market. In the last 25 years, the group has created an enormous global distribution network, delivering PVC building materials to the international markets. The company offers PVC/WPC boards, durable and weather-resistant doors and frames, and versatile signage, among other things.

Additionally, under Dr. Taliya’s leadership, ECHON Group launched a “Save a Life” campaign to make people aware of road safety. The campaigns bring doctors, blood donors, students, traffic police, and city officials together to spread awareness about road safety and create an impact through social media. It is an example of how ECHON Group focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility. Other examples include the team visiting hospitals to give healthy meals and fruits to patients without family support and providing street hawkers with sunshade umbrellas to protect them from extreme weather conditions.

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Krishna G & Prashanth G

CEO, Co-Founder, GrowthAspire

Krishna G & Prashanth G, Inspiring Leaders

Krishna G and Prashanth G are the brains behind GrowthAspire. Krishna G has 16 years of experience in sales training and coaching. He has served in various roles from Area Manager to Business Development Manager and then as a senior consultant. Prashanth G possesses 17 years of experience in tech giants like Samsung. He has equipped himself with business acumen, strategy, marketing, and financial expertise. Furthermore, both Krishna and Prashanth learnt different skills such as acquiring customers, customising programs and following post-workshop implementation to transition smoothly into their roles in GrowthAspire.

GrowthAspire aims to help B2B and B2C businesses achieve their sales growth aspirations. From the beginning, GrowthAspire has emerged as a leading training, coaching, and consulting company. The company provides a customised approach and combines insights from various disciplines to meet client’s needs. 

It uses the DIGTS (Diagnosis, Insights, Goal-Setting, Training, and Sustenance) model that helped serve more than 150 clients and businesses. Using the DIGTS model, Growth Aspire creates a customised approach by amalgamating insights from various disciplines to address client’s needs. In 2023, GrowthAspire became India’s first Gold Partner with the Cialdini Institute.

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Premnath Parayath & Kiran James

Co-Founders & Directors, Qwatt Technologies

Premnath Parayath & Kiran James, Inspiring Leaders

Premnath Parayath and Kiran James established Qwatt Technologies to transform the signage landscape by providing cutting-edge technologies- Time Switches and an IoT-based Centralised Management System. Premnath Parayath has 28 years of experience in the signage and lighting industry, and Kiran has 15 years of experience in marketing and business strategy.

Qwatt Technologies works with chain stores in the B2B sector that follow specific guidelines to create signage solutions. Its IoT module has a centralised monitoring system that provides real-time visibility into signage and lighting operations. The installation and operation of the Qwatt IoT module are easy, making it a user-friendly solution. For the management and safeguarding of both outdoor and indoor lighting systems, Qwatt Technologies offers an innovative solution- Time Switches. These have the option for multiple programmable timings, monitoring voltage fluctuations and surges, minimal maintenance, prolonged lifespan and on-site warranty upon request.

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Mohammed Imran

Founder & Director, Skyline Spaces

Mohammed Imran, Inspiring Leaders

Mohammed Imran lives by the quote “Design is the silent storyteller.” It is the ultimate mantra behind his foray into the world of interior design. Skyline Spaces, established by Imran, is known for its originality and attention to detail. Being the Founder and Managing Director, Imran oversees all the projects and assignments from beginning to end. His high-level decision-making, creative mindset, and collaborative approach to understanding the client’s needs make him achieve design excellence in every project.

The firm has expertise in both modern and traditional spaces and adheres to creating transparency and forging close relationships with clients. Skyline Spaces creates spaces that just feel right for that person. Furthermore, the firm specialises in several areas, such as modular kitchens, foyer design, living room furnishings, wardrobe elements, bedroom decors and more.

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Mohd Shakir Anwar

Founder & CEO, Growth Wings

Mohd Shakir Anwar Inspiring Leaders

Mohd Shakir has over 12 years of experience in industries such as BFSI, E-commerce, Logistics and Technology. After gaining valuable lessons working in different sectors, he established Growth Wings in 2013 in the UAE. Mohd Shakir excels in managing pre-sales, large-scale operations and project management. Furthermore, he has an impressive track record of leading cross-functional projects and developing expertise in financial services.

Growth Wings offers digital solutions, including digital marketing, content creation, pay-per-click, advertising, social media optimisation, and more, to help create impactful brands. Through Growth Wings Logistics Vertical, the company offers integrated transport and supply chain solutions. It has become a premier Maritime & Logistics service provider in the UAE and the Middle East. Furthermore, the company is committed to sustainability, as all its vessels are equipped with emission-reduction technology and constantly look for ways to reduce environmental impact.

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Nutan Rai

Managing Director, CIZMAK

Nutan Rai, Inspiring Leaders

Nutan Rai is a graduate of Thapar University and has a rich background in prominent engineering firms. When she realised the pressing need for a more flexible approach to balance her personal and professional life in 2016, she decided to establish CIZMAK. Furthermore, her engineering background catalyzed her to fulfil her ambitions.

CIZMAK guides the client through the entirety of the production development journey. It offers a comprehensive range of services from conceptualisation to final model creation that helps eliminate the need to search for multiple service providers. Furthermore, CIZMAK supports clients who develop products and processes based on sustainable technology principles. It looks forward to becoming more efficient and innovative by implementing automation in CAD and manufacturing techniques.

