ValueHits: A 360-Degree Digital Marketing Solution 

ValueHits: A 360-Degree Digital Marketing Solution 

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“Harnessing the unlimited power of digital marketing, ValueHits unfolds several digital opportunities to let businesses capitalise on them.”

Hardik Mody
Senior Manager – Digital Marketing, ValueHits)

It is safer to say that Digital Marketing serves as a growth engine for many companies and helps businesses to flourish. Certainly the most powerful form of marketing, digital marketing changes how businesses promote their products and services. Harnessing this unlimited power of digital marketing, ValueHits offers a one-stop solution for online marketing services ranging from SEO to paid ads

Incepted in 2009, ValueHits constantly offers innovative solutions in the field of Internet and social media marketing. The company serves its exceptional expertise in all kinds of marketing needs ranging from inbound marketing and content writing to social media management and ad optimisation. 

Starting its journey from a single office in Mumbai to marking its remarkable presence globally, ValueHits has come a long way. Today, ValueHits has expanded its operations geographically to locations such as the UK, USA and Australia. With a team of 100+ skilled professionals, ValueHits works tirelessly to become the world’s most preferred company in the digital marketing industry. 

“ValueHits thrive on industry experience. We know the digital world inside out. Our strategies have a human element to them,” affirms Hardik proudly.


With 10+ years of overall experience and immense online marketing wisdom, Hardik Mody is leading the digital marketing team of ValueHits with his valuable insights and expertise. Throughout his digital career, Hardik Mody has been a part of different marketing projects spanning various businesses, including travel, airline, hotel, entertainment, and pharmaceutical industries.

At ValueHits, Hardik works relentlessly to drive the best outcome for every client. Holding the capability to handle marketing for both B2B and B2C sectors, Hardik is truly an inspiration for his team members. He motivates his team to work hard and guides them in the best possible way. 

Under Hardik’s guidance, the team of ValueHits is highly professional, skilled and proficient in their respective fields. The team is always on its toes with the latest trends. With search engines changing their algorithm fortnightly, the team of ValueHits is eagle-eyed to incorporate the changes as fast as possible to avoid a drop in results.


ValueHits offers its top-notch customised services to help businesses to meet their goals and digital marketing objectives. The company works inexorably on the pricing model of Resource Based Hiring. In this, ValueHits helps the company to hire a dedicated resource who will solely work towards the company’s goals and objectives. Apart from this, ValueHits provides various magnificent digital marketing services that include:

  • SEO: ValueHits help your website to rank higher, better and above your competition on search engines.
  • PPC: It creates and optimises ads to help achieve the best ROI, engagement and brand awareness.
  • SMO: ValueHits creates strategies that generate engagement and help companies to create a social presence.
  • Content Writing: The rich and unique content by ValueHits is SEO-optimised, crisp and relevant to the target audience.
  • Email Marketing: The company is proficient in creating attractive designs coupled with compelling email copy that helps businesses to generate the best ROI ever.
  • White Label Marketing: This is where ValueHits handle your entire digital marketing in the background. 

From startups to big enterprises, ValueHits is well experienced and professional in devising result-driven strategies to help businesses grow and enhance their brand visibility digitally. 


With excellence and unmatched results in the digital marketing industry, ValueHits has earned prestigious clients like Bombay Chambers of Commerce and Azure power – India’s leading renewable power energy providers. The other reputed clients of the company include The Mileage Club, Business World Travel, Sell My Miles and The Mileage Spot and London Business Training and Consulting and more to the list. 


With the motto of providing 360-degree digital marketing solutions, ValueHits helps new brands right from the ground up. From helping them develop their SEO compliant and content-rich website to getting their socials up and running with regular posts and ads – ValueHits does it all. Some of the notable experiences of ValueHits while creating a new brand are:

  • Expressions Dental: ValueHits reduced the cost per conversion of Expression Dental by half, by optimising the campaign and using our result-driven strategies.
  • The Mileage Club: ValueHits helps the company in driving their enquiries up by a whopping 650% within six months. The process included setting up the campaigns on both the search and display networks through proper campaign targeting settings.


With the experience and expertise of more than a decade, ValueHits opt for the best-customised method to help its clients in boosting their brand visibility and online presence. ValueHits always pay attention to these key factors while framing a digital marketing campaign for its clients:

  • Understanding The Core Business

ValueHits has a team of working professionals that specifically focus on crucial aspects such as marketing objectives, products/services, target audience and buying behaviour of the company and help them in expanding their online presence. 

  • SWOT Analysis

By performing a SWOT analysis, ValueHits studies the strengths and weaknesses of the company closely. And based on this, ValueHits creates the most compelling marketing campaign for its client.  

  • Competition Analysis

With the help of competition analysis, ValueHits keeps a tab on the client’s competitors and then formulates the strategy to help them perform better in the market.

  • Budgeting

Keeping in mind the budgeting of the client, ValueHits offers best-in-class Digital marketing campaigns for every business irrespective of its scale. 

  • Strategic Implementation

Implementing the strategy is as important as forming it. ValueHits works relentlessly for the strategic implementation of the outlined plan. 

  • Evaluation and Course Correction 

Last but not least, this step is the evaluation of the whole strategy. After evaluation, the company makes the necessary adjustments in the plan to make the digital marketing campaign more successful.


Vision: ValueHits aspires to become the most preferred company by Delivering measurable results to clients, employees, and partners.

Mission: Company’s mission is to partner with companies from various verticals and regions and drive their success on online marketing platforms.

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