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Mining 360 Services: Building the Future of Mining Consultancy


“At Mining 360 Services, we deliver high-quality services to our clients to get sustainable on-time deliverables.”

Deepak Gaur (Founder and Director, Mining 360 Services)

What does it take for a mining project to be successful? An experienced Mining Consultancy that can ensure careful planning and execution at the end. Here comes Mining 360 Services to help clients leverage their mining businesses by delivering top-level consulting services and training. Mining 360 Services consists of a team of dynamic and qualified professionals with national and international experience. 

“Our strength lies in our well-defined processes to handle the client’s project, our highly skilled and trained team and our international exposure which help us provide top-notch services to our Indian clientele,” mentions Deepak.

Deepak Gaur carries with him 16 years of experience in mining with FCC, backed by a degree from MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur. His role as a Knowledge Consultant at Dassault Systems in Australia, spanning over two years, reflects his expertise. As he conducted extensive training sessions on Mine Planning Software across Australia, he developed a strong understanding of the field. Deepak has also been awarded with ‘Train the Trainer’ certificate from the Australian Institute of Management, Floreat, Western Australia. He possesses strong mine planning skills with good command over the Mine Planning Software. He has prepared more than 75 Mining Plans for Major Minerals in India which highlights his prowess in the domain.

“When I entered the Indian mining industry after completing my graduation in Mining  Engineering in 2005, I observed a significant disparity in Indian mine conditions compared to international standards. I saw that the focus was largely labour-oriented. After having worked & brushed my skills in Australia, I learnt a lot about how to deliver quality services,” recalls Deepak. 

To convert his longstanding desire to support Indian mining enterprises into a reality, he founded Mining 360 Services with a vision to solve client’s problems and provide sustainable solutions. 

Quality and Reliable Services

With 350 customers, 150 mining plans/schemes approved, 20 FMCP approved and 120 E.C. obtained for mining projects, Mining 360 Services is shining in the mining industry. Here are the exclusive services that the firm offers:

Mining 360 Services

  • Environmental Services

First and foremost comes environmental services under which the firm excels in providing environmental clearance and compliance, conducting environmental audits, creating conservation plans, performing biological studies and preparing detailed reports. The firm also conducts feasibility studies aimed at acquiring statutory consent from regulatory bodies such as RSPCB, MoEF, and CGWA, among others.

  • Mining & Survey Services

Under this area, the firm drafts the mining plan and the final closure plan for mines and oversees technical processes right from applying for PL/ML to its actual granting. It also involves managing the application process for surrendering the mining area.

  • Geological & Hydrogeological Services

Mining 360 Services conducts geological & structural mapping, performs various geotechnical studies & reports, hydrological research and explores new mineral prospective areas.

  • Laboratory Services

Laboratory services by the company include the analysis of mineral, soil, metallic element, and wastewater samples, as well as stack monitoring, mercury analysis, and periodical monitoring of environmental factors.

  • Risk Assessment Consultancy

The firm also looks after mine safety evaluations and the development of disaster management plans.

Why Mining 360 Services?

Mining 360 Services (ISO 9001:2015 Certified) successfully positions itself differently from other market players in the mining consultancy industry. 

Deepak states, “Since the firm’s inception, we have stood at the top in terms of project execution. We always prioritise following a defined process for project handling as our goal is to add value to the client’s business by solving their issues with an optimistic approach.”

The differentiating factors of the company are: 

  • Using globally recognised 3D Mine Planning software- GEOVIA Surpac to prepare the best mine designs
  • Extensive national and international experience with comprehensive knowledge of the statutory framework
  • Specialisation in accurate volume estimation for mine pit excavations, mineral stockpiles, and trash dumps
  • Complete understanding of the Legislative Environment for an Open Cast Mine

The Next Chapter

Mining 360 Services has initiated due diligence efforts for small mine owners as Deepak believes “there is an industry-wide skill shortage”. Utilising cutting-edge technology like drones, DGPS instruments for surveys, and international planning software, the firm is focusing on creating sustainable mine designs. 

The firm’s ultimate goal is to position itself as a major professional consulting service partner, which would be known for its end-to-end mining consulting services. “As we are offering the best possible prices, the best available services and the utmost convenience, we are inching closer to our mission each passing day. When your intentions are pure, success becomes not just a possibility but an inevitable destination,” concludes Deepak.

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