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IMPRINT For Success by Asti Infotech: Workforce Automation at Your Fingertips


“Unlike half-baked solutions, IMPRINT stands out by covering every aspect of monitoring, reporting, analysis and cross-platform communication related to field workforce and customers.”

Mahendra Pratap (CEO, Asti Infotech)

Trusted by over 100 customers, used by 1000+ Sales Managers and improving the work lives of innumerable field agents across 3 Continents, IMPRINT, under the leadership of Mahendra Pratap, is revolutionising workforce management tool. “When we understood that the existing tools lacked comprehensive solutions for customer-centric communication and workforce management, we decided to create a smooth, seamless and effortless solution. Hence, we incepted IMPRINT. Today, IMPRINT by Asti Infotech stands as a beacon of innovation, automating 90% of processes, boosting efficiency by 15-30% and redefining how businesses engage with their workforce,” explains Mahendra Pratap. 

Mahendra Pratap is a man with groundbreaking ideas. He holds a B.Tech degree from IIT Kanpur. With over 20 years of rich industry experience, Mahendra is responsible for the exemplary growth of IMPRINT. His core responsibilities include shaping a seamless fusion of AI-ML technology and field force automation to redefine productivity.

More Than Just An Ordinary Tool

IMPRINT by Asti Infotech is a game changer. Rather than just offering location tracking, IMPRINT has a lot to deliver. With smart features like attendance & expense management, a knowledge base and lead handling, the tool simplifies the lives of managers. It provides a 360-degree monitoring experience, enhancing productivity and amplifying customer-sales agent communication through VOIP calling, video conferencing, and intelligent e-mail tracking. 

IMPRINT by Asti Infotech Mobile Version

IMPRINT covers every aspect of monitoring, reporting analysis and cross-platform communication related to field workforce and customers. The best part is that the interface is easy to use and smoothly fits the current system, ensuring quick adoption. And what makes the tool unique? Dedication to Automation. Mahendra aptly puts it, “With 90% of processes automated, we deliver a 15-30% efficiency boost, cut paperwork by 98% and drive a 25% revenue increase. That’s the power of IMPRINT.”

IMPRINT has identified and resolved many challenges which include:

  • IMPRINT has resolved the lack of a single platform for comprehensive field force monitoring
  • Out of the multiple activities used by the companies to boost sales, many important ones remained unseen. Leads from various social media platforms which were previously overlooked are now addressed by IMPRINT
  • The tool prevents sales teams from losing track of conversations and follow-up timelines while handling multiple platforms
  • Incomplete data that previously hindered smooth sales pipeline and inventory management is now resolved
  • The absence of necessary elements for reliable predictive analytics and enhanced financial planning has been rectified

The Diverse Clientele

From insurance firms, banking sales teams and fuel supply companies to telecom, healthcare, publishing and many more industries, IMPRINT is trusted by many. With features like real-time location tracking, expense and reimbursement management, client visit and lead management, job scheduling and task assignment, document repository management, visit route planning, digitisation of paperwork, analytics and reports, attendance management and many more, IMPRINT is the perfect workforce automation solution. 

“Our team keeps introducing advanced features to improve the tool’s performance. We don’t just meet our client’s expectations. We believe in exceeding them to develop a strong partnership with them,” states Mahendra. 

Challenges Sculpt a Successful Business

One of the most difficult challenges was the lack of understanding and acceptance of a unified platform for field force monitoring and the need to adopt a digital platform for crucial sales-boosting activities. Amidst competitors with similar offerings, establishing IMPRINT as a comprehensive workforce management solution was a tough row to hoe. 

Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors. Team IMPRINT conquered all the challenges. They developed a robust solution packed with smart features which not only simplified the tasks for field managers but sales agents too. 

Not restricting itself to just addressing the insufficiencies of manual management, the platform goes beyond to enhance the productivity and efficiency of field workforce management.

An Exciting Journey Into A 360-degree Approach

IMPRINT should always stay ahead in the game. Under the stewardship of Mahendra Pratap, the team of tech experts and engineers constantly work on bringing new features, enhanced performance, and improved user experience. Extending beyond field workforce management, the firm’s vision includes pioneering background verification and monitoring for in-office employees. With advanced video-based verification and collaboration tools, the firm aims to enable further virtual client visits, which Mahendra says “reduces time and travel expenses, exponentially enhancing ROI.”

Feathers In The Cap

By delivering 360-degree benefits, IMPRINT by Asti Infotech is positioning itself as one solution with endless possibilities. Here are the awards won by the company:

  • Best IoT Company of the Year in 9th MTIndia Healthcare Awards 2019
  • Top Innovative Products in Fintech at Technoviti Banking Frontier Awards 2021

“IMPRINT team possesses deep expertise in AI, deep learning, and software development. Their prowess is building the strong foundation of our Workforce Automation Solution. We’ll keep innovating and advancing IMPRINT to always deliver top-notch solutions to our clients,” Mahendra signs off.

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