Fresh Mind Ideas: Shaping The Future Of Brands Across Geographies 

Fresh Mind Ideas: Shaping The Future Of Brands Across Geographies 

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“At FMI, clients get Strategy, Design, Tech and Ads Management from a single agency.”

Ajay S Nair
(Branding Strategist
& CEO, Fresh Mind Ideas)

In today’s high-paced world, we are estimated to encounter roughly 6,000-10,000 brand advertisements every day. With potential clients consuming boatloads of media advertisements every day, how can companies ensure they formulate a creative and genuine story for their brand? 

Founded in 2012, Fresh Mind Ideas is a 360° Branding, Digital Marketing Agency and Web Design Studio, based in India. The team refers to itself as ‘ninjas’ in delivering end-to-end branding design experience. With their leading-edge experience in designing and developing websites, creating an identity and matching solutions that are focused on clients’ goals and objectives, the Fresh Mind Ideas team stands out for building outstanding digital marketing strategies.


Ajay S Nair, head honcho at Fresh Mind Ideas, was always an entrepreneur; even as a young student in Kerala. Exploring, experimenting, and learning along the way, he worked with many MNCs, supporting their marketing and branding goals in countries such as the US, UAE, Canada, Germany and India. However, it was not until 2012 that he conceptualised and incepted Fresh Mind Ideas at Trivandrum and Bengaluru. 

“I founded Fresh Mind Ideas, a Branding and Digital Marketing Agency, with a vision to help forward-thinking entrepreneurs in achieving their business goals,” explains Ajay. 

Ajay believes in speaking through his actions. Under his strategic leadership, Fresh Minds has collaborated with many big and small companies and established firms as well as start-ups to help them identify their purpose, positioning and messaging, with nifty brand strategy capabilities.


Fresh Mind Ideas is emerging as one of the Top Branding and Digital Marketing Agencies in India for delivering top-of-the-line branding and digital marketing solutions. Here is the list of services provided by the agency:

  • Branding: Strategic Branding, Visual Identity Design, Stationery Design, Creative Design, and Brand Consulting
  • Digital Strategy: Digital Media Campaigns, Influencer Engagement, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Digital Strategy and Consulting
  • User Experience Design: Website Design, Website Development, E-commerce Solutions, UI design, Application Design, and UX & UI Consulting
  • Video & Motion Graphics: Animated Explainer Videos, Corporate Videos, and Event Promotion Videos

“The team of result-oriented, skilled, and unconventional creators at Fresh Mind Ideas leaves no stone unturned to bring a brand to life with their sharp and unmatched storytelling skills,” mentions Ajay with pride.


Since its establishment, Fresh Mind Ideas has completed over 200 projects and has worked with several start-ups and government organisations across India and abroad. 

Fresh Mind Ideas was also fortunate to serve several departments of the Government of Kerala, and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). In 2020, the company also offered its marketing services to a renowned food delivery platform, Swiggy. 


  • Top 10 Branding Consultants in 2021  
  • Top Digital Agencies in 2020 by Clutch 
  • Top Marketing Strategy Agencies in 2021 by The Manifest


  • The agency always focuses on how well it can treat humans as they can be FMI’s customers, teammates and those who’ll come across the company’s projects. 
  • In an attempt to grow the business size, FMI will be starting one more office in India in 2022 and an office outside India by 2023.  
  • The agency will continue making FMI a great place to work and grow.  
  • It will also keep collaborating with proven professionals to bring out innovative ideas that can solve larger problems.  
  • FMI will comprehensively explore its already established ‘Digital Marketing Training Institute – Fresh Mind Academy to ensure the online training of selected candidates.

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