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Robin R. Sisodiya

CEO & Founder, ASRO Arcade India

Robin R. Sisodiya, Inspiring Leaders

Robin R. Sisodiya is the Founder and CEO of ASRO Arcade India. Robin has studied Architecture at IP University and started his professional journey at KLJ Developers. After graduating, he began working in KLJ Developers and working there helped him refine his planning and execution skills. Furthermore, his secret to achieving success lies in consistent learning, developing an inspired team, and thinking out of the box.

In 2014, he incepted ASRO Arcade India, intending to create sustainable architecture and dynamic facade designs. ASRO Arcade has sustainability at its core and integrates designs with eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient solutions, and sustainable practices in every project. The firm specialises in architecture planning, and facade designing for residential and commercial projects. Additionally, it offers several architectural solutions, such as architectural and interior designs, sustainability consulting and project management. 

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Captain Sanket Kumar Suri

Managing Director, Me Casa

Capt. Sanket Kumar Suri, Inspiring Leaders

Capt. Sanket Kumar Suri is a goal-oriented and compassionate leader and follows an inclusive or democratic leadership style. He believes in creating a work environment where each team member can present their ideas. He manages three shareholders- the consumer, the company, and the team. Furthermore, Capt. Sanket believes that Entrepreneurship is a different battlefield, but has the same principles of adaptability, decision-making and the ability to lead from the front.

Capt. Suri established Me Casa in 2009, with headquarters in Mumbai. It is a furnishings brand specialising in Italian wall textures, seamless surfaces, and flooring solutions. The essence of Me Casa lies in encouraging people to dream about the space they want and the effort to bring that vision into reality. The firm provides Italian wall textures, flooring solutions, decorative paints and plasters, and primers and sealants. Me Casa is expanding and has multiple offices and representatives in over ten cities. 

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Sanket Joshi

Founder & MD, Earnings Script

Sanket Joshi, Inspiring Leaders

Sanket Joshi’s corporate journey started in 2007; after completing his education in animation, he returned to his hometown, Aurangabad, to find his first corporate job. After working at several places and trying his hand at entrepreneurship, he returned to the corporate world in 2014. However, he wasn’t satisfied and wanted to pursue something that gave him personal satisfaction. So, he set up a transcription department in a UK-based bank in Delhi and became a managing editor for an Australia-based IT firm. Finally, in February 2021, he incepted EarningsScript Private Limited.

EarningsScript provides business transcription services, subtitling & closed captioning, legal transcription and general transcription services. It has captioned for many successful shows like MTV Coke Studio, Science of Stupid, Bleech, Criminal Minds, and multiple movies, web series, TV shows and documentaries. On the transcription front, the company provides services to U.S. Law Enforcement and NASA.

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Shivam Ghosh

Director, Cropshree Lifesciences Private Limited

Shivam Ghosh, Inspiring Leaders

Shivam Ghosh has been leading Cropshree Lifesciences since 2018. He was only 16 years old when he stepped into the entrepreneurial world. He studied science in 11th and 12th standard and studied Finance as his undergraduate at the Bombay Stock Exchange Institute, University of Mumbai. Shivam is pursuing a Doctorate of Business Administration in Finance from the Swiss School of Business and Management. 

He is inclined toward the agrochemical domain because of his interest in chemistry and vision to provide farmers with high-quality products at competitive prices. It led to the inception of Cropshree Lifesciences. Cropshree Lifesciences is a leading manufacturer of agrochemicals in India. Its products include formulations of Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Plant Growth Regulators, and Bio-Stimulants. The company has several clients, including 200 authorised distributors and 6,000 retail stores that deal with agri inputs.

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Syed Ali Sharaz

Group Managing Director, Expodus Group of Companies

Syed Ali Shiraz, Inspiring Leaders

Syed Ali Shiraz has a Master’s in Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management from Cardiff University. He has several degrees to his name and possesses skills in business development, sales strategy, bargaining and negotiation and analytical thinking. As the Managing Director, Syed spearheads a group of companies that provides innovative and tailored end-to-end global logistics and supply chain management solutions. Along with his academic achievements, he has new business development, sales strategy, bargaining & negotiation, and analytical thinking skills.

Expodus is a leading supplier of fresh fruits across the globe. The company’s technical experts and sales teams work closely with food technologists, chemists, R&D professionals and food processing plants while identifying market needs and exploring new opportunities aligning with market demands. Expodus is present in India, UAE, and Turkey, handles over 10,000 MT of fresh fruit annually and has offices in India and UAE. 

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Dr. Unmesh Vidyadhar Takalkar

Chairman & MD, Care CIIGMA Hospitals

Dr. Unmesh Vidyadhar Takalkar, Inspiring Leaders

Dr Unmesh Vidyadhar Takalkar has thirty years of experience and has conducted over 1,00,000 operations. He has trained more than fifty postgraduate students in Surgery and Endoscopic Procedures. Initially, Dr Unmesh started practising in a small nursing home and realised that a single branch was insufficient to treat patients. So, he decided to establish a multi-speciality hospital named CIIGMA Hospital. The name stands for Cancer, Infertility, Intensive Care Unit, Gastroenterology, Gynaecology, Maternity, Anaesthesia, and other branches.

CIIGMA has evolved into a multi-speciality hospital providing an extensive range of medical services and has been accredited by the National Accreditation Board of Hospitals & Health Care Providers (NABH), ISO: 9001, and EMS: 14001 for maintaining quality standards. The hospital aims to collaborate with the Care Group of Hospitals to widen its scope of services provided by including bone marrow transplant setup, the extension of oncological setup, and the extension of cancer-dedicated care.

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