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“In this constantly switched-on world, Eleven Gates crafts narratives using data, art, and sheer gut feeling.”

(Hiralkumar Sadariya, CEO & Founder,
Eleven Gates)

Video Marketing has significantly taken over the world of the digital marketing space. Undeniably, marketing via videos helps businesses engage with customers in more creative and influential ways. As the popularity of video marketing escalates, businesses take the help of professionals to reach larger audiences with minimal effort. 

To make the business world more creative and innovative, a creative video agency with a distinct name ‘Eleven Gates’ was founded in 2013 to deliver professionally made videos with its creative geniuses. By fulfilling the video content needs of 21st-century businesses, the creative artists and business experts of the company help the clients to successfully deliver the marketing goals. 

“We know what it takes to be a leader, and over the years, we’ve created a pool of carefully recruited video creation experts to support the success of each of our clients in a professional and upbeat manner,” asserts Hiralkumar Sadariya proudly. 


The unending curiosity of a creative mind, Hiralkumar Sadariya, led to the inception of Eleven Gates. With the experience of more than 8 years, Hiralkumar created 8000+ creative videos in his professional life. The zest to help people was Hiralkumar’s greatest motivation. The idea behind Eleven Gates is to help people in scaling their business with a range of artistic and creative videos. Since 2008, Hiralkumar has worked with several companies like Toshiba, MasterCard, 3PL Fusion, Sapta, and many more international companies and agencies.  

Hiralkumar says, “Our passion is to take what we learn from you and turn that into video content that can accomplish anything.” 


Eleven Gates is transforming the video industry scenario through its unique and creative portfolio. The company helps businesses by giving their vision a story that everyone can understand. The exceptional services provided by Eleven Gates are:

  • Explainer Videos

Eleven Gates masters the art of creating Explainer videos with the use of simple words, and effective & entertaining visuals. It helps businesses to convey all the information about the company’s products and services to the target audience in an efficient way. 

  • Whiteboard Animation 

Eleven Gates provides an incredible marketing edge to the clients with its phenomenal whiteboard animation services. Through this service, the company helps businesses increase their online visibility and secure their position on top search engines and increase conversion rates.

  • Tutorial/How-To Videos

Eleven Gates’s Tutorial/How-To videos increase the understanding of the product. The creative thinking of the expert team elicits an emotional connection with the viewers. Eleven Gates ensures that once the product video goes viral, the business starts to reap the benefits for a longer time period. 

  • 2D Commercial Ads

Eleven Gates delivers its expert services in 2D Commercial Ads to create an emotional bond with customers. “We convert your business and product story into animated video ads to set off and engage your audience,” iterates Hiralkumar. 

Apart from this, the other video services provided by Eleven Gates are Animated Video Series, Educational Videos, Company Internal Videos, Info-Graphic Videos, Door Shipping Videos and Animation YouTube Videos. 


Eleven Gates is highly professional and punctual when it comes to delivering its services. The company builds the trust and confidence of the clients with transparency, ingenuity, and value-centricity. 

A strong creative team, at Eleven Gates, is breaking down the silos that keep brands from providing meaningful customer experiences. It is indeed a one-stop solution for all kinds of video services one can truly trust on. 

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