REMI Elektrotechnik Limited: India's Most Trusted Manufacturer Of Laboratory Instruments

REMI Elektrotechnik Limited: India’s Most Trusted Manufacturer Of Laboratory Instruments

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“Our rock-solid decades-old dealer network in India & in 60+ countries abroad and current sales of more than 4000+ units a month, validates the research-based verified fact that Every minute, a REMI product is sold in India.”

Sunil Saraf
(Director, REMI Elektrotechnik Limited)

While it’s not easy to build a company that lasts, companies built with strong values can weather any storm. One such company that has stood the test of time is Mumbai-based REMI Elektrotechnik Limited, a global Laboratory and Blood Banking Instruments manufacturer, exporter and supplier. 

Incepted in 1960, REMI Elektrotechnik Limited is an Indian original equipment manufacturer with a strong national presence across 17 different cities in India and exports to more than 60 countries. For more than 6 decades, REMI Elektrotechnik Limited has been an undisputed industry leader in manufacturing Laboratory/Magnetic Stirrers & Centrifuges, & Blood Bank Refrigerators/Freezers catering to over 50% of the total Indian demand. 

While businesses struggle to keep pace with the latest trends and technologies, REMI has constantly upgraded, upscaled and created products to suit the ever-changing requirements in the medical industry. What started as a small factory for manufacturing fractional H.P. Motors and Laboratory Stirrers in 1960, has grown today into a world-class multi-equipment manufacturer, earning name and fame in the entire medical industry. 

All manufacturing facilities of REMI adhere to WHO-GMP guidelines, with ISO 9001-2015 certification for design, manufacturing and supply of products & ISO-13485:2016 for medical devices.


Leadership is a complex, multifaceted role that entails many different responsibilities. And a quick-witted professional Sunil Saraf does it with all intents and purposes. In his 43+ years with REMI, he has been the driving force behind the ascending organisational growth and achievements with his contemporary approach to managing businesses. 

With a soulful intent & in-depth insight, Sunil Saraf has led a team of highly experienced professionals, supervising different departments for performance to developing the company culture and improving the overall performance of the company. His vision, business acumen and broadmindedness in upscaling the organisation to modern means have contributed tremendously to the growth of REMI.


  • Laboratory Equipment

Building the trust of customers for years, REMI has established itself as a highly acclaimed Laboratory Equipment manufacturer, supplier & exporter across continents. The company offers a wide range of Scientific Products, Laboratory & Educational Equipments which includes Lab Stirrers, Magnetic Stirrers, Centrifuges, Neya Centrifuge, Shakers, Lab Refrigerators, Cooling Incubators, Humidity / Stability Chambers, Deep Freezers and Walk In Chambers.

  • Healthcare Products

Every healthcare product manufactured by REMI meets world-class quality standards and is quite affordable. Under the healthcare segment, REMI delivers Blood Bank Equipment, Laboratory Equipment and Critical Care & Patient Support Equipment.


REMI has been a name of repute for decades now. Along with quality products, it is the exceptional services and pan-India reach, that has kept the customers loyally glued to REMI. Spread over an area of over 100,000 sq. mtrs, with 14 factories, 17 branches & 2500+ employees, today, REMI stands tall as a multi-business and multi-products manufacturing giant.

The key points that differentiate the company from the rest players are:

  • REMI delivers complete & cost-effective solutions for Blood Banking with the widest range of equipment related to processes like blood collection, testing, blood component preparation, blood component storage & transfusion
  • Expertise in Blood Banking Projects on “Turnkey Basis” with Installations of complete Blood Banking solutions makes it the most preferred supplier of healthcare equipment in the Indian healthcare and blood banking industry
  • Specialization in offering Professional management services through over 200 expert sales & Service engineers at pan India level. REMI also undertakes AMC/CMC Contracts
  • Strong distribution chain that ends right at the doorstep of the customer in any corner of the country
  • Sales and service centres spanning across the country with timely deliveries


REMI boasts of a monogamous dominance in India with the fact that almost every laboratory, hospital and blood bank in India houses at least one REMI product. 

“We have, for decades, been the major supplier to all Central/State Government aided institutions and organisations. We are associated with all major corporate hospitals, path labs, diagnostic centres, and clinical research organisations across India,” says Sunil with affirmation. 


The very famous Leo Tolstoy opens his greatest literature Anna Karenina by saying, “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” The same can be said for teams as well. Some teams lack trust, while others strive to nurture a company together. 

The practice of team building and teamwork is sacred, crucial and effective for any and every organisation. To corroborate the same, REMI does not have rigid hierarchal systems, instead has framed an open-door policy which allows employees to freely give opinions and walk into their superior’s cabins with any grievances or suggestions. This critically minded philosophy has helped the company in building a powerful force achieving extraordinary results. 


REMI is a 100% ‘Made in India’ brand that aspires to take the country’s capabilities to different corners of the world in the best interest of all. 

REMI likes to run its operations in a step-wise format, starting from thoroughly understanding the customer’s requirements, then curating an innovation or modification based on the gap in the market and ultimately fulfilling their demands backed by instant feedback to ensure continuous improvements. 

“Our mission statement broadly encompasses our aspirations to move forward, along with our constants – core values and local manufacturing capabilities. We ensure that we constantly upgrade to the best possible technology with regards to product qualities or manufacturing processes, to serve our own country and our own people better so as to bring world-class products to their doorstep,” says Sunil who envisions prodigious and unstoppable growth of REMI Elektrotechnik Limited.

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