Kritika Dubey A Social Media Influencer Who Handles 25 Verified Accounts At Once

Kritika Dubey: A Social Media Influencer Who Handles 25 Verified Accounts At Once


Being a social media influencer is not as easy as people think it to be. To keep up with the trends and the audience’s interests, an influencer has to keep coming up with new ideas that are creative and innovative. Exploring new trends, Kritika Dubey is rising as an influential content creator. She started her journey with zero following and now has millions of followers on multiple platforms. Kritika began making videos on TikTok and after her fourth video, she got popular for her engaging and trending content.

Kritika’s content started to get a lot of love and support from her followers which encouraged her to pursue it as her full-time career. Today, Kritika holds 25 verified accounts with a blue tick popular creator tag. “I still want to try & explore new things and don’t want to stop anywhere, no matter how many challenges come my way. I want people to recognize me by my name,” mentions Kritika. 

Kritika Dubey

Juggling The Different Roles With Much Ease

Being a wife, a mother and a content creator, Kritika handles all the roles smoothly. She states that it was very difficult in the beginning to handle the house, and children and simultaneously make videos for social media. But with the support of her husband and family members now she is able to manage it all.

She adds further, “Now, I can proudly say that I can handle everything, be it good parenting to my kids, taking care of my family, and reciprocating the love I receive from people on Social Media.”

It was not an easy start for Kritika, she faced many hurdles along the way. 

Despite lots of negative comments and judgements, Kritika only focuses on positivity around her and gets encouragement and motivation from her supporters and fans. 

Kritika explores different creative angles to produce engaging and appealing videos. She believes that the difficulty level increases when they do it for brands. But it is equally thrilling to experiment with something new each day and this is the reason why she loves her passion the most. 


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Engaging The Audience On Multiple Platforms

Currently, Kritika is present on 25 different social media apps and creates content for the platforms like Josh. Her content bagged her many collaborations with different brands. She expresses that she loves creating videos and promotional content for brands and takes every opportunity that comes her way. Be it big or small, Kritika sees it as an opportunity to grow. 

Kritika’s hard work and trendsetter attitude earn her millions of followers. Her talent and creative work have been recognised by many achievements and awards. Some of the most noteworthy are: 

  • Winner of International Iconic Women Achievers – 2022
  • Bone on Instagram recognized Creator Certificate
  • Asia’s Top 100 Influential Women 2022
  • International Glory Awards 2022 for Rising Social Media Influencers for Gurugram, Haryana State
  • Influencer’s Award 2022 by Forever Star India Awards 

With the firm belief that hard work always pays off, Kritika says, “Never give up because great things take time. Always try to be the best, One day you will get successful in life.”

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