Jayanth Agro Farms: Adding Value To A Healthy Lifestyle

Jayanth Agro Farms: Adding Value To A Healthy Lifestyle

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Rich in nutrient content, organic foods are produced without using any kind of harmful pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers. Many enterprises are now taking steps to promote healthy living by providing organic products. Contributing to this great cause, Jayanth Agro Farms offers an exceptional range of organic food products.

With an aim to offer food in its most natural form, Jayanth Agro Farms provides an organic and natural taste that touches millions of souls. Ensuring the traditional taste and nutritious value of food, the company produces Spices, Rice, millets, cereals, seasonal fruits and Cashews that add value to both sustainable living and a healthy lifestyle. Jayanth says proudly, “At Jayanth Agro farms, our core ideology is to add value to each and every organic produce we grow.”

Reaching millions of people digitally, the company’s products are also available online. The company benefits millions of customers by selling directly. Jayanth Agro Farms produces Spices, Rice, millets, cereals, seasonal fruits and Cashews with utmost care maintaining the quality of products. 


Jayanth Agro Farms is one of the most renowned brands in India. The motivating force behind the success of the company is Jayanth Kaliappan. He is the Founder & CEO of the company. It is Jayanth’s hard work and dedication that enable the company to set its Presence in the organic industry. Since his childhood days, Jayanth has admired the goodness of nature on his farm at the foothills of Western Ghats. Jayanth studied M.Sc(software engineering) from Dr Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology. 

During his college days, Jayanth pursued a 6-month course in TNAU for Post harvesting Fruits and Vegetable processing. This course clears the path for Jayanth and leads him to the idea of creating organic products that add value and at the same time sustain the monetary part also. Combining his technological knowledge and his love for nature, Jayanth is leading the company to its infinite success. His expertise and insights in the organic industry are commendable.


Jayanth Agro Farms is a trusted brand in the organic industry. The company supplies its products to many leading companies in the market. Jayanth Agro Farms produce various organic products without using any harsh chemicals and toxic substances.

The wide range of exceptional organic products of the company includes Forest collection honey with bee pollen, A2 desi Cow Ghee, Palani panchamirtham, nutri spread, palm jaggery and many more. 

After the success of organic products in the market, Jayanth Agro Farms launched a new range of products that are as organic and natural as the others. This range of new products includes Tamarind powder, Healthy instant meal replacement mix, Gulkand with hill honey, Organic Oils, Natural Shampoo Powder, Organic cashew, Organic coffee and more to the list.

Jayanth iterates, “Starting from the local regions where there is no awareness of organic foods, now we stand in a place to touch more souls in means of taste and quality to the soul.”


The exceptional organic products of Jayanth Agro Farms have received many awards. Some notable awards won by the company include:

  • Golden Achiever award from NIA
  • Achiever Award for the ‘Best organic farmer’ from Tamil illakiya  mandram-theni. 
  • Featured in Tamil farmer magazine – “Pasumaivikitan”
  • Appreciated and featured in Thozhiladhibar magazine


With the aim of creating a healthy lifestyle with a sustainable approach, Jayanth Agro Farms envisions providing the best in class organic products and touching many souls by giving healthy and nutritious food. The company also aspires to help more farmers.

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