Ramanandi Interiors, Brand of The Year

Ramanandi Interiors: Crafting Timeless Spaces


“We are here to make places better and people happier.”

(Ranjit Kadam, Founder, Ramanandi Interiors)

Ramanandi Interiors is a perfect place for all those who seek perfection. Established in 2004, the firm masters in delivering the best interior design solutions to its customers. The company’s success stems from intelligent planning, meticulous execution and the application of the latest technology. With a vision to assimilate the client’s thoughts and bring them to reality, Ramanandi Interiors leaves no stone unturned. The firm specialises in residential, commercial, and hospitality projects spanning across India. From conceptualising the idea to planning the final execution, the firm assists clients in every aspect of their home and commercial decor. 

“Ramanandi Interiors is equipped with a team of experienced interior designers and passionate & creative heads who breathe life into spaces. They seamlessly merge the client’s vision with innovative design concepts,” explains Ranjit Kadam.

Meet The ‘Forward-Looking’ Founder

Ranjit Kadam is a qualified interior designer and astute leader whose visionary guidance has played a key role in propelling the company to significant heights. As he delved into the business from its grassroots, he possesses a deep understanding of the practical aspects of interior contracting and project management. 

“Since the establishment of Ramanandi Interiors, our intricate designing and planning solutions have got a widespread appreciation for their enigmatic concepts, accurate execution and timely completion,” explains Ranjit.

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Scope of Design

Right from the conceptualisation phase to actualisation, Ramanandi Interiors follows a well-defined process. 

  • Understanding Client’s Needs

First and foremost, the firm understands the client’s needs and preferences. This initial phase forms the basis for devising a customised design approach. 

  • Conceptualisation and Design

Once the team understands the client’s needs, it starts formulating creative design solutions. This stage also functions as a feedback stage for the client, fostering a collaborative environment. 

  • Detailed Drawing And Space Planning

This is the stage when the team starts working on the detailed drawings, deciding the colour palettes and other interior elements like ceiling, paint, wall covering and more. The real challenge here is to optimise the space and give it an aesthetic look. 

  • Estimation, Budgeting and Tendering 

In this phase, the team figures out how much the project will cost, plans where the money will go and finds the best deal for materials and services.  It’s like making a detailed shopping list and comparing prices to get the best value for money before starting the project. 

  • Project Monitoring and Management

After the construction begins in full swing, the team holds regular meetings to review the progress and discuss potential improvements. It also conducts quality surveys to ensure adherence to standards and client expectations. Project monitoring also ensures that the project stays within the estimated budget.

  • Handing Over The Finished Project

The ordinary space transforms into an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable space. The team does a final walk-through and checks if everything is in place. The firm stays in touch with the client for any additional support. 

Exclusive Services By The Firm

Design Solutions by Ramanandi Interiors

Every space has its story. The layout, the choice of materials, and the interplay of aesthetics serve as the plot twists, unveiling layers of the story. The aim is to evoke emotions, whether it’s a sense of comfort or energy.

The firm offers a wide range of services that includes

  • Designing Commercial Buildings
  • Corporate Interior Solutions
  • Cafe and Restaurant Design 
  • Retail Design
  • Residential Interiors
  • Project Management
  • Lighting Design
  • Furniture Design

Ranjit says, “Ever since I entered the interior design industry, I have promised myself to never look back. I can’t limit the idea of ‘creativity’ to myself. Creativity is contagious. We must pass it on!”

The Firm’s Backbone

Each team member at Ramanandi Interiors contributes unique skills and perspectives. They are the backbone of the firm’s success. 

“Their ability to grasp client needs, execute precise designs and manage budgets reflect their dedication and commitment towards the firm. They explore every avenue to not just deliver the best to clients but also exceed their expectations,” says Ranjit with pride. 

What’s Next For Ramanandi Interiors?

The firm now looks forward to assessing and exploring opportunities for expanding services and venturing into new markets. Ramanandi Interiors also plans to invest in continuous training and skill development for the team. 

“We believe in staying at the forefront of design. We are doing that by integrating new technologies and utilising advanced software for design visualisation,” states the Founder. 

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