Spreadme Digital: Helping Businesses Grow Via Delivering Impeccable Marketing Solutions

Spreadme Digital: Helping Businesses Grow Via Delivering Impeccable Marketing Solutions

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“Within a very short span of time, SpreadMe Digital has successfully completed more than 600+ national & international projects.”

Jigar Patel
(MD, SpreadMe Digital)

To find a result-oriented Digital Marketing Agency equipped with an experienced team of marketing professionals and exceptional customer support is like finding a needle in a haystack. But the search takes a halt when SpreadMe Digital, a top-notch digital marketing agency enters the game. 

Founded in 2019, SpreadMe Digital specialises in breaking down barriers and finding solutions for strengthening the digital visibility of a business. Due to its expertise in all aspects of digital marketing including SEO, SMO, SMM, PPC, ORM, content creation, and much more, SpreadMe Digital has been able to deliver a  result-oriented digital plan to its clients.

SpreadMe Digital is a full-stack Digital Marketing Agency that serves clients across the globe. It primarily works with micro, small and medium-sized businesses across various countries to help them acquire new consumers or clients through digital resources. The company currently has around 75% retained projects with the rest 25% majorly coming through the reference of existing or past clients. 


SpreadMe Digital is a business built through experience. Jigar Patel, the Managing Director of the company has 8 years of rich experience in Digital Marketing. His specialities include Strategy Planning & Execution, Data Analysis & Reports, Cohort Analysis, Growth Hacking, Digital Data Science, and Team Leadership. 

As the Managing Director of SpreadMe Digital, Jigar assists businesses and organisations in finding, retaining, and engaging consumers online. 

“I love what I do which proves to be a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best. I thrive on challenges and constantly set goals for myself & my organisation, so I always have something to strive towards,” explains Jigar. 

Jigar personally looks after client onboarding and strategizing upon their requirements in order to fulfil their goals. 


In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive world, successful companies are those which do not limit themselves and explore their horizons to deliver the best to customers. And here we have, SpreadMe Digital which believes in always thinking out of the box. 

“We become a part of our client’s team who understands the client’s market and goals, rather than just a marketing agency blindly following strategies,” asserts Jigar while explaining the company’s expertise. 

As a full-stack digital marketing agency, SpreadMe offers a wide range of services to its clients, from SEO to SEM, graphic designing, website development and much more. 

  • SEO Services to Outrank The Competitors

SpreadMe helps its clients drive organic traffic to their website by achieving high rankings in Google and other search engines, through on-page, off-page & technical SEO services. 

SpreadMe has a history of successful cases with multiple forms of SEO campaigns. As Jigar puts it, “We have evolved and added the latest SEO services for so many years now to help businesses get their global name going.”

  • SEM Services for More Exposure & Leads

SpreadMe helps promote the services/products of its clients and drives leads/sales via paid marketing through Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google & YouTube Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Bing Ads, PPC Audits, etc. 

The agency also has its own digital tools like CRM, URL opener, Keyword Density Checker, and Robots.txt Generator, to list a few to serve as a one-stop destination for all marketing needs. 

  • Social Media Marketing to Promote Stories & News on the Right Platform

SpreadMe helps its clients publish outstanding content on their social networking sites to connect with the target audience to ultimately strengthen the brand, boost sales, and generate traffic on the website. Under this spectrum, the agency is proficient in Facebook & Instagram Marketing, LinkedIn & Twitter Marketing, and YouTube & Pinterest Marketing. 


With well-crafted collaborative ideas and marketing strategies, SpreadMe induces on helping clients succeed across the company by creating healthy customer relationships. 

SpreadMe caters its services to a variety of industries such as Retail/Ecommerce, Logistics, Real Estate, Travel & Hospitality, Food & Restaurant, Fashion, Healthcare & many more. 

“Two weapons that help us build healthy client relationships are effective communication and reporting. We regularly try to understand the client’s needs & share the progress, improvement, and other requisite aspects needed to be improved along with its strategies and exchange ideas that suit best for the project,” mentions Jigar while emphasizing the significance of building loyal client relationships. 


In a marketplace saturated with service industry professionals, it’s highly difficult to stand out from the competitive crowd and carve a unique and profitable niche for your business. SpreadMe victoriously positions itself different from the rest. Here’s how:

  • SpreadMe has successfully completed 600+ projects with a 78% retention rate
  • As a one-stop destination, the company has the ability to handle & build a project right from the planning phase to the fully developed stage, along with maintenance. 
  • With its in-house digital tools, SpreadMe offers top-notch business management solutions to its clients, so that they can focus more on achieving their goals.
  • A flexible model of engagements helps in creating strategies with a professional team who strives to deliver tactics to ensure phenomenal returns on clients’ investments.
  • Being a responsive digital marketing agency, SpreadMe offers the most fortunate campaigns that can quickly go viral and reach the desired target audience.


Changing consumer behaviour is prompting digital marketing agencies to pivot their strategies, as it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with customer expectations. While some companies struggle to keep up with the change, SpreadMe Digital follows a step-by-step process to understand the client’s needs and frame a result-driven marketing strategy. 

  • To create an impact and obtain meaningful results, the agency analyses client business first and then curates a list of amendments required, errors to be rectified and strategies to be planned.
  • It then creates a measurable campaign relevant to a business’ overall marketing strategy.
  • The process is followed by self-questioning about the target audience. What customers’ interests are? Which channel do customers prefer to communicate with?
  • The company always follows a realistic time frame. SpreadMe doesn’t just run the campaign but figures out the average lead time for the target audience.
  • It also creates relative and consistent content that can easily be tailored to different media or channels depending on the audience.
  • A focus to get into a medium rather than trying to sell out the products to the masses without knowing their interests and preferences is also a significant part of framing the strategy.
  • After all these processes, SpreadMe analyses the Conversion rates, Sale Conversion rate, Visitor analytics, and Revenue per keyword.
  • Drive to revenue at a lower cost per acquisition helps in optimising and analysing the campaign performance.


SpreadMe Digital Team
SpreadMe Digital Team

The highly competent team of the agency connects to different podcasts, stays ready to do new experiments and follows a creative approach to problem-solving with lateral thinking. 

“SpreadMe is equipped with qualified digital marketing experts who guarantee to understand and ensure technical aspects of optimised marketing strategies. With a great team of professionals, we handle all the target prospectus such as campaigns and sales meeting the criteria of any business,” mentions Jigar with great pride. 


Mission: SpreadMe works round the clock to partner with customers for their success as it always looks forward to creating a diverse and unique client base including small or big businesses and individuals functioning in many different fields and economies. 

“We are committed to providing tailored solutions for the individual business needs of our clients and always generate high profit and build better brands through connected digital experiences,” mentions Jigar.

Vision: SpreadMe Digital is committed to offering tailored digital marketing solutions and delivering businesses with the most innovative ideas for their success to reach new heights whether it’s boosting engagement, or growing awareness, loyalty, and affiliation. 


To increase morale, productivity and above all, overall performance, SpreadMe Digital is continuously adding feathers of appreciation and awards to its cap right from its inception days. Here are some awards that project the success chart of the agency. 

  • SpreadMe Digital has successfully delivered result-oriented SEO strategies that have listed the company among the ‘Top Ten Digital Marketing Companies in India’
  • Done official partnerships with Google Ad Words, Facebook, Yahoo, Bitrix, Hubspot and many such platforms and has also successfully fused several email campaigns with marketing automation.
  • Revamped the online presence of over 1,000 Websites and made them more vibrant with a compelling presence.
  • Worked with over 100+ clients and is in a race to add many more to the list from a wide range of domains and verticals.

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