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Baby Joy Fertility: A Highly Advanced Fertility Centre Impeccable Results

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Our skilled and highly accomplished team of IVF Specialists has delivered babies from 14 countries & 5 continents across the globe.”

Jagatjeet Singh (Director, Baby Joy Fertility)

When In Vitro Fertilization was introduced back in the 1980s, its medical procedure used to be very secretive with success rates hovering at just about 12 per cent. Thankfully, the miracle of science has come a long way. With a vision to achieve the highest success rate at low cost and set benchmarks in the realm of Fertility management internationally, via cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art treatment protocols and a highly acclaimed team of doctors, embryologists & support staff, Baby Joy Fertility is helping many childless couples fulfil their dreams of becoming parents. 

Incepted in 2016, Baby Joy Fertility is a world-class infertility Centre that delivers end-to-end personalized fertility solutions with compassion, accountability, and transparency. Its pivotal contribution to the realm of fertility cannot go unnoticed. 


With 23+ years of experience in distinctive ventures and multifarious roles in R&D, IPR, Pharmaceutical marketing and medical tourism, Jagatjeet Singh Co-Founded a World class IVF Corporate “Baby Joy” having various Centres with an objective of providing Advanced, Accountable yet Affordable IVF care for the desiring couples. 

As the Co-Founder of the Centre, Jagatjeet manages & controls inter & intra departmental functions with various Heads of the Centre i.e., Clinical, Embryology, Finance & Accounts, and many more departments. 

In the field of Clinical Embryology, Jagatjeet is responsible for supervising, managing and independently performing all Clinical Embryology lab tasks.

“I always had an immense passion for Clinical and Embryology which led to skillfully coordinating with all the clinicians and embryologists,” explains Jagatjeet. 


Baby Joy Fertility understands that each patient is unique, which means that each cycle is going to be unique. Therefore, the centre gives every patient the personalised treatment and the utmost care they deserve.

In today’s ultracompetitive environment, Baby Joy Fertility redefines patients’ service by building relationships, gaining their trust, anticipating needs, and on top of that, serving with out-of-the-box services. 

Baby Joy has also mastered the art of providing Day 4 embryo freezing service which has proved quite fruitful in ensuring a better implantation rate along with better embryo survival post-warming.  

Baby Joy always believes in creating a self-driven system-oriented culture. It first designs SOPs for every task before delegating the same to the right candidate for time-monitored KRAs. This involves mapping each task/profile in flowcharts, defining KRAs, monitoring them in flow monitoring sheets and objectively evaluating numbers in MIS on weekly basis.

“Our system’s success is driven by word of mouth i.e., referrals through our Patients whether the results are positive or negative. We assure to provide a positive experience to patients the moment they visit us and carry a memorable journey with Baby Joy,” asserts Jagatjeet. 


For Baby Joy, patients are the foremost priority, therefore it thrives on caring for each individual patient. Some of the key points that differentiate Baby Joy from other similar players in the fertility industry are:  

  • Highly advanced treatment ensuring high success rates through Individualised fertility treatment, Controlled Lab conditions, and Global treatment methods
  • Adept at carrying out Blastocyst Transfers
  • IVF Cycles are carried out individually, rather than in batches, for better success rates
  • A trained team of Fertility coaches, counsellors & co-ordinators
  • Detailed counselling is given to each patient, with a lot of patience
  • 360-degree fertility treatments under one roof – IVF, Surrogacy, Egg & Semen Donation
  • Global client base spread across 5 continents & 14 countries


Baby Joy has a highly professional, experienced, and skilled clinical team comprising of senior in-house Embryologists, Assistant Doctors, Counsellors, IVF Doctors, Clinical coordinators, Fertility Coaches, Lab Managers, Andrologists, and trained & skilled Nurses.

The in-house Embryology team is further mentored by extremely experienced & accomplished embryologists of the industry.

“Our clinical team participates nationwide in various training programmes & workshops to keep themselves updated with the best & most advanced clinical practices worldwide,” proudly says Jagatjeet. 


Core values become the bar for what is acceptable and should be practised in any fertility centre. Taking its significance into consideration, every specialist at Baby Joy follows all the core values. Baby Joy works on the ethos of C-A-T, i.e., Compassion, Accountability, and Transparency. 

Baby Joy strives tirelessly to send back every parent with a healthy baby. It combines state-of-the-art innovation in reproductive medicine with a multidisciplinary approach to better understand the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of the patients. 

“At Baby Joy, 2 out of 3 couples go back positive within the first attempt. Standing tall with an overall 71% success rate, Baby Joy delivers 9 babies every week. We have delivered babies from 14 countries & 5 continents across the world,” mentions Jagatjeet. 


Baby Joy is a state-of-the-art IVF Centre with the primary mission to provide Highly Advanced yet Affordable and Accountable fertility treatment.

  • Advanced (World-class Infrastructure & Technology)

Best-in-class equipment and technology that is available only in the top 10% IVF centres in India

  • Affordable (Most Economical IVF Care in India)

Fertility treatments at a price point that is 20% lower than the market vis-a-vis other top players

  • Accountable (Honest, Transparent & Answerable)

Each case at the Fertility Centre is handled with utmost care. The Centre strives to get desirable results with the highest level of transparency.

“With strict adherence to our values Honesty, Sensitivity, and Answerability, Baby Joy endeavours to produce impeccable results in IVF and other assisted reproductive procedures. We always try to go a step ahead and deliver something remarkable that is nothing short of a fairy tale,” mentions Jagatjeet Singh with affirmation. 

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