Scope Medical: On A Mission To Enhance Patient Outcomes By Delivering Premium Quality Laryngoscopes

Scope Medical: On A Mission To Enhance Patient Outcomes By Delivering Premium Quality Laryngoscopes

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“Scope Medical has become the preferred choice of many institutional buyers and government agencies. We work in 30 countries and have a network of 70 dealers across India.”

Parveen Bhardwaj
(Founder & MD, Scope Medical)

The future of healthcare is shaping up in front of our very eyes with advancements in the medical sector. Technologies in healthcare are helping us lead quality lives in healthier communities. Giving credence to this much-established fact, Scope Medical is adopting technologically advanced production machinery and processes to manufacture Laryngoscopes. 

Incepted in 2006 in the city of scientific instruments – Ambala, Scope Medical Devices Pvt Ltd. (SCOPE) is a leading Indian manufacturer and exporter of Laryngoscopes, a medical device used to illuminate and obtain a view of the vocal cords and glottis. It is a life-saving device – required during artificial patient oxygenation, better known as intubation.

Scope (ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 13485: 2016 certified) is the dependable supplier of extensive variety in Laryngoscopes that are disposable/single patient use or Reusable/sterilizable style. 

“Each of our products is subjected to strict quality inspections, packing, manufacturing traceability and functional performance. All our laryngoscopes are warranted to perform for 36 months from the LOT of manufacture,” mentions the Founder & MD.


Parveen Bhardwaj is the Founder and Managing Director of Scope Medical Devices Private Limited and has all the requisite abilities to move the team of experts and the organization forward to a common goal.

His deep understanding of the international medical devices industry and the desire to enhance patient outcomes by providing the best-in-class devices – encouraged him to start this venture.

“Scope was established with the objective to manufacture and supply premium quality laryngoscopes for Europe, North America & India. Today, we are one of the top five companies worldwide in this product segment and have been ranked number one in terms of value and quantity in India,” mentions Parveen.

At SCOPE, his core responsibilities include developing & executing the company’s business strategies, scaling the business, overseeing the company’s financial performance & expanding the business in international markets. 


THE PRODUCT: LARYNGOSCOPE | Scope Medical: On A Mission To Enhance Patient Outcomes By Delivering Premium Quality Laryngoscopes THE PRODUCT: LARYNGOSCOPE | Scope Medical: On A Mission To Enhance Patient Outcomes By Delivering Premium Quality Laryngoscopes

The medical instrument that doctors normally use to look into the vocal folds and the glottis is Laryngoscope. Manuel Patricio Rodriguez Garcia invented the first laryngoscope in 1854. Modern-day laryngoscopes systems began in the early 1940 and since then have evolved in terms of safety and least possible trauma.

A Laryngoscope has two components – 

  1. A blade with an interchangeable hook,
  2. A handle containing batteries needed for illumination. 

The Blade is engaged onto the handle top; there the blade heel contacts the handle’s electrical points, thus illuminating the patient airway.

  • Types of Laryngoscopes

There are several types of laryngoscopes; the most common in usage worldwide are manufactured and exported by Scope:

  • Conventional LED Light Laryngoscopes

In these Laryngoscopes, blades have a lamp near the distal end and have an electrical connection to illuminate the lamp, powered by the batteries in the handle.

  • Fibre Optic LED Light Laryngoscopes

Advancements in lighting technologies eliminated electric wires, lamps & some contacts from the conventional laryngoscope blades, thus producing a very dependable, cold and much brighter illumination. The Fibre Optic handles are fitted with the HYPER LED lamps that produce excellent illumination, which follows quartz glass fibre optic bundle or plastic light guide along the blade to illuminate the patient’s oral cavity.

  • Types of Blades

Laryngoscope blade design has evolved over the years, modern-day laryngoscopes have two popular blade profiles: 

  • Curved (Macintosh) Blades

Macintosh Blade is the most common and popular blade suggested by sir Robert Macintosh, MD in 1941. This curved blade profile is such that its tip is advanced to the base of the patient’s epiglottis thereby lifting the vocal cords that can be visualised, allowing for endotracheal tube insertion.

  • Straight Blades

As described by William Miller, MD, a straight blade is another most common blade. In this profile, the blade tip is advanced, to just past the patient’s epiglottis. Miller blade is then raised, lifting the epiglottis thus exposing the vocal cords and allowing the endotracheal tube to be inserted along the flange into the larynx.


It is highly difficult to form and retain a positive impression of your brand in the customer’s eyes. However, a clearly articulated USP can be an effective tool to help shape, focus on goals, and set the brand and its products apart from the competition. 

The USP of SCOPE has always been the overall control of manufacturing procedures and in-house production. The company uses the best quality raw materials and by adopting technologically advanced manufacturing machinery and processes – it has successfully been able to control costs and efficiently optimize the production chain. 

For untapped regions, Scope Medical has an online store where hospitals can directly select and buy these products. 

Other characteristics that make the company stand out from its competitors are:

  • Implementation of the European medical devices regulation (EU) 2017/746 and ISO 7376:2020 standards. 
  • Every product is extensively tested for electrical safety & biocompatibility.
  • Product design by experienced and committed professionals from the medical device industry.
  • In-house production of most components, including lamp assemblies. 
  • Clean assembly lines & surface contamination testing of the finished products. 
  • Customised branding & private labelling or OEM packing solution experts. 
  • Each product is permanently marked with a LOT number for traceability.
  • Unconditional three years replacement guarantee and zero maintenance cost, providing customers worry-free product usage experience.


Since the company’s inception, its focus has been on customer retention with integrity. Scope Medical works in 30 different countries and has a network of 70 dealers across India. 

“Each and every requirement of our esteemed clients are addressed by our highly professional sales and marketing team. We believe in building long-term relationships and have always encouraged transparent and personal interaction with the clients,” says Parveen.

Scope Medical has secured long-term business contracts with some of the major distribution companies from America, Canada, France, The UK, Germany, and India.


Scope Medical attributes its success to the dynamics and performance of its highly competent team. Before jumping right into the work, Scope Medical’s team first set common goals with clear metrics of success. Since each member of the team stays deeply committed to success, they follow the team’s plan by accomplishing their individual tasks and trusting that their teammates will do the same. 

Having disagreements within a team is inevitable. The team of Scope Medical resolves every issue in a constructive manner. 

“We ensure that our employees stay connected with the company through long-term retention, engagement, employee development, and inclusion,” mentions Parveen with pride. 


New Medical Device Regulations are coming into force in India and Europe with an aim to strengthen patient safety and to ensure that new devices benefit patients. The regulations will further limit the unethical sellers and hazardous medical equipment sold to hospitals. 

Scope Medical believes in delivering products of premium quality and that belief is further validated. The company is now the preferred choice of many institutional buyers and government agencies.


Scope Medical envisions enhancing patient outcomes by providing Laryngoscopes that help clinicians protect against infection and improve patients’ health and provider safety. The company aims to continue its philosophy of being the first, innovative, and unique product company in our industry.

“Our goal is to deliver premium quality Laryngoscopes at economical prices by minimising overheads, bulk production and passing the cost benefit to distributors/hospitals,” mentions Parveen. 


Scope Medical is one of the youngest companies that is relentlessly manufacturing laryngoscopes of premium quality for companies across the world.

Scope Medical was awarded the “Exporter of The Year Award – 2015” by the government of India. 

Furthermore, the innovative approach of the company towards product design and development has helped Scope Medical become one of the most recognized and trusted suppliers of Laryngoscopes in most markets across the world.

“We have constantly registered double-digit growth in the last many years and strive to continue this trend in the coming years too,” asserts Parveen.

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