Why Do We Celebrate World Teachers’ Day?

Why Do We Celebrate World Teachers’ Day?


You can never thank your teachers enough for the role they played and are still playing in your life that makes you who you are today. If you can read, write and be independent then thank your teachers today! They made you capable enough to stand on your own feet and always push in the right direction. 

Acting as a support system, Teachers play an extremely crucial role in society. Shaping the child’s future in the right direction and imbibing them with ethical and moral values, teachers not only give academic knowledge. But their role is much greater in our lives than we think. Knowledge is the most precious thing that a teacher has which they pass on to their children and make them better. 

Why Do We Celebrate It?

To honour the contributions of teachers in our lives, we celebrate World Teachers’ Day on the 5th of October every year but India celebrates it on a different day. In India, Teachers’ Day is celebrated every year on the 5th of September. 

Emphasising the role of Teachers in our lives, UNESCO proclaimed in 1994 that October 5 will be celebrated as World Teachers’ Day every year. UNESCO chose October 5 to celebrate as World Teachers’ Day because this day marks the anniversary of the adoption of the UNESCO Recommendation regarding the status of the Teachers. 

Teachers’ Day in India

Indians celebrate this day with great excitement and pay tribute to their teachers and gurus. Teachers’ Day in India is celebrated on the birth anniversary of the 2nd President of the country, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishanan. He was also a philosopher, teacher and prolific statesman. 

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In one of his interviews in 1962 Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan said, Instead of celebrating my birthday, it would be my privilege if September 5 is observed as Teachers’ Day.” Since that day September 5 is celebrated as Teachers’ day in India. 

Ways to Celebrate Teachers’ Day

All around the world, Teachers’ Day is celebrated with utmost excitement and enthusiasm. Here is a list of fun activities you can arrange for Teachers’ Day celebrations that makes this day even more fun:

  • Thank Your Teachers

Thank you card to teachers
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Teachers’ Day is a great opportunity to thank your teachers for shaping your future. You can gift a ‘Thank You Card’ to your teacher to show gratitude for them. You can find lots of readymade options for Thank you cards. However, we suggest you prepare a handmade card for your teacher because it will be more personalized and your teacher will appreciate your efforts. 

Apart from cards, you can thank your teacher with a flower bouquet, chocolates, and a thank you note. Small gratitude on your part can fill your teacher with happiness and emotions. 

  • Surprise Welcome

Another great idea to celebrate teachers’ day is to give a surprise welcome to your teachers. For this, you can throw them a surprise party in which you can also invite their friends and family members also. 

If you cannot throw a party outside the school premises, you can decorate your classroom and celebrate the day in the classroom also. Remember your teacher will love your effort. It doesn’t matter to them how big a party is what truly matters for them is your effort. 

  • Stage Performances

Teachers’ Day is all about celebrations, so planning fun activities will set the mood of the day. You can plan various stage activities such as dance performances, and singing performances or you can play mimicry acts. 

The most common and fun activity for this day is the teacher’s mimicry act. You can mimic your teachers, it will be a fun thing to do. Keep in mind while mimicking your teachers you don’t cross any limits. 

  • Informal Chatting Session

Take advantage of this day and know about your teacher even more. Arrange a session where the teacher and students can engage in informal conversation. It will help both teachers and students to know each other better. 

  • Arrange a Fun Outing

If you have enough resources you can also plan an outing or a one-day picnic. Take your teachers somewhere they all can enjoy. Carry cameras, snacks and some sports equipment such as badminton, frisbee or other games to play outdoors. 

Teachers are very important in our lives, this Teachers’ Day thank your Teachers and gurus wholeheartedly for making you. Also, Don’t forget to show your gratitude to all those people who teach you great life lessons.

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