How to Learn JavaScript Fast in 2022

How to Learn JavaScript Fast in 2022

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They say that JavaScript is a programmer’s best friend. 

In fact, according to a survey authorized by Stack Overflow, JavaScript was voted the most popular programming language across the globe by nearly 70% of the 90,000 software developers. 

Software developers claim that JavaScript is the most used language out of their software treasure trove. What makes this language so popular is the fact that it can be used by all levels of programming specialists – beginners or advanced. 

It is essential for candidates to have a strong hold over JavaScript during their technical interview. It is one of the most important skills that is tested by interviewers at top IT firms. 

Data suggests that nearly 72% of the companies looking for software developers hire candidates who are masters in JavaScript. 

Therefore, if you’re curious about the career as a software developer, it is important to know the Basics of Javascript like the back of your hand. 

What Is JavaScript? 

JavaScript is a client-side programming language that is popularly used for front end software development. In layman terms, JavaScript is used to construct the parts of a website the users or the website visitors interact with. Software developers use JavaScript in conjunction with markup languages such as CSS and HTML. 

The HTML code facilitates major website tasks such as logins, customer feedback, transactions, etc. Whereas the CSS markup works on the appearance and formatting of the website. JavaScript provides a dynamic component to your website and automates user-related processes. 

It is an intuitive programming language that is super easy to implement and has multiple uses. For these reasons, it is regarded as an indispensable skill in the software development sector. 

If you want to grow your technical expertise in JavaScript, then here’s how you can learn the basics of Javascript quickly. 

5 Ways to Learn Basics of Java Quickly 


1. Enroll in Self-Guided Courses 

Search engines are the biggest repositories of knowledge. Therefore, if you want to learn the basics of JS at the comfort of your home, you can take help from self-guided courses. 

Flexible online courses are apt for people who want flexible timings in learning this language. Self-guided JavaScript courses can be both free and paid. 

We recommend you to enroll in the paid courses because the free ones often offer lesser support to students. Ensure that you do your research beforehand and look for courses that use animations and illustrations to teach students, offer plenty of coding challenges, and have qualified teachers.

2. Study Standard Reference Books 

If you want to learn this programming language the old school way, then we recommend you to go through some standard reference books. There are countless books available in the market and on the internet to guide you through the nuances of the language and provide you powerful insights into its practical application. 

Furthermore, referring to standard books while learning the basics of JS can help you build a strong foundation of the programming language and solve any coding challenges that come your way. 

Pro tip: Once you’re done going through the concepts in the book, try taking the coding challenges available across various online platforms to strengthen your skills. 

3. Define the Coding Curriculum 

The No. 1 mistake to avoid while learning JavaScript is learning anything and everything under the hood. It is essential that you follow a structured curriculum to learn the programming language faster and in a more efficient manner. 

If you’re going the self-taught way it is your duty to come up with a standard structure about the JavaScript curriculum and learn things accordingly. 

And if you’re planning to go to a coding boot camp, then you’ll be taught everything based on a standard curriculum there itself. This ensures that you always stay on the right path and learn everything step by step. 

4. Focus on Coding Projects 

Although it is important to refer to tutorials while learning the basics of Java, it is also important to not get stuck in the endless cycle of online classes. You need to put your knowledge to test and focus on coding projects. 

Don’t get carried away by the waves of online tutorials because there’s no end to them on the internet. If you want to decide your learning curve, you need to just master two materials on every topic and you’ll be good to go. 

If your basics are strong, you need to get those coding projects rolling and discover the practical implementation of the concepts you’ve learned. This way you’ll also begin appreciating what you’ve learnt and understand the dynamics of the programming language. 

5. Document the Patterns 

Successful JavaScript coders always recommend freshers to document what they’re learning. It may be quite technical for beginners to document every concept they’re learning, but this skill will help you gain confidence on your subject. 

Once you start solving multiple questions on JavaScript, you’ll notice certain framework patterns which you must jot down. These documents will serve as your own reference textbook while preparing for any technical interviews and help you to understand JavaScript in greater depth. 

When you create your own resource centre of the programming language, it helps you hone your problem solving skills and write a clean and crisp code in JavaScript, effortlessly. 


During your journey of learning any programming language, be it – Basics of Javascript or Basics of C++, your mind might be filled with thoughts such as – is this worth my time and effort, am I doing things correctly or not, etc. 

But the key to completing this journey is to believe in yourself, learn from your mistakes, and stay consistent. 

Always bear this in mind that if your basics are strong, you can spend more time learning the functionality of programming languages through practice. 

Furthermore, to keep yourself motivated throughout this process of learning, you can also find a coding buddy and solve problems together. Happy learning! 

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