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Strategy consulting has a presence in virtually every industry and thus holds significance in the business world. Strategy consulting firms not only give expert perspectives on various business challenges but also offer fresh takes on big decisions. To collaborate with customers to help them devise and implement winning strategies that are holistic, stable and make them reach their business goals, Avalon Consulting was set up in 1989.  

Avalon Consulting is a strategy consulting firm that commenced its operations with its Mumbai office with a focus on Strategy and Market Assessment engagements. The company has now become one of Asia’s top-ranked consulting firms; the only Indian firm to achieve this recognition.

Avalon Consulting partners with clients to offer winning solutions by combining profound industry knowledge across manufacturing and services with deep functional expertise across several areas such as Strategy, Performance Improvement, Transformation, and Transactions.


Raj Nair has more than 4 decades of expertise as a doer-manager, entrepreneur, advisor, and mentor and currently serves as Chairman of  Avalon Consulting and Avalon Global Research. Being a strategy consultant, Raj has worked with companies across industries in India, the USA, Europe, and the Middle East to develop strategies, align strategy to vision, grow in competitive markets, restructure to make companies more customer-focused, etc.

After working at Murphy and Grindlays Bank for 6 years, he started a Marketing Research and Advisory firm and followed that up with a Management Consulting company. He later Co-Founded a quite successful analytics company in 2000.

In 2008, anticipating an opportunity in text analytics with the rise of Social Media, he started a tech company that would create IT products that help analyze what people are saying in the digital world.


Avalon Consulting offers top-notch consulting services. Some of the services are as follows: 

  • Corporate & Business Strategy

Avalon provides practical and implementable solutions to its clients, on how to optimize value from each business within the group. Under Corporate strategy, the services include group portfolio & diversification strategy, talent strategy, identification & harnessing of synergies between businesses. The company also provides business strategy services to help clients become market leaders through insightful solutions borne out of a deep understanding of clients’ problems. The services include feasibility assessments, channel strategy, marketing, sales & distribution, product & market strategy. 

  • Performance Improvement

Avalon Consulting helps in boosting corporate performance by supporting management with the tools they require to deliver. Key areas where the company can add pivotal value to an organization include efficiency improvement, pricing optimization, sourcing/purchasing enhancement, sales force effectiveness, strategic cost management among others.  

  • Transformation

Transformation is a crucial and strategic process. Avalon seeks to align an organization towards a common and shared goal. Avalon follows a distinct approach to transformation. Right from vision and goal setting, strategy formulation and articulation to performance management- design and implementation, Avalon Consulting aims to transform a business for betterment.   

  • Transactions

Avalon Consulting delivers high-end transaction advisory services that aim to help clients across the life-cycle of a transaction- from investment to divestment and deal origination to deal closure. It divides its transaction advisory services into two phases: Pre-Deal to cherry-pick the best partners for clients and Post-Deal services to maximize short-term and long-term value creation. Under Pre-Deal services, it offers Deal Orientation, Strategic Due Intelligence, and Synergy Evaluation. Under Post-Deal services, it provides value optimization services like operational plans & strategic plans and Exit Strategy like divestment. 


Avalon Consulting works to become the preferred partner for its business clients, and the most sought-after employer for consulting talent. The mission of the company is to accelerate value creation for its clients as well as people. 


Avalon Consulting strongly aligns its value to the mission and vision of the organization. Its core values are:

  • Entrepreneurship:

    Enterprising ownership to transform innovative ideas into pragmatic and profitable solutions.

  • Dedication to Excellence:

    Strong commitment to premier quality and highest standards in everything the company does.

  • Great Value Creation:

    Complete focus on delivering maximum client impact through collaboration and innovation.

  • Ethical Approach:

    Respect, fairness, and transparency in all the interactions.

They believe in Enterprising ownership to transform ideas into pragmatic and profitable solutions and are dedicated to excellence by Committing to premier quality and highest standards in their every project. Their utmost Focus is on delivering maximum client impact through innovation and collaboration.

Avalon Consulting engages effectively with its clients across a wide spectrum of businesses covering corporations, financial institutions, venture capitalists, industry associations, and private equity companies. It has successfully executed its assignments in over 50 countries giving a wide geographical experience that enables the company to maintain a global perspective.  

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