AHODS Technologies: Pioneering Hydrogen Fuel Technology For Sustainable Mobility 

AHODS Technologies: Pioneering Hydrogen Fuel Technology For Sustainable Mobility 

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In this age of new fuel, Hydrogen will undoubtedly be at the forefront and will bring about a shift in the world.

Saurabh Mohan Saxena
(Founder Director,
AHODS Technologies)

Several national and regional policy targets are coming together in the global momentum with a mission to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. The tremendous carbon emissions have led to severe consequences and repercussions contributing to climate change. But can this climate change be mitigated using hydrogen which is considered a viable energy medium? Certainly, yes if we look at companies like AHODS Technologies. AHODS Technologies is an ESG startup incepted with an aim to pioneer Hydrogen fuel technology for sustainable mobility. 

Given the scale of the decarbonisation challenge, there is a dire need to use technological solutions unitedly. As of early 2021, realising the potential of one element that has so far been forgotten: Hydrogen, over 30 countries have released Hydrogen roadmaps and governments at the global level have committed public funding in support of decarbonisation through hydrogen technologies. 

India has the opportunity and potential to emerge as a global champion in green hydrogen, and AHODS Technologies is playing a major role in fulfilling India’s dream of achieving net-zero emissions by 2070. 


AHODS (Advanced Hydrogen On Demand System) Technologies is an ESG startup, founded in 2017, with patented safe hydrogen technology recognized by Agnii (Startup India) and NASSCOM as one of the biggest innovations in the country and included by UNIDO-FLCTD on acceleration program. AHODS Technologies was awarded as “Top StartUp-2021” at the GlobalTech event by one of the world’s largest companies Walmart. It is diligently working with IIT-Delhi and bringing about a clean and green mobility revolution in India and the global automotive industry.

Hydrogen is the single most abundant element in the entire universe. It plays a crucial role in powering the future of mobility and that is why it is taking a centre stage in mankind’s quest for energy sources. AHODS Technologies has developed an Advanced Hydrogen On Demand System (AHODS) to eliminate all storage issues of Hydrogen fuel and make it feasible to be used in all types of vehicles safely.

“We have developed clean and safe hydrogen technology along at IIT Delhi to provide environment-friendly mobility solutions for India and the world,” says Saurabh. 


Saurabh Mohan Saxena is the inventor and Founder Director of AHODS Technologies and has over 25 years of Automotive experience with leadership positions as CXO in Top Fortune companies. He has a deep interest in innovations with exceptional execution capabilities on projects.

As the Founder Director of AHODS Technologies, Saurabh’s responsibilities include developing and maintaining the company’s vision, mission, & strategic plan, identifying new opportunities for the holistic growth of the company, evaluating new technologies and business practices, and developing effective marketing strategies, to list a few. 

Our team constitutes seasoned & experienced professionals, and industry experts from whom we derive the technical know-how and market understanding as well as young and enthusiastic minds to implement the technology effectively in the market and take the company to heights with a vision of leading the future and technologically advanced generations,proudly mentions Saurabh. 


AHODS Technologies has developed a novel retrofit solution that converts all IC (internal-combustion) engine vehicles into green vehicles. This small device produces its own hydrogen and injects it into the engine. It is compact, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

Our team has developed this after years of extensive research, along with Dr L.M. Das, Ex-Professor at the Centre for Energy Studies, IIT Delhi,mentions Saurabh.

The low-cost retro fitment kit developed by the company has the following characteristics:

  • Produces hydrogen fuel on board
  • Reduces emissions by more than 50 per cent
  • Increases mileage and engine life
  • Saves fuel costs and maintenance costs
  • Tracks vehicle health, performance, efficiency, and reports via mobile app


Here is the list of AHODS’s completed and ongoing projects: 

  • Passenger Two-Wheeler

It was the first vehicle to be fitted with the AHODS retrofit kit in 2018. This project has proven the concept, design and functioning of the AHODS kit. 

  • Passenger Four-Wheeler

Carried out in the year 2019, this project has established the AHODS kit as a viable solution for the carbon footprint reduction of four-wheelers in the world.

  • Commercial Three-Wheeler

To reduce the running costs and increase profitability, a commercial three-wheeler is fitted with an AHODS kit.

  • Commercial Generator

A commercial generator can also be powered by the use of Hydrogen via the company’s proprietary technology.

  • Commercial Vehicle Buses

This is an ongoing project in collaboration with UPSRTC and is supposed to be implemented in the near future. It aims to set a benchmark for a full fleet transformation for UPSRTC.


  • AHODS is a top-notch renewable energy company that develops emission reduction devices for automotive and industrial applications. 
  • An immediate solution to vehicle owners as consumers to reduce fuel costs and emissions. 
  • It is helping cab aggregators, third-party logistic companies, delivery personnel, and industry owners generate extra income by reducing fuel costs.


AHODS Technologies is on a mission to achieve 1 million fuel reduction devices in automotive and industrial applications profitably by 2025.​

The company has recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) to commercialize its patented hydrogen technology – ‘Hydrogen on Demand’. As per this agreement, the Corporation would fund AHODS Technologies to make a much-needed social and climate impact. 

“We are on an aim to make India a technology leader by setting up Design, Development, ​Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Market for the reduction in fossil fuel leading to a zero-emission ecosystem,” asserts Saurabh. 

AHODS Technologies also envisions becoming the best value provider to the consumer in the alternate fuel domain bringing immense ​joy to the consumer.

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