It’s Time To Switch On The Positivity In Office Premises

It’s Time To Switch On The Positivity In Office Premises


Do your employees feel bored in the office premises? Get irritated for no reason at all? Don’t feel like giving your 100 per cent today? Maybe it’s because of the apparent lack of positive energy. 

Okay! We know that they sometimes take short breaks and share laughter and small talk with colleagues. We admit that it creates a friendly work environment but does it give them 100 per cent energy? Sometimes Yes, sometimes No! No worries. Let’s look into some ways which can help you generate positive energy at the workplace and eventually keep a smile on the face of all your employees.

  • Are You Familiar With Inspirational Office Decor?

Inspirational office decor
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If you would like to bring in a better focus, try incorporating inspirational office decor which means giving a home-like experience with better lighting and aesthetics. 

  1. Put motivational wall art stickers
  2. Keep bookcases with inspiring titles
  3. Switch to comfortable and stylish furniture
  4. Give space to motivational quotes on a big wall
  • Getting Started With Mindfulness Meditation

Do a one-on-one with any of your employees and you will soon realise that their peace of mind is totally ruined. What’s the solution, then? Mindfulness Meditation i.e. the practice of actually being present in the moment. 

It will not only help them relax and regain their energy but also familiarise them with improved concentration, emotional intelligence, and above all, self-tolerance. Ask them to go to an empty room and practise mindfulness meditation and that’s how you can eliminate negative energy from your workplace. 

  • Take It Easy

Some of your employees may consider overworking is good but the famous saying “The perils of overwork are slight compared with the dangers of inactivity,” can’t go unnoticed. It may be beneficial in the short term but what about the consequences that the person faces in the long run? 

Overworking just to keep themselves busy only leads to burnout and eventually feeling drained and lifeless. So, what’s the possible solution here? Encourage your employees to take a mental health leave from work. This can surely do wonders and help them recharge themselves with positive energy again. Hence, the job is done. 

  • Set Targets But Along With Rewards

Every company sets targets because that’s how a business can scale heights but what do the employees get in return? What if along with the target, you also gift them a certain kind of motivation? 

By that we mean, motivation in terms of rewards. Implement a reward system in order to increase motivation, show appreciation, improve productivity, boost employee retention, encourage friendly motivation, and create a positive workplace culture. 

  • Give Compliments To Take Compliments

Who doesn’t like taking compliments? If your humble words of appreciation make somebody’s day special, then what’s the harm? It’s a proven fact that praising employees not only generates positive energy but also:

  1. Increases dopamine which creates a feeling of pride and pleasure
  2. Encourages engagement, productivity and job satisfaction
  3. Increases oxytocin which positively impacts the performance
  • Silence Is A Source Of Great Strength

Creativity requires concentration and for concentration, one needs a quiet space. A quiet space gives the headspace to think through the implications and possible outcomes of deploying a strategy. If given a quieter space, it can help employees retain information better. 

As they give more attention to one thing, their brain power will automatically help them understand the scenario better and take informed decisions. When they focus on their work without any distractions, it leads to more productivity. We know it can be really difficult to build a quiet space but it can surely do wonders if you manage to make it a reality somehow.

  • Happy Employees, Happy Company

A few research conducted by different professionals suggests that a smile on your employees’ face can fill the office environment with positive energy. Theologian Albert Schweitzer rightly said, “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.”

Smiling is contagious and therefore have far-reaching benefits. Encourage your employees to smile more and stay happy as Happy employees always make a happy company. 

Final Words

As difficult as it may sound to incorporate all these ways, you should surely give it a thought as the outcomes can bring overwhelming results. Fill your workplaces with sacks of positive energy and nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

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