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“Hospaccx lives with a distinct vision of delivering the best Healthcare business solutions to the Clients at an affordable premium.”

(Dr Tarun Katiyar, 

Founder & MD, Hospaccx)

Pandemic ushered the elusive change in the way the Healthcare Consulting industry is being perceived today. The Healthcare Consulting facet is now being utilised more than ever and is expected to grow exponentially due to increased outreach. Hospaccx is a distinguished name on which the healthcare experts rely with great satisfaction. Founded in 2006, Hospaccx is among the foremost healthcare consulting firms that serve clients with its par excellence and expertise. The company has a presence in 12 countries and has successfully completed 500+ national & international healthcare assignments so far. 

Hospaccx is a one-stop solution that delivers a wide array of end-to-end consultancy services ranging from Architecture Planning and designing to Commissioning Assistance of the Healthcare setups, from Marketing to running the Operations and Management of the Hospitals, from Financial Management to the entire Project Management in the healthcare domain.

Hospaccx keeps Quality and Integrity as its foremost benchmark. It has also been awarded multiple ISO certifications assuring the Quality of services that it renders.


Meet Dr Tarun Katiyar, a consummate leader who grew up in the middle-class family of Indore and is now an exemplary and diligent Entrepreneur in the Healthcare Consulting arena. Inspired by TATA Group, Dr. Tarun envisaged providing budgeted healthcare business solutions to Healthcare setups in the country.

It was in 2006 when Dr. Tarun paved his way from Indore to the city of dreams – Mumbai to turn his dreams into a reality. With extensive experience, a keen eye for detail, punctiliousness and deep understanding of the healthcare industry, Dr. Tarun laid the foundation of Hospaccx. Today, Hospaccx is one of the leading and acclaimed Global Healthcare Consultancy firms providing best-in-class services. 

Hospaccx provides turnkey Healthcare Consultancy services that provide end-to-end business solutions to the Healthcare setups under one roof. The company has successfully completed more than 500+ National & International Assignments and is yet to reach its zenith.


With the vision to develop the Global Healthcare Ecosystem that would deliver outstanding tailor-made healthcare solutions through the right processes and protocols, Dr. Tarun established Hospaccx in 2006. Building years of trust and gaining momentum, Hospaccx hasn’t looked back since. 

By 2014, Hospaccx was deeply rooted in the market and emerged as the industry leader marking its presence in pan India, Africa, UAE, and SAARC countries. In the same year, Hospaccx, after strengthening itself in the ultra-competitive marketplace, was commissioned as Hospaccx Healthcare Business Consulting Pvt Ltd carving its own niche.

Hospaccx has already registered Hospaccx in the US in 2019 and is on its way to have a touch base at Dubai and Africa.


The constant commitment to delivering patient-centric and effective healthcare solutions at the right time positions Hospaccx among the top industry leaders. The company offers Turnkey Healthcare Consultancy Services which are not readily available in the marketplace. The services by Hospaccx include:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Architecture Planning and Designing services
  • Construction Management services
  • Medical Equipment Planning
  • Commissioning Assistance of Hospital
  • Operations Management and Marketing


To build its clientele, Hospaccx, through its team of top-notch senior professionals, eyes at the unstructured market like Hospitals in tier 2 and tier 3 Cities, unlike other Consulting firms that target major Corporate Hospitals. 

Relationships are the cornerstones of business success. Therefore, Hospaccx is always mindful of its commitments which helps in building the trust of the clients. Right from its genesis, Hospaccx is cognizant of the need of the clients and has always been proactive and transparent in maintaining client relationships. 

Hospaccx delivers what it promises, creating room for clients to reconnect in the future. The company also focuses on Client engagement behaviour such as positive interactions post-delivery of Projects, Social media outreach etc that not only helps in retention but enhances the advocacy of the services.


The current challenges posed by Covid 19 pandemic urge the need for a robust and resilient healthcare system. Technological advancements and big data pool are no longer in a state of infancy and demands the healthcare industry to struggle with the changes. As Patient Medical Records, Clinical Data, and Administrative begin to rise, there arises a need for better tools for their storage and management. While advanced Data management systems have been introduced in a few Hospitals, many Healthcare facilities still await this implementation. Hospaccx enables this transition into digitalization easier for the healthcare setups. The company provides robust and customizable IT data infrastructure to the healthcare industry to fulfil the ever-changing and unique needs. 

The other major challenge faced by the healthcare industry is the cost crisis. Limited funding and budget constraints in the hospitals lead to fewer preventive and routine checkups. Hospaccx tackles this issue quite effectively and manages the Operations and Management of the Hospitals. The highly skilled and professional expert team with industry-rich experience focuses on cost optimization that provides smart financial solutions. 

Hospaccx has already completed 40+ Operations and Management Assignments for various Healthcare Institutions throughout the Country and is currently managing 9 – 10 Assignments.

Hospaccx also strives to deliver excellence to healthcare setups and help them streamline the Patient experience and increase the efficiency of the processes. The company covers an extra mile to help the healthcare industry with better services through the implementation of requisite technologies.


Mission: Since its inception, the company is working with a mission to build excellent Healthcare Infrastructure in India & GCC that is affordable, sustainable and future-ready.

Vision: Hospaccx envisions developing its Portfolio as Market Leader in Architecture Planning & designing, and positioning it globally at a level where it reflects Quality and Affordability as its metrics. 


Since its inception, Hospaccx has been the recipient of many prestigious awards for its quality, reliability, and outstanding performance. Some of the coveted awards received by the company are:

  • Young Healthcare Entrepreneur Award – 2014
  • India’s Best Healthcare Consultancy – 2015
  • Best Healthcare Consultancy in Maharashtra – 2016
  • Goa Healthcare Awards – 2016
  • Top Healthcare Leaders – 2018
  • Top 10 Healthcare influencers – 2019
  • 20 Most promising Healthcare Consultants  – 2019

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