She Glorifying Businesses - Pratibha Rathi

Pratibha Rathi: A Seasoned Recruiter

“At Maneva Consulting, hiring for niche IT skills is our area of specialisation.” Pratibha Rathi (Director, Maneva Consulting) There are no second thoughts about the fact that an organisation runs successfully because of its manpower. Relishing this idea and the potential of Human Resources, Pratibha Rathi plunged into the business world with Maneva Consulting in […]

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She Glorifying Businesses - Ritika Jayaswal

Ritika Jayaswal: The Skincare Solutionist

“Anchored in heritage & supported by science, Nourish Mantra focuses on holistic wellness.” Ritika Jayaswal (Founder & CEO, Nourish Mantra) The richness of India lies in the age-old wisdom of traditions and the co-existence of modern chemistry. Incorporating this unique essence into a brand, Ritika Jayaswal laid the foundation of Nourish Mantra in 2020. It […]

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She Glorifying Businesses - Srishti Arora

Srishti Arora: The Agro Game Changer

“We, at Agriforetell, make digital transformation easy, accessible and affordable for farmers.” Srishti Arora (CEO & Co-Founder, Agriforetell) India is a nation with an agrarian economy. Despite the fact that a large portion of the country’s population still depends on agriculture, the income of the farmers is very restricted. Exploring the voids in the agricultural […]

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She Glorifying Businesses - Sujata Upadhyay

Sujata Upadhyay: The Content Brainbox

“We create content that sells.” Sujata Upadhyay (Founder, CDM Content Design Market LLP) Sujata Upadhyay, a content consultant and marketing enthusiast believes in curated, coherent, and compelling content that creates an impact on the reader’s mind. Let’s hear what Sujata has to say about her journey and her brand CDM Content. Give us a glimpse […]

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