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“Clients & individuals who have used LEAPS to upskill, have seen a marked difference from just knowing concepts, to being able to apply them in the real world.”

Rajeev Baphna (Founder & CEO, LEAPS by Analyttica)

There exists a huge gap between Data Scientists and Business Analysts, in their ability to manage data, connect the dots and convert data into actionable insights. Perturbed by this giant gap, Rajeev Baphna, an ardent leader with 30 years of experience, decided to build a platform that will give every Data Science aspirant (irrespective of their level of proficiency) a place to apply the concepts they learn to business use with solutions and strategies. With this seed thought, LEAPS was created on the LEARN-APPLY-SOLVE methodology of learning concepts, applying them to the case studies with real data and solving real-world industry cases for a simulation-based, hands-on experience.

LEAPS by Analyttica (A Data Analytics & AI solutions company) is a highly focused EdTech platform in the fields of Data Science, Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI. It is an innovative experiential data science platform built on the patented ‘Learn, Apply, and Solve’ Framework. With more than 200 thousand global users since its launch and continuous addition every day, LEAPS has proven to have strong adoption across Enterprises, Individuals, and Universities. 


Rajeev is the brain behind Analyttica and its flagship product, LEAPS. He is passionate about the application of domain contextual analytics, machine learning and AI to enable scalable and deployable business solutions with real impact. 

A seasoned strategic leader and a professional with close to 30 years of experience across the globe, Rajeev has built global analytical centres working across 25+ countries. He has a deep interest in business impact creation via technology-enabled experiential and computational analytical platforms and simulation-based learn-by-doing methodologies.

As the Founder & CEO of the company, he is responsible for devising new strategic plans and policies to bring his vision for the company into a reality. 


LEAPS is a patented product for its innovation in delivering an experiential learning solution, where users not only ‘Learn’, but also get to practice the concepts learnt, making them job-ready in the Data Science space. 

“Our innovative approach of Learn-Apply-Solve, helps the users get access to learning modules in Data Science which are curated by highly experienced industry experts in a guided manner,” says Rajeev.

The ‘Apply’ section helps learners practice the concepts with real-world case studies, which have actual data populated in a virtual data lab to let them experiment on their own. And the ‘Solve’ section, gives them access to multiple quizzes & hackathons, along with a leader board, to help the user self-assess themselves among their peers. 

LEAPS also helps everyone upskill in Data Science based on their proficiency level, with Fundamental modules for beginners and advanced to coding level modules for the more experienced user. 

For all those who don’t know Coding, LEAPS provides innovative features like a no-coding functionality. LEAPS comprises of 100+ courses, 300+ real business cases, 750+ no-coding functions, 250+ quizzes, scoring & assessment frameworks, 200+ reading content/AVs, 1000+ milestones to achieve and much more to list. 


LEAPS stands out from other Edtech players because of its unique structure and vision to cater to hands-on experiential learning in the domain of Data Science, ML, Analytics, and AI. The other differentiating factors of the platform are:

  • The availability of an in-built functions library with 750+ functions for learners (who do not know coding) to understand and instantly apply those functions on the platform 
  • The presence of the Virtual data lab with more than 300+ real business cases & datasets to help users grasp the concepts and come up with their own innovative solutions 
  • Data upload options for learners to experiment openly with their own datasets


Today, LEAPS has a broad global clientele that spans across the USA, Asia, and Europe. The Clientele includes the third-largest Indian conglomerate, second-largest US Electronic Medical record solution provider, one of the largest consulting MNCs in the world, the world’s largest brewing company, a large healthcare company in the USA, and many renowned clients. The list also includes some top-notch companies that use its upskilling solution for their employees.


There is a huge demand for Data Scientists and Business Analysts, who can manage data, connect the dots to convert data into actionable insights, and script business stories that help managers bridge the gap from data to impact. Owing to the dynamic nature of the industry, even the highly competent analysts struggle to keep pace with the speedy evolution of new-age tools and techniques. 

LEAPS is contributing to building India as a global talent hub by bridging the gap for Data Scientists and Business Analysts, from just having conceptual knowledge, to being able to apply these concepts to create solutions. It is a highly intelligent and interactive cloud-based upskilling platform, built by experienced global industry professionals to significantly enable ‘reduced time to learn’ while maintaining a high retention of the practical knowledge.

It helps learners to take a solution-based approach to a problem rather than just using an analytical technique, which is what every enterprise looks for in a Data/Business Analyst.


LEAPS was established with a mission to enable innovative analytical decision making and learning, with solutions to create sustained business impact. The vision of the platform is to expand and create a global platform in the data analytics solutions space and associated knowledge immersion/training. 

“We envision becoming the no.1 learning destination in the space of Data Science, Analytics, ML & AI and seek to make everyone on our platform job-ready,” says Rajeev with affirmation.


LEAPS has added many feathers to its cap since its inception. Some of the highly prestigious awards are:

  • Listed in InTech50 Innovative companies that made the cut. 
  • Featured among the 50 Cool Start-ups of the Year in Silicon India.
  • Winner of 11th Edition of Aegis Graham Bell Awards for “Innovation in Edtech”
  • Recognized as one of the “Top Data Science Products Built in India” by Analytics India Magazine.
  • Listed among The 50 Best Firms For Data Scientists To Work For, 2022 by Analytics India Magazine.

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