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Priyanka Nawani: The Beauty Enchantress

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“Flicka Cosmetics is here to cater to the beauty needs of true women of India.”

Priyanka Nawani
(Founder & Director, Flicka Cosmetics)

It is not easy to break through a cosmetic market in India that is already dominated by big brands. But Priyanka not only just entered the industry with her revolutionary cosmetic brand but also stood tall among the finest makeup and cosmetics brands. How? Via Flicka Cosmetics.

Priyanka Nawani is a woman entrepreneur with a curious mind and creative heart who carved out the path for Flicka Cosmetics. Being the embodiment of two core virtues; determination and ambition, Priyanka brought together the concept of Beauty and Empowerment. She was an engineer before establishing herself as an entrepreneur. As her creative heart wasn’t satisfied in the engineering profession, she ultimately decided to start her own business.

The entrepreneurial journey of Priyanka started when she stumbled upon the beauty industry when she herself faced an issue. She found out that women who belong to Tier 2 cities don’t have the access to affordable and good-quality makeup at all. “It was either international beauty products with high prices or local cosmetics that are not good for the skin,” asserted Priyanka. To bridge this gap of accessible and affordable makeup & cosmetic products, Priyanka invented Flicka Cosmetics in 2017. Running as a totally bootstrapped business, Flicka is growing 100 times without any external funds today.


Flicka has a diverse range of beauty and makeup products including Beauty Oil, Eyeshadow Palette, Lipsticks, Beauty Blenders, Blusher, Highlighters and many more. Each product of the company is crafted with perfection to make one feel beautiful every day. Priyanka iterates, “We, at Flicka, bring the right tools to propel the beauty that already exists within.”

Flicka has launched over 700 SKUs which are available in 250+ retail outlets across India. The company contributes around 3.5% of the retail cosmetics market share in seven states. Being a certified makeup brand, the highly professional team of Flicka ensures that all the products are compatible with Indian skin tones to cater to the requirements of Indian consumers. Taking pride in Flicka’s cosmetic and makeup products, Priyanka says, “All our products are vegetarian, cruelty-free, accessible and affordable for all kinds of customers.” The marketing strategies of Flicka are based on a simple equation “Awareness + Guidance = Conversion”.


It is said that if you want to build a successful business empire, build a powerful team. Understanding the worth of this quote very well, Priyanka is working diligently to build a team of creative and enthusiastic professionals to support her vision of Flicka. “I understand that building a powerful team is not a one-day task but a time taking process,” mentions the Founder of Flicka.

As a Founder & Director of the company, Priyanka guides her team and helps them upscale themselves. She adds, “We believe in providing them enough space to come up with their ideas to reach their true potential and shaping them to be future leaders.”


With the aim to celebrate the beauty of every woman, Flicka helps all women feel good, make good and get more out of life. The company is looking forward to being a top-tier makeup brand that is affordable & accessible and suited to every Indian skin tone. Priyanka along with her team is investing blood, sweat and tears to make Flicka’s product a must-have vanity product with a long-term strategic vision of expanding globally with its local roots.


Encouraging all the budding women entrepreneurs, Priyanka says, “No matter how hard the challenge is, if you have the determination – there is only and always light on the other side.”

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