Cupid Limited: Helping The World Play Safe 

Cupid Limited: Helping The World Play Safe 

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“At Cupid, our mission is to be the most efficient Quality Condom Manufacturer in the world.”

Om Prakash Garg
(Chairman & MD,
Cupid Limited)

Condoms are an integral and indispensable part of comprehensive prevention and care programmes. Although the search for new preventive technologies continues to make progress, condoms will remain the key preventive tool for many, many years to come. With a vision to help the world play safe and prevent the transmission of Human Immunodeficiency Viruses (HIVs) and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), Cupid Limited was incepted in 1993. 

A leading manufacturer & supplier of Male Condoms, Female Condoms, Lubricant Jelly & IVD Kits, Cupid Limited is the only company in the world to have been Pre-Qualified by WHO/UNFPA for the supply of both Male & Female condoms. The company was incorporated as a Public Limited Company in 1993 with the Registrar of Companies, Maharashtra and listed on BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) in 1995 and NSE (National Stock Exchange) in 2016.

Cupid is headquartered in Nashik, Maharashtra, India where it has its modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to facilitate world-class manufacturing of quality products. Cupid follows all the technical specifications required by its customers. The company also has WHO-GMP, various ISO certifications, USFDA, CE mark and SABS certifications for its products.


As the Chairman and Managing Director of the company, Om Prakash Garg is responsible for developing and executing the company’s business strategies, overseeing the company’s financial performance, investments & other business ventures, supervising the work of executives, and providing guidance & motivation to drive maximum performance. 

Commenting on the holistic growth of Cupid Limited, Mr Garg says, “We are pretty much satisfied with our performance for the year gone by and anticipate the growth momentum to continue as we continue to make inroads into newer geographies and capture market share.”


Cupid assures the top-notch quality of its products by regularly inspecting the facilities, systems and procedures to meet the current GMP standards. The company provides a wide range of products:


  • Types: Plain Condoms, Dotted Condoms, Ribbed Condoms, Multi-textured Condoms, Extra Large Condoms, Specialty Condoms for Extra Pleasure and Ultra-Thin Condoms
  • Flavours: Natural Plain, Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate, Apple, Pineapple, Grapes, Rose, Jasmine, Mint, Whisky, Rum Jamaica, Pan, Bubblegum and Vanilla
  • Colours: Pink, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Black
  • Water-based lubricants in different pouches


  • Colours & Flavours: Pink & Natural colours with or without flavours
  • 100% electronically tested & Indian-made product; Costs lesser than the imported & packed foreign product
  • Correct and consistent use of Cupid Latex Female Condoms help to prevent unwanted pregnancies
  • Are easy to insert & can be worn by women well before the foreplay and vaginal intercourse

“Each and every condom at Cupid is electronically tested before approval and dispatch. The automated sealing line provides fast and streamlined sealing of condoms,” mentions Mr Garg. 


  • Designed to enhance the pleasure experience, Cupid’s lubricants are water-soluble, viscous, non-irritant, non-staining, clear transparent, and non-greasy. 
  • Cupid’s lubricant received approval from FDA, India in 2015 and CE certification in 2016.
  • Cupid produces over 210 million sachets per year. Currently, they are being exported to more than 30 countries across the world.


  • Cupid offers Pregnancy Test Kit, Covid 19 Test Kit, Malaria Test Kit, Dengue Antigen Test Kit, HIV Test Kit, VTM Test Kit, Hepatitis C Test Kit, Hepatitis B (HBsAg) Test Kit, and LH Ovulation Test Kit to name a few.
  • Products in the pipeline include Rubella Antibody Test Kit, Troponin CTnl Test Kit, Chikungunya Test Kit, Syphilis Antibody Test Kit, Malaria Pf-Pv Test Kit, and many more to list. 

“Most of our clients are Ministries of Health of various countries, international NGOs and some private customers. We try to build and maintain healthy client relationships mainly through direct communications with our clients at all times,” mentions Mr Garg. 


Strength is fundamentally any benefit that a company has over its competitors. Cupid has developed many strengths over the years. Some of them are:

  • 29 Years of Experience
  • In-House Research & Development Centre
  • Exported to more than 90 countries worldwide
  • Debt-free company and listed on both BSE and NSE
  • Talented & dedicated workforce ensuring strong and balanced organisational growth 


Cupid supplies WHO/UNFPA Pre-Qualified Male and Female Condoms to customers in over 93 countries worldwide.

In 2020, Cupid commenced the export of Female Condoms to Brazil and also exported Male Condoms to Tanzania and South Africa. The order that the company received from Brazil is by far the largest single order in Cupid’s 29 years of history. Its continued focus on penetrating new geographies enabled the company to win export orders from 8 new countries during the year through UNFPA.

“Currently, Cupid is also evaluating the possibility of setting up a joint venture facility in South Africa to initially produce Female Condoms and eventually Male Condoms as well,” mentions Mr Garg.


In the first few years of business, every company comes up against a boatload of challenges. Cupid’s journey was no different. Some of the challenges that the company had to face in the initial years are:

  • Establishing a strong customer base for the products 

Solution: Cupid contacted all the potential customers and established long-lasting business relationships

  • Generating sufficient cash flow to run the operation

Solution: Successfully arranged credit facilities from the bank

  • Availability of trained, professional, and experienced manpower 

Solution: Organised a practical training program for all the employees 


Mission: To become the most efficient Quality Condom Manufacturer in the world. 

Vision: To meet the increasing demand from our customers for all our products.


Since 1993, Cupid has received many awards and milestones. The two recognitions that the company holds very dear are: 

  • First company in the world to receive WHO/UNFPA Pre-Qualification status for both Male and Female Condoms
  • Recognized as “Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion Company in 2016” by Forbes

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