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“Medicuality believes in empowering the hospitals to implement quality services so that they take up the future inspections on their own & not depend on us further.” 

Dr Savitha Narasimhaiah (Founder &
CEO, Medicuality)

Developing countries often struggle to provide high-quality and equitable care to all. However, India has made giant strides in improving its healthcare system and providing better healthcare facilities to millions of people. As the nation strives to implement improved healthcare innovations, coupled with capacity building to ensure the enactment of new strategies; there arises the need of highly distinguished healthcare consulting firms to help healthcare companies deliver high-quality care to their patients efficiently and cost-effectively. 

With a mission to handhold hospitals with state-of-the-art training techniques, a highly renowned healthcare consultancy firm, Medicuality Healthcare Services was founded in 2021. Medicuality, an acronym for Medical Quality, is a leading quality management and accreditation solutions consultancy that helps hospitals to deliver quality services and apply for accreditations and certifications. 

A company that started with hospitals with 10-20 beds, soon expanded to hospitals with 100 – 300 beds. Currently, Medicuality is working relentlessly with medical colleges with over 1000 beds. They have expanded their quality development into the academics of medical & dental colleges by handholding for NAAC Accreditations. Many projects are in the pipeline for accreditations to Infertility centres. 


Meet Dr. Savitha Narasimhaiah, the Founder and CEO of Medicuality Healthcare Services. With an uncanny ability to empower each employee working in Medicuality, Dr. Savitha heads the entire operation of the organisation. Dr Savitha is a medical doctor with MBBS & MD in Microbiology with about 22 years of rich experience in the healthcare industry.  Her tale from working in government & private hospitals to victoriously heading Medicuality is an inspiration for all the women aiming to stand tall in the business community.

Agile and resilient Dr. Savitha is invaluable when it comes to formulating and communicating new strategic decisions. She possesses the requisite expertise in handholding hospitals to get accredited to JCI/NABH/NABL accreditations. Her indispensable and incomparable leadership is paramount to providing an agreed-upon goal for the success of Medicuality.

“We train hospital staff to deliver quality services, where ultimately the final beneficiaries are patients and it is indeed worth the investment,” mentions Dr Savitha. 


With the motto of strengthening safety skills, Medicuality provides an array of services: 

  • Trainings: 

Comprehensive Onsite Training Programmes on Hospital infection control, Antibiotic policy & Antibiotic stewardship awareness Sessions, and 

Training Sessions on Quality enhancement & facility management in hospitals, 

Building, fire, water & electrical safety, Utility, Equipment, Laboratory & Radiation safety in Hospitals 

  • Accreditation Service: 

NABH 5th Edition/ Full NABH standards

Entry-level NABH, 

Accreditations to Eye Care orgranisation, Infertility & Dialysis centres

NABH- Emergency departments, Blood banks

  • Business Development: 

Hospital Planning & Design, 

Operations & Management, and 

Financial Management 


Medicuality also provides NAAC value-added course training to faculty and students of:

  • Medical Colleges
  • Dental Colleges
  • Nursing Colleges
  • College of pharmacy
  • College of Hospital Administration


“I started my journey as a NABH assessor & found that most hospitals were not being guided appropriately by the local consultants. The managements end up paying lakhs of rupees for getting nothing,” says Dr Savitha.

There are about 10 – 12 chapters of quality implementation to attain accreditation. The chapters on Patient Care, Medication Management & Hospital Infection Control are always neglected by non-medical consultants. Unfortunately, the focus is put on illegitimate activities like faking data & HR files/ medical records/quality indicators. Hospitals are usually kept in dark. 

Besides, despite awareness, many hospitals believe that hospital accreditations are all about biomedical waste & blood spill management. Medicuality opposes the belief and follows a totally different approach. 

“We bring super-specialist doctors to confidence, especially on hospital infection control measures, medication management at various levels of care & reinforce to follow the statutory norms for safe patient care,” reiterates Dr Savitha. 

Furthermore, to ensure top-notch accreditation services, the company has formed 9 Phases: Gap Analysis, Project Planning, Review, Modification, & Development, Training Employees, Implementation, Clinical Audits, Mock Survey, Fine Tuning & Tracer Practice, and Preparation for the Final Surveys.


In an ultra-competitive marketplace, Medicuality stands out from the crowd, which as per the market framework, is quite essential. Here are a few differentiating factors:

  • Medicuality comprises a team of professional doctors and gentle & caring nurses proficient in their respective fields.
  • The company works on the quality enhancement in all areas like Emergency Rooms, Intensive Care Units, Labor Rooms, Operation Theatres, Laboratories etc. 
  • Medicuality empowers the hospitals to implement quality services so that they take up the future inspections on their own and not depend on the company further.
  • Medicuality effortlessly transforms a workplace into a world-class facility by implementing all accreditation standards. It is done via conducting regular trainings, internet audits, and committee meetings.
  • The industry is still learning to track medication errors, hospital-acquired infections, & sentinel events and doesn’t have reliable captured data to review it. Medicuality helps hospitals understand the standards for easy implementation & maintenance of the same. 


Truth be told, clients are the first priority who makes any business successful. Medicuality, since its inception, has always tried to secure quality customers. The company’s clientele includes famous medical colleges like Katuri Medical College, Guntur GSL Medical College, Rajahmundry, NRI Medical College, Vijayawada, and many more in Andhra Pradesh.  

Medicuality has already completed NABH projects with some of the leading single & Multispeciality hospitals in Karnataka & and a few in pipeline for accreditation to eyecare organisations & Infertility centres.

“We have been with many hospitals on their 2nd & 3rd round of inspections just to empower them & appreciate their consistent efforts in maintaining quality,” mentions Dr Savitha with pride. 


Medicuality envisions becoming the prime national healthcare training and accreditation consultancy functioning at par with global benchmarks.

Medicuality lives with a mission to handhold hospitals with state-of-the-art training techniques to meet the national/international standards of accreditation, focusing on patient quality care & safety through the process of self-assessment.

In Dr Savitha’s words, “We are always out of our comfort zone, travel extensively & conduct hand-on trainings for a reasonable price with a passion to bring in standardised & protocol based patient care & safety.”

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