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“Successful founders know that building the Company is only possible with an efficient team that follows the company culture and carries out the processes of the company diligently, eventually leading to success. At Qwazent, our success mantra is to be custodians of happy professional lives of our candidates as well as our clients – we endeavour to fulfil dreams and go beyond just job placements.”  

Dr Shruti Nath (Founding Director
& Mentor, Qwazent Talent Solutions)

The healthcare industry in India has always faced the challenge of a demand-supply gap in terms of talent and there has been no dedicated healthcare-focused firm to beat this challenge. In 2016, Qwazent Talent Solutions came into being with the sole purpose of bridging the ‘missing link’ between healthcare industry professionals and healthcare providers in India’s major cities. 

Qwazent Talent Solutions is India’s highly acclaimed, specialist executive search firm that caters exclusively to the vast Healthcare industry. The company focuses on bringing the best talent to the healthcare industry and over the years, it has developed itself into a trusted advisor to healthcare enterprises not only in India but internationally as well. 

Dr Shruti, the Founding Director & Mentor of Qwazent Talent Solutions is an entrepreneur with the belief that growth should never stop. She first became an investor in Qwazent to support the team that intended to build this business. Later, she engaged more deeply given the size of the opportunity. Her passion is supported by the dynamic team at Qwazent, led by the Partner, Deepshikha Singh.


Over the years, Qwazent has evolved drastically from an early-stage, high-impact start-up, to an established tech-enabled executive search and consulting organization. Today, Qwazent is serving a broad spectrum of clients globally through a combination of objective assessment strategies, a robust research methodology, and advanced utilization of technological platforms.

In the past, Qwazent has successfully placed CXOs and other mid to senior-level personnel including medical professionals for both established and start-up organisations not only in India but also in Finland, Sweden, Congo, Nigeria, Kenya, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, UAE, Bahrain, Indonesia and other Gulf, South East Asian as well as European countries. At the onset, Qwazent was largely catering to Healthcare delivery and Diagnostics but is now serving clients across all the domains of the healthcare industry which includes serving the talent needs of the Healthcare Delivery Systems, Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Medical Technology, Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Health Tech, PE/VC Firms and other Allied Healthcare service companies. 

Given Qwazent’s diverse clientele, they efficiently provide expansive talent-related services from Leadership hiring to Medical hiring as well as Functional hiring and Junior & Mid-management hiring to the entire healthcare industry. 

Qwazent acts as a trusted partner to every client and adds value to their business through its impeccable services. With a combined experience of over 50 years, Qwazent understands the nuances of the industry as well as its leaders and gives advice to the clients accordingly,” mentions Anuj Sarin, Head- Client Relationships, Qwazent Talent Solutions.



The biggest and the most notable change that the healthcare consulting sphere has witnessed is the increasing adoption of technology. Digitalization in business has proven to be almost essential for any organisation nowadays.

Qwazent has also adapted well to this change and come up with its own technology platform called Qwazent Hyre which brings clients, hiring experts and candidates associated with the healthcare spectrum on to one platform.

Qwazent Hyre provides additional value & perks to its clients by bringing in transparency, continuous flow of information, multi-layered verification and better communication flow into the entire search process. The inbuilt video interview and review system of Hyre allows an effective interview scheduling followed by a footage review mechanism that is rich in client-recruiter communication functionality.

“Not only does Hyre have more than 100,000 curated profiles of Healthcare professionals, but clients can upload their requirements on the platform as well. The clients get access to video-recorded interactions, and AI curated profile match, which in turn gets them the most suitable candidates in a quick turnaround time,” explains Deepshikha Singh, Partner, Qwazent Talent Solutions.

Moreover, digital-matching, coupled with human filtration, ensures that both the employers and employees have long term associations with each other. Through Qwazent Hyre’s Knowledge Management Process, assessment reports as well as due diligence reports are well recorded and are easily accessible to the client. Qwazent Hyre is the future of hyper-effective tech-enabled healthcare recruiting. 


The healthcare industry is an ever-evolving marketplace. Instead of running the company on a rigid model, Dr. Nath believes in initiating and implementing change mechanisms to stay ahead of its competitors. Here’s how Qwazent differentiates itself from other similar-sized players in the market:

  • Qwazent Hyre, a fully automated healthcare recruitment technology platform, facilitates ease of hiring across the healthcare spectrum by connecting potential talent, hiring experts and organisations in one place. Qwazent’s technology-backed process efficiencies are a combination of world-class executive search practices with the agility of the fast-paced recruitment technology.
  • Diverse and professional team of expert recruiters who not only have a thorough understanding of the industry but also have par excellence research capabilities.
  • The company’s vast industry mapping and proven methodologies help Qwazent not only deliver on time but also provide high-quality services. 

“Qwazent’s tech platform coupled with Hybrid mode of working has allowed the company to create an ecosystem of expert recruiters who are based in various geographies and have the resources and capability to reach out to the global candidate pool. This way, Qwazent meets the demands of the industry in an effective and efficient manner,” quotes Dr. Nath.


Dr. Nath believes that teamwork is the bedrock on which all successful businesses are built as it makes progress easier and enables the group to overcome challenges that would have stymied an individual. Therefore, the company fosters values such as empathy and trust. Qwazent’s hybrid work model necessitates a company culture built on such values as with virtual teams, building coordination and trust is inherently a challenge. 

However, Qwazent’s tight-knit community ensures that every employee has ownership of their ideas, feels welcomed in the workplace, and is developed professionally for today’s competitive business environment. Given Qwazent’s feedback-driven workplace culture, the team is both recognized as well as incentivized in order to improve and excel every day. 

“We as a team balance between performance, personal needs as well as requirements. Qwazent ensures to support each team member in their professional journey,” says Upasona Das, Consultant, Qwazent Talent Solutions.


Dr Nath believes that building a personal brand is never the right strategy for a founder and is a self-centred approach – the success of an organisation, in the long run, is dependent upon building an independent culture and an identification of the Company itself. Building a successful organization is possible by an efficient team that follows the company culture and carries out the processes of the company diligently, eventually leading to success. 

Their success mantra is to be custodians of the happy professional lives of the candidates as well as clients. Qwazent endeavours to fulfil dreams and go beyond just job placements.  With this same success methodology, since its establishment, Qwazent has been recognized globally as one of the Top 50 Healthcare Companies at the 2018 Smart Healthcare Conference and was featured as one of the 10 Most Promising Healthcare Consultants in 2021 by CIO Review India. 

As an entrepreneur, Dr Nath strongly believes that growth should never stop. She says that while healthcare has come a long way, especially post-pandemic, it is integral to keep reinventing ourselves to meet the demands of this dynamic industry. To that end, since their inception six years ago, Qwazent has constantly kept evolving to better serve the ever-changing talent needs of the Healthcare industry. 

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